Emotional damage meme download

What is Making it Trend on Tiktok?Emotional Damage Meme

Emotional damage meme download

Memes have rapidly expanded their presence in people’s everyday lives. Every once in a while, a fresh meme trend will make its debut on the internet.

Emotional damage meme download

There are some of them that are only remembered for a few days, while there are others that are remembered for a very long period. Some of these eventually become fundamental to our identity.


Download this template for an emotional harm video meme here:

The helikopter helokopter is one of the more recent trends that has completely taken over the internet. In the spirit of a joke!

Recently, the meme known as EMOTIONAL DAMAGE has become a popular subject of conversation on several internet forums.


What Is the Emotional Damage Meme About?

You may already be familiar with the trend of Asian males ending their videos with the phrase “Emotional Damage” on platforms like YouTube and TikTok.

Well, that is essentially what the meme is. The video opens with an off-the-wall joke and concludes with the Asian guy repeating “Emotional Damage” in an off-key yet somewhat hilarious manner.


Many of these videos have a common theme or message. Someone says something hurtful or annoying, and then someone else comes back with a hilarious comeback that utterly roasts the first person who said it.

Then, our cool Asian guy steps in with his catchy phrases about causing “mental injury” in his infectiously cheery style. In truth, what is being referred to as “emotional injury” in this context is just the embarrassment that one experiences as a direct consequence of the comment made by another person.

The portents that are suggested by the name are not at all present. Simply funny in all honesty.

The following is a short video compilation of the viral internet phenomenon:

The Man Behind the Emotional Damage Meme

You could be wondering about the origins of the meme, or you might be wondering about the identity of the mystery guy who states “emotional damage” at the end of the videos.

The face and voice of the internet meme known as “Emotional Damage” is a man named Steven He. He is of Chinese and Irish origin. The well-known actor Steven is also a prolific YouTube content creator.

The presently trending meme is being used more often by users across all social media platforms, including videos and conversations. You can’t possibly dispute that you attempted to imitate his voice and used the phrase “emotional injury” in the same manner as he did.

When Steven refers to “emotional injury” in the video that can be seen above, the time stamp reads 1:07. After that, a gif and a meme were created from the video snippet that had been torn out.