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Feel the contribution towards nature.

Fluidstance Slope Desk Whiteboard img1
SLOPE’S Personal desktop whiteboard & pen

It’s really hard to digest, that day by day we are destroying our natural resources and nature directly or indirectly.

When any hazardous news comes or we feel the real lost (like a hole in the ozone layer or burning of amazon Forest this all facts directly or indirectly relate to us.

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Burning Forest at Amazon Forest
Burning Forest at Amazon Forest

We couldn’t do much but we can at least start with tiny little thing like,

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We can use papers for simple things like making grocery list or for making calculation or writing book drafts

For that purpose, I was looking for something, which can help me in my rough while working at the spot and which can be reusable.

That time I found 🔍 this amazing SLOPE’S Personal desktop whiteboard & pen

Fluidstance Slope Desk Whiteboard img2
SLOPE’S Personal desktop whiteboard & pen.

So let’s see a few details of this device:

Fluidstance Slope Desk Whiteboard img3
SLOPE’S Personal desktop whiteboard & pen.

Personal desktop whiteboard & pen

Made in the US with 100% steel and powder-coated using a low emissions process. 

FluidStance’s Slope lets you lay down your thoughts while you help protect our forests. 

Your looks just Worthy of the modern office, the Slope was designed to fit perfectly in the space between your keyboard and monitor and this trick really love cause due to which we save space.

It offers a gentle angle for writing and a premium dry-erase surface. Slope’s raised surface means you can slide your keyboard under it for storage, freeing up extra space on your desk.

The Slope is made of 100% heavy-duty steel (perfect for magnets) and is powder-coated with a low-emissions method near our warehouse in Santa Barbara, California for the perfect dry-erase surface on your desk.

Slope has felt bumpers to protect your desk and a dry-erase pen with eraser. 

Made in California.

And to help further reduce our impact on the environment,

this feels extremely peace we are contributing towards nature and saving our ecosystem and really appreciate and love idea and design which really satisfies our neeed.

I will recommend this surely.

For more detail visit Fluidstance and if you have any query comment below.

Humbaa.com is always here to help you.

For more gadget please visit again in humbaa.com.


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