Origin of Greatest of all time

G.O.A.T. Greatest of all time is from September 1992 , the boxer Muhammad Ali’s wife integrate, greatest of all time, to combine and license of her husband’s abstract property’s for private enterprise purpose.

When G.O.A.T used first

The word “goat” has been used in American sports in 1900, first as a mocking term for a player responsible for a team’s loss, and later, often in capital letters, as an acronym for “greatest of all time.”

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What is Goat

A phrase where we have a four letters beginning with ‘ G.O.A.T ‘ This stands for Greatest Of All Time.


The absolute best or best at something of course the word ‘goat’ not in all caps is also an animal, unrelated meaning,  Unless you think goat is the greatest animal of all the time, then the meaning is related.

A great way to get context for the meaning of idioms is to go to Instagram. If you search on it you will find there are over millions of posts of ‘goat’ most of them are sports, Not only athletes also musician and other motivational speakers. They impress people about their performance so they called them ‘ Greatest Of All Time’

Greatest of all time the most skilled  and successful single in the history of a particular sport or classification of performance or activity.

Several people from the UK claim that one could take offence if they hear this slang for the reasons cited above.

Definition of GOAT

This expression dates as far back a man has been stuffing his jack into farm animals, you fuck one goat  means there are something we do that we must carry with us , no matter the good dead you, do for the other people who loves you.

What is Goat stand in rap

The well known rapper LL COOL one of his album name was goat in 2000 and it was on #1 on US Billboard charts, and also goat is tradition for hip hop and rapper announced himself greatest of all time.

Use as complement.

A biker , goat is also a complement because you’re indirectly that they have ability to climb like a mountain goat.

GOAT an insult.

Goat stands for Greatest Of All Time on other side if you mention somebody old goat , it will used as word ‘old’ goat, it means bad temper, grumpy, irritable it is a light insult.

What does goat dad mean.

The dark brown man , who enjoys the company of skinny peoples.

How came to know.

The famous boxer Muhammad Ali made himself  ‘the greatest’ then after in 1992 his wife announced goat in public the goat became popular in decade.

‘Goat’ Mostly used for sports person, celebrities , and other public figure.

In 2000 the famous rapper LL cool used this slang as his album name.

Uses of GOAT

• Happy Birthday ‘goat’

• Alphanso Davies is goat fastest player on earth.

• I’m broken, you are goat.

• New found Glory tipps Goat

• Waiting for goomplay Greatest of all time.

• Many agree ‘goat’

• A Goat is goat no matter where he goes.

• Diljit Dosanjh’s new album ‘G.O.A.T’.

• 20 years in somehow Randy Orton is in his prime.

• Ennio morricon dead at 91 , goodbye maestro, GOAT.

• Me and my family ‘goat’.

• Thank you legend goat.

• My youngest always cracked me up goat.

• I was going to say just like me , but I’m terrible at fighting goat.

• In what areas is President Trump a goat

I’m goat.

Fans declare their role model as goat, so they also declare themselves a goat , The kind of Trump supporter who just makes a scratch a head is the kind that is somehow convinced that this President is the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time).