GBWhatsapp APK Download Anti-Ban V12.10 Version.

GBWhatsapp APK Download (Updated) Anti-Ban V12.10 | OFFICIAL

GBWhatsapp is a modified version of WhatsApp with lots of extra and best features that you guys will love to use. So many advantages, privacy, features etc but before getting highlighted towards its deep details, it is important to know about WhatsApp first so that it can be easier for you to understand that Why GBWhatsapp is best for you?


In Today’s time, Whatsapp is like the main app to connect with the close ones because this app needs mobile numbers to get connected. You definitely use platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Telegram etc. but WhatsApp is the easiest way to get connected with your family, friends and colleagues. It may possible that some of your uncles, aunty or grandfather may not have an account in top platforms like Instagram or Facebook but they will surely have Whatsapp where they send “good morning” and “good night” messages to the family group😊.

Before moving towards it’s more details about features and all, let’s have a look into its deep details.

Download GB Whats App Latest Version.

Whatsapp Short Wikipedia

Whatsapp is also known as “Whatsapp Messenger founded by Jan Koum and Brian Acton which is now owned by Facebook. It is initially released in January 2009. The available platforms are Android and iOS.

Whatsapp allows it’s users to chat, voice calls, videos calls, upload status or sharing files like images, documents, audio, videos, pdf etc. People can also share current live location which is way more interesting for meetings. You can access this in mobiles and desktop too. You can create groups, send voice messages etc. To get your style into this app, you can also play with the settings like you can select font size, turn on dark mode, select language, select wallpaper and many more.

Privacy Settings Of Whatsapp

In the privacy setting, you will get Last seen, Profile photo, About, Status, Groups, Live location and Blocked Contacts. All you can do with these categories are, you can just select everyone, only me or my contacts. In Status privacy, you can hide a status from the contacts you want.

After knowing all the features of Whatsapp you guys may think that, Oh yes this is enough to use! But a big no from my side because GBWhatsapp is a “Dhamaka” of advantages and features which you can’t get from Whatsapp.

So, without any further delay, let’s move towards all the details of GBWhatsapp. . .

GBWhatsapp APK

GBWhatsapp is the Mod version of WhatsApp with lots of good features and many advantages. It will amaze you I’m sure. There are lots of categories in every setting like privacy setting, chat setting and many more. Last seen and status privacy is also boosted up with so many advantages. The thing is as simple as that.

Do any of you guys ever seen a video tutorial where a person explain about how to see deleted message and so on?

I think yes, some of you may be seen it. But listen guys, here in GBWhatsapp you get all advantages and so that deleted messages too. But this is not the end. In Short, GBWhatsapp is overall “dhamaka package”😎.

Let’s move towards it’s features…

GBWhatsapp Features

GBWhatsapp is full of amazing features and best experience.

1.Text Messages Broadcast:-

A broadcast message or text can be sent to any group.

2.Auto Reply:-

Whether you are driving or doing some work, An auto reply feature can help you to reply anytime to your friends, family etc. and the best thing is, GBWhatsapp has this amazing feature too.

3.Filter Messages:-

If you have become bored with your chats and wanted to have new chats now, so GBWhatsapp give feature of “clear chat” which filter your messages.


Sometimes when you are busy in other apps or doing some official work and suddenly WhatsApp message pops up and what else can be more irritating at that moment. But GBWhatsapp understands your problem and comes with the feature i.e., DND. By using this feature, you will be able to disable the internet connection of your GBWhatsapp. And pop up messages will automatically stop then.

5.Anti-Revoke Messages:-

I’m sure that you all have many contacts in your WhatsApp but you chat with few only like I do😅. Also, there must be some of your known one who texts a lot and you guys don’t want to reply.GBWhatsapp knows all your feelings man!It has come up with the feature “Anti-Revoke Message” which is way more interesting. By using this app, you can show them a single tick message which they sent to you. Single tick message means the text which they sent to you has been sent but not delivered and seen by you.

6.Revoke Multiple Messages:-

If you want to revoke many contacts messages so this is also possible in GBWhatsapp. Yes, you heard correct GBWhatsapp also give the feature of multiple revoke messages.


I am in love with this feature, I hope you will be too. In comparison to Whatsapp, you can send more than 80 pictures at a time with the use of GBWhatsapp. So the problem of selecting 30 pictures in WhatsApp, again and again, is gone now.


GBWhatsapp make you easy with work like sending audio clips. 100 mb audio clip can be sent to your loved ones.


50 mb video clip can be sent to your loved ones by using GBWhatsapp which is amazing.

10.Outstanding Effects:-

While sending pictures or videos to your contacts, you can also add many outstanding effects to make it more interesting and create fun.

11.Endless Themes:-

According to your mode, you can select so many amazing themes which is an amazing feature given by GBWhatsapp. This is also a great feature.

12.Excellent Font:-

You all change fonts according to your moods and GBWhatsapp understand this concept and give you treasures of fonts which you can apply anytime and customize.

13.Mark the unread messages:-

This amazing feature has also come up with GBWhatsapp. you can mark the unread messages.

14.Download Statuses:-

Many of you love some of your contact’s statuses and you want to download this but in official whatsapp, you can not download status but GBWhatsapp Apk has this superb amazing feature. Yes, you heard correct. You can download statuses😎

15.Message History:-

While revoking multiple messages to your contacts may be you forgot and get confuse that to whom you have revoked the messages. But with the feature of Message History, you can check the history of revoked messages.

16.Share Live Location:-

Sharing live location help you to get more connected with your loved ones and it also helps for meetings and GBWhatsapp give you this amazing feature too.

17.Hide your Status:-

If you want to hide your voice recorded status completely, so yes it can be possible by using GBWhatsapp Apk.

18.Alter Contacts:-

You will be able to alter the media visibility of your contact by using GBWhatsapp which is superb.

19.Select All Chat:-

From the home screen, you can select all the chats by using this amazing APK. So interesting na!😍

20.Log History:-

There are many people who want to see log history of their contacts. So by using this amazing APK you will be able to see the log history also.

21.High Class Image Quality:-

Sending best quality images is a big task but with the help of GBWhatsapp, you can send high resolution pictures. WOW!

22.Notification & Pop Up Notifications:-

Official whatsapp never notify you when your contacts change their profile pictures and sometimes while talking to them you notice that, ohh he/she has changed the profile picture😀 Nice one😍. But With the use of GBWhatsapp, you will be notified whenever your contacts will change their profile picture.

GBWhatsapp is full dhamaka package of great features as you guys are reading. And one of the best feature is, you can hide the pop up messages from your main screen. So good na!


There are so many languages and people want their communication in their native languages so this APK will give you this amazing language support. Yes, you heard correct. Just select your language from the default lost and you are all set to chat with your language.

These All are the Amazing Features of GBWhatsapp APK…And I’m sure You lovely and smart people will love it.❤

Now let’s have a look towards its APK File Details…

Details Of GBWhatsapp APK File

App Name GBWhatsapp APK

App Size 53.5 MB

Android 4.3 or more Version

Latest 12.03 Version

Total 5,000,000+ Downloads

Main MOD of Whatsapp with Purpose amazing extra features.

Requirements Of GBWhatsapp APK

* An internet connection is required.

* Recommendation of Wi-Fi connection.

* Access to your contacts.

* Access to your gallery.

* Location of your device.

* Identity of your device.

* Access of your external storage.

Do You have a question, Why GBWhatsapp is better than Whatsapp?

So Let’s make it more easy and simple to understand the diffrences of Official WhatsApp and GBWhatsapp APK.

Comparison B/W WhatsApp & GBWhatsapp

* WhatsApp – Only 30 documents can be share at a time. Media sharing capacity is 15 MB. It supports 130 languages which are only more than GBWhatsapp APK. Status characters are more than 140. You will not be able to download status, Hide last seen can’t be done and pdf format documents can’t be sent.

* GBWhatsapp APK 100 documents can be share at a time. Media Sharing capacity is 50 MB. It supports 45 languages. Status characters are more than 255. You will be able to download statuses, You can hide last seen and pdf format documents can be sent.

I hope now you clearly know the difference and you get your answer that, Why GBWhatsapp is much better than Whatsapp?

Download GBWhatsapp APK

Don’t you know the process of Download and installing of APK file? So no need to worry about this. I am here to explain you the easiest way and simple funda of download and installing of GBWhatsapp APK.

* First of all, you have to click on the Download button which we provide here.

* Don’t forget that storage space is required to download this APK file.

* Enable Unknown Sources.

* After the downloading process complete, click on the “install”

* Launch this app.

* Do log in and have fun!

Download Latest Version of Whats app GB

Backing Up Information on GBWhatsapp APK

Your chats will be secured and safe and to back up your chat information, there is a best way….

1. Back Up GBWhatsapp with APK file:

* First of all, you have to open your APK then go to the setting and search Chat Backup.

* After visit Chat Backup, just tap on the Back up and then save your copy messages and medias to your internal memory of your phone.

FAQs Of GBWhatsapp

Is GBWhatsapp APK safe to use?

Yes, GBWhatsapp APK is totally safe. No need to worry about anything.

What is GBWhatsapp APK File?

GBWhatsapp APK is the mod version of Whatsapp with many advantages and so many extra amazing features.

If I want to Backup then can I got backup data?

Yes, you can get your backup data.

Can I need to root my phone for this app?

A Big No! There is no need to root your phone for this app.

Whatsapp account ban OR any privacy issue?

GBWhatsapp APK is completely safe so no need to worry about this. The best thing is, you can control your own privacy.

I hope you all know well about GBWhatsapp now. So all you need to do is, Just Download and Have Fun!

Thank You!🙏

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