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Branding inspiration from these 10 graphic designers will never run out!

Graphic designers branding inspiration dribble

Graphic designers branding inspiration dribble

When you are in the process of developing your own brand, the best place to begin is by browsing for models that you like.

You may begin by going straight to the source, such as a mood board or the Saved area of your Instagram account, and looking at what graphic designers have to offer.

Do you currently have any work being done on your company’s brand identity? You’re probably in the midst of a design project, and you’re seeking for some inspiration, aren’t you? On Dribbble, we have amassed an impressive group of branding design professionals that can spark your imagination and encourage you to be creative.

Take a look at these 15 amazing designer portfolios if you want some inspiration for your own work and want to gain some ideas from other people’s work.

Lauren Griffin

Lauren Griffin, a brand designer based in Los Angeles, uses both typography and graphics to great effect. Typography by Griffin is energetic and expressive, and her compositions have just the right amount of solemnity to retain the visual balance.

When a single designer concurrently acts as a typographer, artist, and letterer, Griffin’s work is likely to excite you—the results are sure to be breathtaking!

The Black and Gold Art Deco Elegant Cocktail Menu template is a great source of inspiration.

Jay Master

Designer Jay Master, who was born and raised in Austin, Texas, has an extensive portfolio that covers a wide variety of projects. These projects range from packaging and illustration work to logo and branding projects.

The branding work done by Master is both captivating and reassuring because to his use of a straightforward, no-nonsense typographic language and a rough-hewn art style.

Whether it’s a logotype or an ancillary aspect of a brand’s visual identity, his arresting drawings and typographic lockups are often united by brilliant colour palettes.

Do-Hee Kim

Shoppe Theory is an identity design studio that specialises on working with online lifestyle companies. Kim, a native of San Francisco, is one of the cofounders of the company.

The branding work that Kim does incorporates a variety of design elements, including typography, photography, and spot drawings, to create a unique and captivating aesthetic.

Her logo design work is characterised by an abundance of understated elegance, yet it is in no way boring or dull in any manner.

The Floral Personal Textile Designer Business Card template is an excellent tool for disseminating information on your company to potential customers. Both sides of the flyer are appealing to the eye and are filled with information about the services and goods that your firm offers.

Alana Louise

The branding of Alana Louise projects an earthy roughness and a laser-focused attention to craft, generally with an amplified take on some of the most notable qualities of vernacular typography, another member of the burgeoning design community in Austin, Texas.

When you look at the textured drawings created by Alana, you immediately recognise that you are in the presence of a strong, to-the-point, and incisive artist.

Included on your list of items to view should be examples of her work for customers in the outdoor industry, including package design and creative direction for clients in the beer industry.

Brent Schoepf

In his visual palette, the Minneapolis, Minnesota-based designer Brent Schoepf utilises a number of different geometric movements, type as texture, and a refined delicateness that never seems to be lacking in substance.

His work in the field of logo design encompasses a diverse spectrum of styles, from simple monoline logos to intricate designs influenced by collage.

The work of Schoepf is not only fascinating due to the difference in approach and tone, but it also serves as a monument to designers who have mastered the ability of developing multiple different visual voices.

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