How do I recover my stolen Bitcoin?

By | September 5, 2022
How do I recover my stolen Bitcoin

Recover from hacked virtual currency

Exchanges for cryptocurrencies are often targeted by cybercriminals. Once hackers get access to your money, whether via a direct assault on your wallet or by hacking the exchanges, you must act immediately to retrieve your assets.

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You may do this by directly attacking the exchanges or by directly attacking your wallet. In the event that your digital wallet has not been compromised and your funds have not been taken.


Virtual currency account compromised – take action immediately!

Speak with the authorities –

Get in touch with Action Fraud or the Police in Scotland if you suspect a crime has been committed. They’ll write out a report and provide you a case number.

Make a new password –

You should change your password and other security settings as per usual if you can still access your account. Install a two-factor authentication system. The thief should be prevented from accessing the account now.

Informing the relevant provider or exchange is required.

Notify your service provider of the hack and any suspicious activity with the cash you have stored with them. It’s possible they’ll remember details about the deal that investigators may find relevant later on.

When can I expect my refund?

Your virtual money is almost certainly gone forever after it has been taken. Your stolen bitcoin may be traced in principle by monitoring the blockchain; in reality, however, doing so is made difficult by the anonymous nature of the money and the fact that the thief would likely use a bitcoin exchange to convert the currency for regular cash immediately.

Still, monetary transactions may sometimes be traced back to their originators.

Even if you are successful in using public ledgers to track down the money, there are not many paths you can take to retrieve it since the majority of cryptocurrencies is decentralised.

Strategies for coping with digital money theft

Make sure your tech is malware-free –

It’s possible that the hacker gained access to your funds with a piece of malicious software. Make sure the machines you use to count money are free of any malware.

Get in touch with your financial institution by calling

If any fees or deposits were deducted from your bank account as a result of the transaction, you should notify your bank immediately that this was an unauthorised or fraudulent activity.

Do what the money says –

The wallet address that was used to steal your money may be tracked to see what happened to it.

Report promptly to the appropriate exchanges if you see the fraudster trying to move money from the wallet to cryptocurrency exchanges to sell for flat currency.

In order to recover your stolen money, you may use blockchain explorers to track the transaction history of digital currencies.

‘Following’ a payment to its final Bitcoin address is possible using browser-based blockchain investigating software like

Once you have the whole Bitcoin address, you may use to see whether the owner of the final Bitcoin address is listed.

The thief would need to provide KYC (Know Your Customer) information, including names, addresses, and ID information, to swap cryptocurrencies for fiat currency on most prominent exchanges.

Getting in touch with the markets might lead to the identification of the fraudster and, ultimately, his or her capture.

Another reason why you should report the crime as soon as possible is because of this.

Hire a bounty hunter

Employ the services of a bounty hunter if you are willing to provide a sizeable reward for the secure return of your money.

Bounty hunters specialise in tracking down fugitives and criminals. Skilled individuals who are familiar with the blockchain will investigate the theft and evaluate whether or not they can recover the cash in exchange for a fee.

Websites such as Bitcoin Bounty Hunter and others like it are excellent places to get started. These kind of services are sometimes quite handy; yet, they might come at a very high cost and do not contribute anything to the data that can be accessed elsewhere.

How do I avoid my virtual currency being stolen in future?

Don’t brag in public about the amount of virtual money you have –

It is far more probable that you will be a target if it is simple to deduce from the things you post on social media that you have some kind of cryptocurrency in your possession.

Make use of many forms of authentication.

Make sure that you have the option for multi-factor authentication turned on. Instead of sending a password through text message, use an authenticator app on your phone. If there is the option to deactivate SMS authentication, then you should choose that option.

When setting up the account, use an alternative e-mail address and a difficult password.

It is recommended that you create a brand-new, pristine email address just for the account associated with the virtual currency. This lowers the likelihood that someone may target you using the email account you provide.

Employ the use of a “cold-wallet” –

Keeping your bitcoin offline in a “cold wallet” is the best way to protect it. A “cold wallet” is not a specific product, but rather the idea of keeping Bitcoins in an unconnected location, making them harder to rob via online means.

Diversify the exchanges in which you put your money –

Several different exchanges have had their security compromised. If you want to reduce the overall effect of your assets, diversify them among several exchanges.

Get secure –

Invest some time and effort into shoring up your overall internet security. Utilize resources such as Get Safe Online and Cyber Aware to get an understanding of what constitutes adequate online -security, then implement the necessary modifications.

Is it possible to recover stolen Bitcoins?

It’s rare to retrieve stolen Bitcoin, but the blockchain may help follow its route. Crypto’s anonymity makes that difficult.

How do I get my Bitcoin back?

After the bitcoin exchange has been credited with your funds, you may withdraw them in the currency of your choosing. Your bank account will be credited.

Due to money laundering regulations, brokers are only allowed to make withdrawals back to the original depositing account.

Can hacked Bitcoin be recovered?

And since the blockchain technology is completely transparent, the police are able to verify which stolen assets really belong to each individual victim in large-scale fraud operations. Therefore, it is possible to retrieve stolen cryptocurrency even if the criminals who stole it stored it in an offline wallet.

Has stolen crypto ever been recovered?

We have updated the post to reflect the correct figure that 94,000 of the 120,000 stolen Bitcoin had been recovered, with a total worth of $4bn (£2.9bn).

What happens to lost Bitcoin?

Bitcoins that have been lost, stolen, or transmitted to an incorrect wallet address are referred to as “lost” Bitcoins. Since all Bitcoin transactions are recorded permanently on the blockchain and cannot be altered, lost or stolen Bitcoin cannot be recovered.

Can Coinbase recover stolen crypto?

The good news is that Coinbase will secure your digital assets by purchasing insurance against theft on your behalf and will pay you in the event that your account is ever compromised. Even if you lost your money due to your own negligence, it is still feasible to get it back and receive it back in full.

How do I find my lost Bitcoin account?

The following are some useful suggestions that might assist you in locating your misplaced Bitcoin wallet.

Try going back the way you came. It’s possible that you’ll need to pay a few fleeting excursions to the past in order to recollect the knowledge you want.

Check if there are any available recovery tools.

Ask for aid.

After it has been located, you may use your old wallet.

Can stolen Bitcoin be traced?

Your stolen bitcoin may be traced in principle by monitoring the blockchain; but, in reality, doing so is made difficult by the anonymous nature of the money and the fact that the thief would likely use a bitcoin exchange to convert the currency for regular cash immediately.

Can I recover my scammed crypto?

Bitcoin that has been stolen may be tracked and recovered. Knowing what to do when criminals have gotten the better of you is crucial. To get the green light to begin Bitcoin recovery, you must first get in touch with the appropriate authorities in your area.