How to Add Another Mailbox in Outlook 2016. Dazzling Outlook!

By | July 18, 2022

Add Another Mailbox in Outlook

Outlook (Formerly Hotmail) is a personal information manager web app which is founded by Sabeer Bhatia an Indian- American businessman from India and Jack Smith.

Outlook having the facility to Connect. Organise. Get things done. The outlook is the Best alternative for Gmail.

Key Feature of Microsoft Outlook

  • Email and calendar, together in one place
  • Stay on top of your most important messages and events.
  • Zenith of Microsoft Security.
Microsoft security feature
Microsoft security feature

Add Another Mailbox in Outlook 2016

1. To add another mailbox, launch Microsoft Outlook 2016 then click the File tab > click Info tab > Account Settings.

Add Another Mailbox Humbaa
Add Another Mailbox Humbaa

2. In Account Settings, select your current Mailbox and click Change.

Another Mailbox in Outlook img
Another Mailbox in Outlook Humbaa

3. On the next screen select More Settings.

Server settings  on Humbaa
Server settings

4. Select the Advanced tab and click the Add button.

Advanced tab  on Humbaa
Advanced tab

5. Type in the name of the mailbox then Click OK.

Mailbox on Humbaa

6. Once the name of your mailbox is created, click Add and Apply.

Mailbox is created on Humbaa
Mailbox is created

7. Finish out the wizard by clicking Next, and then Finish on the Change Account screen.

image 7
Change Account

8. Closeout of the Account Settings, screen, and then select your new mailbox in the mail pane to populate it with your messages.

Download Outlook for iOS

Download Outlook for ios

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