How to Change Male Voice to Female Voice During Call 100% Working Method

By | July 3, 2021

How to change male voice to female voice while calling

How to change male voice to female voice while calling? many of us are trying many methods, but they are not working.

Many of us wanted to change our voice during calls, we try to make a prank call or want to talk with your girlfriend.

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1. Voice Changing Apps

You can take help of voice changers apps from android play store and from iTunes too. These voice changer apps will change your voice during calls and you can use these for fun.

But always remember that, use these apps, carefully.

Simply go to the play store and you can search for Magic call, wohh just register with your number there, chose the available voices there, like you can choose female, grandpa, male, kid, or robot voice.

Please be aware, you can not hide your phone number in this application, then be responsible while using these types of applications.

2. Try Text to Speech Sites

You can use the text-to-speech sites, you can simply use the google translator, but it is time-consuming. This is a cumbersome method, as you have to type the text there and after that, a robot will talk.

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