How To Change Your Instagram Name in 2020?

By | November 7, 2020

A new way to Change Your Instagram Name

Hello, So you’re facing the same issue what I faced when I created my 1st ever First Instagram Account may be In 2013, that time it was new in the market and so many people started using it after Facebook. Now it’s own by Facebook itself👌😂😂 Lovely. So, let’s see how to change Instagram Account name in 2020?

That time I was clearly new to Instagram and my friends used a very unique handle, according to their personality. I also thought to keep my handle according to my personality like “Quill of Chaos” or “Essence of Nature” or “Books Of Bibliophile (I’m an ardent Reader😁😎📚). These all thoughts Flooded after Choosing my 1st ever name (I was not used to Updated that time) I was like,’Oh gosh, What should I do now? Shall I Delete these account? Would I able to change it or not? Oh, everyone gonna laugh at me🙄😥or what? Does everyone think I’m Stupid cant even use good handle how dumb I am?

This type of questions teases me a lot. Now, I find this time questions so silly and laugh on my stupidity 🤣 that, how much insane I was 😊😊. It’s an innocence of childhood or can say teenage days. What should I say tagging maximum, making new friends, feel proud when you have dozens of request and make yourself pout , for your selfie ready pose, put best clicks, chose those best. Click from 100 bestest click😭😅little hard job.

Hahaha! And yes lots of DM, ignoring and sometimes responding a lot of memories 😂😂😂😂. This is all called a perfect life according to me at that time. Felt like the chosen one 😃 and then, I grew up. So started blogging and now sharing with you how you can do it perfectly 😊 without having such stupid thoughts in your mind 😸😹

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So lets see,


So, here we are I will guide you step by step that how to change your name on Instagram easily.

Go to Instagram,

Change instagram caption image 1
Change instagram caption image 1
  • Just login to your Instagram account, open your home page of the Instagram, where you can easily edit your name, see the top of the photo, where I have kept my name, Bae. You fly high.
  • This name is chosen by me later on when I discovered myself. I just want to motivate me more and more. So, I kept this name. You can choose according to your need and choice.
  • Now choose the option EDIT PROFILE and to add your details and name.
Change instagram caption image 2
Change instagram caption image 2

Here you can see so many options. Now click on USERNAME so you can change your name.

Change instagram caption image 3
Change instagram caption image 3

You can see this type of option on the surface just click USERNAME. Now edit your name and start applying it if it says already exits, then try with the new name add you’re a lucky number, it makes possibility easier.

Change instagram caption image 4
Change instagram caption image 4
Change instagram caption image 4
Change instagram caption image 5

See, it’s showing the name is not available. try special letter like @#$& like @nna Books&Pen, Writer123___ like this. as you got your name click on save(click on blue tick ☑ ) and now you have your new name.


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