Connect Roku to Wi-Fi

Once you have received your Roku device, you will need to configure the Wi-Fi settings on it. When you log in to your Roku account, you’ll be able to immediately begin viewing material sourced from a wide range of different places.

If you aren’t sure how to connect your Roku to your wireless network, this article will explain you how to do so.

Ethernet is an additional option for connecting your Roku to the internet. You will be able to connect to the internet on your Roku if you just attach your Ethernet cable to the Ethernet port that is located on your Roku.

Before you can make use of a wireless connection, you will first need to configure the connection in accordance with the guidelines provided in this user manual.

How to Connect Roku to Wi-Fi

Connect Your Roku to a Wi-Fi Network for the First Time

How to connect to Wi-fi internet on Roku streaming stick+

Follow the steps in the guided access instruction that Roku has given for you to get your Roku set up for the first time on a wireless network.

This is a detailed guide that will walk you through each stage of the process:

Start the setup process by powering on your Roku and following the on-screen prompts.
When you are prompted to join a network by the Roku, go to the menu and choose Wireless > Set up a new wireless connection.

If you want to connect your smartphone or tablet to a Wi-Fi network, you shouldn’t choose the “Wired” option.

Roku will search for Wi-Fi networks in the immediate area. You may re-run the scan if your network doesn’t show on the list after the scan by choosing Scan again.

The network will appear on the list if you see the name of your Wi-Fi network.

Wait for Roku to determine whether or not your network is compatible before continuing. This ought to be a speedy and trouble-free procedure.

During the process of setting up your Roku, you will be prompted to provide your Wi-Fi password.

You may establish a connection by using the on-screen keyboard to input the password.

You are need to have Wi-Fi connectivity on your home network in order to utilise Roku. After that, the device will carry out a software update and install any available updates after completing the update.

You are now able to finish the Roku setup process and immediately begin viewing the shows and movies that you like since your wireless internet connection has been successfully established. Enjoy!

Connect Roku to a Wi-Fi Network After You’ve Set Up the Device

After you have previously set up your Roku, you may still connect it to other wireless networks using the Settings menu on the Roku. With this method, streaming devices may be linked to as many networks as the user desires, but they can only be connected to a single network at a time.

If you switch networks, the Roku will automatically detach from the one it is currently connected to.

Simply pressing the Home button on your remote control will take you back to the main menu of your Roku device.

The steps necessary to connect your phone to a network will be shown on your screen.

Select Wireless as the kind of connection you want to use on your Roku if you want to connect it to a wireless network.

Choose the new Wi-Fi network you want to use from the list of available networks. In the event that you are unable to locate your network, use the option to Scan again in order to see all available networks and locate the neighbouring networks.

After entering the password for your Wi-Fi network, pick the Connect button.

Your Roku should now be linked to the wireless network that you selected. You will now be able to maintain access to all of the streaming channels that you have on your device.

Issues Connecting Roku to a Wi-Fi Network

Connecting your Roku to a Wi-Fi network might be a challenge at times. Most of these problems are the result of network errors, which may be easily remedied with a few simple techniques.

Use the Correct Wi-Fi Password

A typical problem with Roku is that you input the incorrect Wi-Fi password while trying to connect to your network. Entering the right network password is essential to getting your Roku connected to the internet.

It’s possible to retrieve your password from other devices if you’ve lost it, or reset it if you’ve forgotten it.

Bring Your Roku and Wi-Fi Router Closer

Due to the fact that it is a wireless technology, Wi-Fi is only available in certain areas. If your Roku and Wi-Fi router are too far away from one another, it is possible that they will not be able to connect to one another.

You’ll need to bring your Roku and router into closer proximity to one another in order to fix this problem. Because of this, your Roku may be able to pick up the Wi-Fi signals coming from your network.

Reboot Your Wireless Router

It is possible that your Roku will not be able to connect to your network if your Wi-Fi router is experiencing some kind of issue. If this is the case, you should try resetting your router to see if it helps.

When you restart the router, all of the services that the router provides begin operating from scratch. It’s possible that this will cure a number of the minor bugs that have been plaguing the device.

If your router isn’t responding, you may try login into its web page using a web browser and choosing “Restart” from the menu. If you are unsure how to accomplish that, you may turn off and then back on your router by using the switch that is located on the power socket.

Restart Your Roku

Roku recommends taking use of a 5GHz network if you are able to connect to one. The functionality of the device would suffer if it were connected to a different kind of network.

Check out our instructions on how to connect your device to a network if you would want to disable the 2.4GHz frequency and use just the 5GHz frequency instead.

Use a Better Performing Wireless Channel

Wi-Fi networks use a wide number of channels for the purpose of data transportation. Utilizing the channel in your network that has the fewest number of users might potentially increase its overall efficiency. This enhances the probability that your Roku will successfully connect to your Wi-Fi network in the manner in which it was intended.

If you follow our guidelines, which are located on this page, you will be able to choose which Wi-Fi channel is best for your needs. After you’ve decided which Wi-Fi channel is the best, you should check out and read our article on how to change your channel so that your network uses the channel that is the most effective.

Let Your Roku Connect to the World Through Your Wi-Fi Network

A connection to the internet is required for Roku to be able to provide multimedia content to you.

You should follow the procedures that are provided in this article to connect to the internet using the wireless network of your choice so that you may make use of all of the channels that are available on your device.

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