Create and Edit Videos in Canva

The process of editing videos takes a lot of time and requires a lot of resources. However, there is a route out of this predicament that you may take.

These days, you may search the internet and find a few video editors that are both feature-packed and lightweight.

Canva is one of the most often used platforms since it offers a comprehensive collection of video editing tools.

The investment in hardware and software for video editing is expensive, and there is a steep learning curve associated with it.

Those who are just starting out on YouTube or who make videos as a hobby may use the video editor on Canva to create videos that have the appearance of being professionally produced.

We’re going to learn how to record and edit video with the help of Canva’s video editor. Will we get this show on the road, shall we?

Canva Video Editor Complete Tutorial For Beginners

How To Crop, Trip Combine videos in Canva

How To Crop, Trip Combine videos in Canva

Let’s get started by taking a look at how to submit your video to Canva so that you can get started working on editing it.

How to Create and Edit Videos in Canva

To start making your movie, the first thing you need to do is open the web browser on your computer, then go to Canva’s video editor. Now, choose the “Make a Video” option by clicking on the corresponding button.

Step 2: To upload your video from your own computer, go to the Uploads tab inside the video editor and then select the box labelled “Upload media.”

Using the menu with the three dots, you also have the option of submitting your video from other platforms, such as Facebook or Google Drive.

After you have uploaded your movie to the video editor on Canva, you will be able to start the editing process.

Split Clips

When you look at the timeline, you’ll see that your complete video is shown as a single clip there. You are able to cut your movie up into many different segments and then edit each one independently.

How to edit video using Canva

You’ll notice that the timeline displays the whole of your video as a single clip when you go there. It is possible to cut your movie up into several different sections and then edit each one separately.

Simply move the mouse to the spot in the movie where you want to make the cut, and then choose the “Split” button. To divide the timeline into several parts, right-click anywhere on the timeline and choose Split from the context menu that appears.

You may also reorganise segments by dividing your video up into its component parts and working with them. If you switch to the Grid view, you’ll have the ability to modify the order in which your clips are shown.

To include more still images and video clips in your film, choose the “+ Add page” option from the toolbar.

Trim Videos

Canva not only enables you to split your footage into many segments, but it also enables you to trim them individually. The procedure is as follows.

Click the cut button in the upper-left corner of the movie after you are through making edits to your video using Canva.

By sliding the two sliders at the top of the screen, you may choose a specific portion of the movie to watch. Click the Done button after you are through editing your video, and then click Save.

Crop Videos

You also have the option inside Canva to trim your video so that it conforms to the aspect ratio that you have chosen. After you have chosen your video to edit, click the Crop button that is located in the top left hand corner of the preview window. This will allow you to crop your video.

In the same way that you would crop the frame of a picture, you will sometimes need to crop the frame of a video. The last action is to click the “Done” button on the toolbar.

Please be aware that the aspect ratio of the film will be maintained consistently throughout the whole of the clip.

How to Add elements and Text in a Video

You may access the Elements tab by clicking on the tab that is located on the left side of your screen.

Check out all of the free and paid solutions that Canva has to offer for graphics and more on this page.

If you are seeking for a certain feature, you can either search for it or browse through the many categories to find it.

How to Use Canva’s Video Elements?

Simply selecting the piece from the library that you want to insert and pressing the “Insert” button is all that is required to do it. After it has been put, you will have the option to resize it, rotate it, crop it, or even animation it.

Modify the sizes of the Elements.

The component that you choose to add in your film will be visible all the way through the video. First make your selection, and then erase it by pressing the Delete button.

Add Text on Video

You have the ability to add text to your video with the assistance of Canva. I’ll show you how to do it.

Click the Text tab that appears on the left side of the screen, and then click on a word to select it. Determine first what sort of text you want to put in the document.

The next thing you’ll need to do is choose a text style for your video.

After the text has been added, go to Step 3 to edit the text that is shown in the text box. In addition, the toolbar that appears at the top of the page gives you the ability to change the typeface’s style, size, colour, and alignment, among other things.

How To Add Effects And Transitions in A Video

After you have finished the fundamental editing of your video, the following step that you will do in Canva is to add effects and transitions that are smooth. I’ll show you how to do it.

Apply Effects

After choosing the clip from the timeline that you wish to work with, go to Step 1 and click on the Animate button that is located in the toolbar at the very top of the screen.

In this part, you can find a variety of animated pages and pictures for your viewing pleasure. Simply clicking on any one will take you to its preview page.

You also have the option of applying these effects to a particular piece of text or an object. To animate an element, first select the element, and then in the toolbar at the very top, click the Animate button.

On the left-hand side, you’ll see a few animations you may use.

Join Clips with Transitions

Here’s how you link clips together in Canva using a variety of transition effects once you’ve finished editing all of the clips in your timeline using the tools discussed above.

If you want to add a transition between the two clips in your video editing timeline, click on the Plus icon, which looks like a plus sign.

To see a preview of any of the photographs, move your mouse over the image, and a preview will appear. Choose the one that you think would look best on your head. You also have the ability to alter the duration as well as the direction of the impact.

To apply the same transitions to all of your films, choose the “Apply between all pages” option from the drop-down menu.

How to add background music to video in Canva

Canva gives you the ability to add your own music to your movies, in addition to the components and effects it provides. Continue reading to find out how.

Click on the Audio tab that is located on the left side of the screen. You are welcome to include these royalty-free audio snippets into any video projects you create. You may also seek for audio by using the search box or the categories that are located at the very top of the page.

Simply create a new track for your video by dragging and dropping the audio into the timeline.

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