How to Delete Your Duplicate Google Contacts

Best way to delete your duplicate Google contacts

This is the best trick to delete your duplicate Google contacts. Some time is irritating to manage our contacts list. To ease this we are going to share a tech tip, by using that you can delete your duplicate contacts easily.

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How to import your address book to Google Contacts

As per shown in this screenshot, if your contact not saved on Google Contact, then you simply need to visit Google contact, a page will open as per shown in the image 1, click on import.

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Figure 1

To import your contacts first you need to export the contants in a CSV or vCArd file, after that click on the Select file, after that click on the Import as shown in the figure.

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Figure 2

How to merge contacts and delete duplicates

Your contacts are saved on Google contacts, Click on Merge And Fix, as shown in the left bar, refresh the page and you will see the contacts there.

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Figure 3

After clicking on the Merge and Fix tool, just wait for few seconds, it will show you the duplicate contacts there. You can delete the contacts.

After reviewing the duplicate contacts from your address book, simply click on the Merge All, Google contacts will fix your duplicate contact issue.

How to export your Google contacts for another service

If you are using Google contacts as a basic service to backup your contact, then its easier for you to sync and store your contacts. But if you are using the third party services, then you need to click on the Export button in the left pane.

Here you need to create the donwloadable file, after that simply import your contacts into your desired backup services, like truecaller.

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Figure 4

As per shown in the figure 4, you can see the same contacts there, if you want to save the Duplicate contact, then click on merge button as shown in the figure 4 but you want to delete the duplicate contact, then simply, click on dismiss

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Figure 5

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