How to download ‘Sticker Heist’ pack

By | September 4, 2021
How to download ‘Sticker Heist’ pack

La Casa de Papel stunning surprise for the WhatsApp users

There is great good news for all the money heist fans, that now you can Download the ‘Money Heist‘ Sticker Pack for free on your WhatsApp.

So, How To Download ‘Money Heist’ Sticker Pack? you can download the sticker heist pack within the WhatsApp application.

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As WhatsApp has launched the heist sticker pack which is named as “Sticker heist”. By using the sticker heist pack, you can share the popular characters, in the form of stickers, impress your friends, or heist lovers with these cool and amazing Money heist stickers.

There are 17 stickers launched by WhatsApp, the popular character like Professor Tokyo, Rio, Stockholm, Lisbon, Aruto, Alicia sierra, Nairobi are there.

Money heist season 5 Netflix release date, Trailer.

How to download Money Heist (Sticker Heist) sticker pack in WhatsApp?

1. Open WhatsApp application.

2. Open a chat window, where you want to chat with your friends, as shown in the video.

3. Click on the sticker icon.

4. In the WhatsApp sticker store, you will see the Sticker Heist (Mucho Pixels)

5.  You will see the Green down arrow, just click on it and download the sticker heist pack.

How to download sticker heist pack on whatsapp


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