How to find Online poll maker for free in 2020?

By | October 4, 2020

How to use the Online Free Poll Maker.

To find the opinion of the number of people, an online poll is a great platform to make the task easier and quicker. The fact is giving multiple, most accurate options is own self is so fascinating.

But if you are looking for an online poll then you must know there are so many kinds of online polls are available! So how are you gonna choose it for yourself?

Online polls are nowadays, started using in every 3rd person who is regular using the social media account and who is part of the cooperate world. And everyone loves to show their smartness. Then why we don’t go for full access for free and show ourself and present our self so good.

Today I am providing you information about the best top 3 free online poll maker in which, not only you can access for free but also you will have varieties according to your need and impress people by showing gentleness and presenting yourself so effectively, would create a huge impact on your audience.

You can use it in your wordpress website as free online poll maker, by embedding this simple code in your post, you are able to use make free polls for the students quiz, or any political opinion poll.

I suggest you, if you are a student and reading this post on then use, this quiz website is helpful for the teachers as well as students. It is a learn by the fun process.

Let’s see a few awesome sites from where you can find online poll for free as well as choose that poll which you need and work for you effectively:

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Strawpoll on humbaa

If you want to create a poll for like 2 option such as “yes” or “No”, or you want to put only 2 options for your audience you can Go for Strawpoll.

Strawpoll img 2 on humbaa

Also, you want to add more than 4 polls then also you can use the Straw poll. It’s really simple to access and simple to use. You won’t need any guide or instructions.

Strawpoll is specifically used for in one thing only,

Creating a single question with different options.

Strawpoll img 3
Strawpoll Img 3

Strawpoll was once the king of creating polls on the streaming website Twitch, due to its simplicity and speed.

Strawpoll is still as useful as it ever was.

Pro points:

You don’t need to register to access the poll.

Don’t worry if you need to enter more than three – the website will automatically add a new field when you fill the previous ones.

If you don’t want people controlling your poll, you can tell it to disallow votes from the same IP address or browser cookie.

Once you’re done,

Click “Create Poll” and share the link with your recipients. You can check the results at any time to see how things are getting on.

Visit –

2. Poll maker

I think 🤔 you had already heard about the Poll maker if you don’t know then let’s go through it also. I am personally using this Online Free Poll maker and this is my favourite, as it is easy to use and we can host several polls, without the limitation of visitors. It’s free that is the goodness of this poll maker.

I am using Poll maker on It is a Free version which provides all the premium features.

The straw poll is already satisfying poll but still, you want more features then you can go with this Poll maker.

The main UI works very similar to Strawpoll: You have the main field for the question and fields for the answers. You can add images to each answer by clicking the picture icon, which lets you upload a picture or add one from an online library.

Let’s see how it works:

1st step

Type your question then add answers.

Now, Click on ‘Create Free Poll’.

Poll Maker on Humbaa
Poll Maker

And here you go…

If you want to add more options like emoji image and more according to your need for presentation poll maker gives the best features.

Though the next steps are optional and No signup required.

If you want more features and Have multiple questions?Then,

2nd step

Click on ‘Themes’ and select a style or build your own.

Poll Maker themes
Poll Maker

Click on ‘Settings’ and set options like allowing multiple votes, multiple answers.

Poll Maker on Humbaa
Poll Maker

3rd step:

Copy your poll Vote URL to share with voters. You can also click on Embedded to place the poll directly on your website or blog.

Poll Maker on Humbaa
Poll Maker

F.A.Q on Pollmaker

Q. How can we share online poll on Facebook?

Simply copy the share link and paste it into Facebook.

Q. If you want to add multiple questions?

If you want to create a survey and not a poll. You can get started with a 100% free 14-day trial.

Q. Could we add pictures in poll?


Q. How do we can hide results?

Go to the settings you can find an option to ‘Hide results’ click on it. And you are done.

Q. Is Poll Maker actually Free?

Poll maker offers both free and paid versions.

Q. How can I add Poll to run on my website?

Add a Poll to your website by copying the share tab and copying the embed code.

3. Google Forms.

I can say the majority of people are using google forms in every field. Students are using it in submitting the assignment as we know due to the Covid-19, so many setups done by university and schools to keep everything on time as much as possible and google form played an important role and easy way to do so. Including a different area, google form is 1st choice wherever you go because it’s easy to use and anyone can access it so easily.

Customize according to need at personal section.
Customize according to need at personal section.

For instance, Survey adding multiple questions with multiple answers and add your more detail as per requirement and by choosing the themes and colours you can make it attractive.

Add here the questions here according to need and its so easy.
Add here the questions here according to need and its so easy.
For Business purpose google provided few pattern as per requirement use it.
For Business purpose google provided few pattern as per requirement use it.
And this one is use mainly for Q&A section and its really helpful for assignment.
And this one is use mainly for Q&A section and its really helpful for assignment.

These are a few topics I show you here. Please visit on google forms and go through all advantages.

These are a few types of more usable forms nowadays use them according to your need.

Thank you,

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