Unable to capture screenshot prevented by security policy Samsung, iPhone

Can’t Take Screenshot Due to Security Policy this issue occurs when you are trying to screenshot on various android and ios devices.

The screenshot is really a great facility for android and macOS users, as you can quickly capture the important things.

So, though this is a great feature, without installing any third-party app, by using the power and volume down button you can easily screenshot any web content.

Generally, there are two errors that commonly occur when you try to screenshot web content. First, “can’t take screenshot due to limited storage space” and the second one is, “can’t take screenshot due to security policy”

Can’t take screenshot due to limited storage space, if you want to resolve this issues then simply you need to clear the excess space by deleting unwanted apps, images, what’s an app, telegram junk.

For this you can use the files go app by Google it self, its an alterative to shareit.

You can use it to backup your phone using the laptop and pc. Or using the SSD or Hard disk. You can use mega, telegram, google drive, dropbox, Microsoft one drive to store your content for free. This can fix the issue.

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Can’t take screenshot due to security policy

But if you are facing an issue like, “can’t take screenshot due to security policy”? then you need to follow the following steps.

There are a few reasons that are stopping you to take the screenshot. First thing you need to uninstall the newly added application on your android phone.

For this go to settings, click on apps, Go to the upper right corner, click on sort by “Last Updated

You see the latest updated app try to uninstall the app. After that Go to the advanced feature, Click on Screenshots, click on Screenshot Toolbar.

If you are using the Google Chrome browser and you opened the incognito mode then you need to close that one.

As incognito mode does’t give permission to take a screenshot in Google Chrome.

So, first, go to Google Chrome browser and after that close the Incognito mode and use normal mode.

Eable camera permission

If you are using Facebook then go to Settings, choose Facebook and then Go to permission after that choose Camera and “Allow” it.

Using Google Assistant

Click on the Ok Google tab on you home screen, by pressing your Home button.

After that, you will see “What’s on my screen” then Click on “Share my screenshot” You can use any third-party app if you are still facing the Can’t take screenshot due to security policy issue.

You can use the Screenshot Touch application. So, hope you can get the solution for your query, please stay safe wear a mask.

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