How to Fix Instagram Double Tap Not Working

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms with millions of users around the world. It’s no secret that double-tapping on an Instagram post to like it has become a popular and widely used feature. However, some users have reported issues with their Instagram double tap not working. If you’re one of these users, don’t worry, as there are a few things you can do to fix this problem.

Check your connection

The first thing you should do if your Instagram double tap isn’t working is to check your internet connection. A poor internet connection can cause problems with the app’s functionality, so make sure that you’re connected to a strong and stable network. You can also try to switch between Wi-Fi and mobile data to see if that makes any difference.

Update Instagram

If your Instagram app isn’t up-to-date, it could be the reason behind the double-tap not working. Instagram releases updates regularly to improve the user experience, and sometimes, older versions of the app can cause issues. So, check for updates on the app store and update to the latest version if available.

Clear app cache

Another reason why your Instagram double tap might not be working is because of cache build-up. Clearing your app cache can help to resolve the issue. Go to your phone’s settings, find the Instagram app, and then clear the cache. This process will clear out any temporary files that might be causing problems.

Restart your phone

Sometimes, restarting your phone can solve the problem. Restarting can refresh the app’s system and clear out any bugs or glitches that might be causing the double tap not to work.

Reinstall the app

If none of the above solutions work, then you might have to reinstall the Instagram app. Reinstalling the app can fix any underlying issues that may be causing the double tap not to work. However, make sure to back up any important data before uninstalling the app.

In conclusion, if you’re experiencing issues with Instagram double tap not working, don’t panic. There are a few simple steps you can take to fix the problem, including checking your internet connection, updating the app, clearing app cache, restarting your phone, and reinstalling the app. By following these steps, you’ll be able to get back to double tapping your way through Instagram in no time.