How to Fix Instagram Reels No Internet Connection

By | September 11, 2021

Instagram is a revolutionary application, within few years, it gained popularity mainly in teens and young people.

Instagram is a social media application that allows people to share their photos, videos, and gives the opportunity to make friends online from various countries.

You can DM your friends from Instagram, the founder of Instagram is Kevin Systrom And Mike Krieger they founded Instagram on 6 October 2010. Within two years, Facebook bought Instagram worth 1 billion in cash and stocks.

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How to Fix Instagram Reels No Internet Connection

So, how to fix Instagram reels with no internet connection? well, we guide you step by step.

First, if you need to open your Instagram account, you will see the Instagram dashboard. You need to first report these issues to Instagram itself.

Then you need to come to your instagram profile id, Click on the three vertical lines.

Then chose the option of setting and after that, you have to click on the ‘Help‘ button. Then click on report a problem. Again choose ‘Report a problem

Then you will see, a message, “What went wrong?” then you can write like this. But first, you need to click on the reels, capture the “no internet connection” issue and simply go back to Instagram and select the Instagram application and upload that to Instagram itself.

Then after selecting the “No internet connection, screenshot” simply write some line like this:

“Hey Instagram, Reels option not working in my account, please fix this issue ” No Internet Connection Please fix this issues as soon as possible”

Instagram Reels No Internet Connection Problem Solve | Fix Instagram Reels Network | Reels Not Work

After that, simply tap on submit button. Instagram will solve this issue. But after clicking the submit button, you face an issue, like “unable to send your report” then you can simply go to Google Chrome, login to your Instagram account and follow these similar steps.

Follow the steps mentioned in this video

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