How to fix spotify web player not working

Spotify web player

Problems with the Spotify Web Player? The Amendments Are Listed Below
When it’s up and running, Spotify’s online player is an excellent way to listen to music in your browser.

Founded in 2006, Spotify is one of Sweden’s most popular exports and the leading music streaming service provider in the world as of 2021 (Wikipedia). Spotify is a web player that provides access to a digital music library including millions of tracks.

Play your music collection and create custom playlists using it. Many users, however, have had issues with the Spotify online player.

Exactly the same issue has arisen for you, right? If you’re having trouble accessing Spotify web player, this article will show you how to repair it eight different ways.

Given that it provides instant access to the entire Spotify music catalogue from inside a user’s browser, the Spotify online player deserves to be among the most popular websites on the Internet. Many users have reported that it does not display correctly or at all on their browser of choice, making it both amazing and horribly defective. If you’re having trouble listening to Spotify on your computer, check out these solutions.

1.Download Media Feature Pack for Windows 10 N Edition 

Microsoft claims that Windows 10 N versions do not include any media-related technology.

That is to say, it cannot play or record media. However, several preloaded media apps including Music, Video, and Voice Recorder are not included, nor is Windows Media Player or Skype.

You must install the Windows Media Feature Pack to make sure the Spotify web player functions properly on your PC.

2 Check If Another Device is Playing

At this time, a single Spotify account may be logged into and utilised on an infinite number of devices, and a single device can save up to 10,000 songs that have been downloaded from Spotify.

It is only possible to utilise a single account on a single device at any one moment.

If you observe that Spotify seems to be working well, but there is no music playing, this is likely due to the fact that another device is using the Spotify online player to play music.

Simply choose “This web browser” and then click the “Connect” button in the bottom right hand corner of the screen in order to listen to music uninterruptedly.

3 Clear Cookie and Cache Before Opening Spotify Web Player

When you use any browser, information in the form of cache and cookies is stored on your computer. This information comes from the websites that you have visited.

Information about a user’s login, including the user’s password, is saved simultaneously. You should erase your cache, cookies, and history in your browser if you place a high importance on the privacy and safety of your online activity.

Removing them may also fix problems with certain websites, such as those that have trouble loading pages or formatting, both of which may be remedied by deleting the cookies.

Because of this, if the Spotify web player stops working on your website, you should try deleting the cookies, cache, and history stored in your browser.

If that doesn’t work, you’ll need to look into other possible solutions.

4 Open the Spotify Web Player in Incognito Mode or with Another Browser

If you have certain add-ons installed for your browser, the Spotify online player may not work properly for you. Try opening the Spotify online player in private mode or incognito mode if the problem persists after you have disabled all extensions on your browser.

If you use an ad-blocking add-on, for example, it’s possible that the add-on may prohibit you from accessing Spotify until you whitelist the service.

In a flash, you may switch to the private listening mode of the Spotify online player.

If that’s the case, try disabling all of the add-ons and then re-enabling them one by one until you find the one that’s causing the problem.

Obviously, the problem might be caused by the browser.

Switching to a new web browser will allow you to keep listening to Spotify.

5 Enable Protected Content in Settings When Spotify Not Working

After attempting to launch the Spotify online player, if you get a notification stating that “Playback of protected material is not enabled,” then you will be able to access the options that allow you to activate protected content. How can I fix this type of problem with the Spotify online player not working? You may play protected material in Google Chrome and Firefox by following the instructions in these tutorials.

To enable protected content IDs in Chrome, go to the Settings menu by clicking the symbol with three dots in the upper right corner of the browser. From there, choose Security & Privacy > Additional content settings > Protected content IDs. After that, choose the option that says “Sites may play protected material.”


To access the General settings for Firefox, click the three dots in the upper right corner of the browser. Then make sure the checkbox next to “Play DRM-controlled material” is checked.


6 Use A Free VPN to Unblock Spotify Web Player

Have you ever been to a nation where the Spotify online player hasn’t been updated to reflect your current location, and discovered that it prevented you from using the Spotify web player?

Due to copyright and accessibility concerns, you are unable to alter the region in which you are now located.

Because of this, it is relatively simple to use a virtual private network (VPN) to change your location and unblock Spotify. For the sake of this tutorial, we will use iTop VPN for Spotify.

7 Flush DNS to Fix Spotify Web Player Not Working

In order for your personal computer to visit a website, it is necessary for it to make use of a DNS server in order to determine the address of the website. Flushing your DNS and clearing the DNS cache may, in some situations, make it possible to restore functionality to your Spotify online player. One such scenario is when the data that is saved in the DNS cache becomes incorrect or damaged.

To flush DNS, you must first open the Run box on your computer by clicking the Windows key + R. After that, you must type cmd into the box, click OK, and then copy and paste ipconfig /flushdns into the popup window that opens.

Finally, you must press the Enter key to complete the process. The window displays the statement “Successfully flushed the DNS Resolver Cache,” which provides the impression that the DNS cache has been cleansed. However, this is not the case.

8 Use the Spotify Desktop App

Spotify’s desktop client is available for a wide variety of platforms, bringing the same high-quality music streaming and intuitive interface to your desktop as the Spotify online player.

If you’re having trouble with or experiencing slowness when using the Spotify web player, you should download and install the desktop application. If you want to listen to music, the Spotify app is more handy than a web player.

At the Closing

Spotify is a web player that allows users to listen to music from any location at any time.

However, there are a number of reasons why this solution is ineffective. All told, those eight methods should have your Spotify online player up and running again in no time, whether you’re on a Mac or PC, using Safari, Chrome, or Firefox. If you’re having trouble with Spotify’s online player, maybe these suggestions will help.

If you want to access Spotify and other services while abroad, download iTop VPN for Windows, macOS, Android, or iOS.

Spotify Web Player Not Working in Windows 10 “N” Version

The “N” versions of Windows 10 function in a manner that is quite similar to that of other versions of Windows 10, with the exception that they lack a significant amount of the media capability and applications that are preinstalled in mainstream editions of Windows 10.

This is because the “N” versions of Windows 10 do not support 64-bit architecture. (Applications like Skype, Video, and Music Recorder, as well as Voice Recorder, are not accessible.)

The “N” editions of Windows 10 do not come pre-installed with the media-playing capabilities that are required for the Spotify online player to function correctly in the Edge browser.

These capabilities are required for the “N” versions of Windows 10. It is reassuring to see that the Media Feature Pack can be installed with a reasonable degree of simplicity, since this should make it possible for the Spotify online player to operate in Microsoft’s browser.


After you have downloaded and installed the Media Feature Pack for versions “N” of Windows 10, restart Edge. The Spotify web player should then begin functioning properly the next time you use it after this step has been completed. Please take notice that if your version of Windows 10 does not begin with the letter “N,” you will not be able to install the media feature pack that is currently available.

Open the Web Player in a Private Window

You may run a quick check to see if there is an extension or function in your browser that is interfering with the web player before continuing on with the remainder of the advice in this list.

What is the procedure? Launch the web player in an incognito tab. This will open Spotify in a new tab or window in your browser, bypassing any third-party add-ons, browser cache, and other potential stumbling blocks.


Using the Chrome browser, you may switch to a secret browsing session by selecting “New incognito window” from the three-dot menu in the browser’s upper-right corner.

In Microsoft Edge, choose “New InPrivate window” from the menu bar’s more options drop-down menu.

If the web player is functioning well in a private window, you may narrow down the cause by clearing your browser’s cache and progressively turning off extensions.

Enable Protected Content

You need to make sure that “Playback of protected material is enabled” in your browser if you attempt to launch the Spotify online player but see an error message instead.


For Chrome, you may activate “Allow site to play protected material” by visiting chrome://settings/content and clicking the “Protected content” toggle.

Click the shield symbol to the left of the URL bar in Firefox, then choose “Turn off blocking for this site.” This will allow you to access the Spotify online player site.