How to Fix VPN Error 807?

By | April 6, 2022

While VPN is a popular software and application known as a virtual private network is one of the most commonly used utilities available for your security. VPN is mainly used to safeguard online privacy. There are many different types of VPN options available in the market. But the users at times encounter VPN errors like error 807 in VPN connection. It is pretty confusing. It can waste a lot of time before it gets resolved.

Talking about error VPN, many users commonly report VPN error 807. There are also many types.

# VPN error 806, 800, 619, 720, 789, 691,868,809…

# VPN and computer are not connected.

 In this particular article, we would try to find out how-to-fix-vpn-error-807. The following are the particular steps for the same:-

1. Change your VPN Network

There are many VPN  networks out there. If you are struggling with VPN with error  807 all the time. It would be better to shift to a more reliable VPN network such as ExpressVPN or NordVPN. Both companies also provide NordVPN coupon codes and ExpressVPN vouchers for users’ money. 

2.  Verify Your Antivirus

Most VPN users consider antivirus or firewall as the main factor for VPN error 807. They believe that disabling certain components of the antivirus can help to fix the error.

At times you must disable the antivirus completely. And if it doesn’t help you must consider uninstalling the antivirus.

Note. (The system is still defended by windows defender after you uninstall antivirus. )

 And if uninstalling solves the error VPN then don’t use the same antivirus in the future, consider changing to any other solution.

 3. Recheck firewall setting

The VPN error message you can get when the firewall restricts the VPN activities. In such a case you need to go to the firewall settings page and check if the firewall allows the VPN to access your device. 

When the firewall setting is favorable for VPN but the error persists you need to do firewall disabling.

# You should press the window key S and then enter the firewall. Now select the window defender firewall.

#  Click the turn windows defender firewall on or off button option.

# Now disabled Windows Defender Firewall (not recommended) for both Private and Public network settings. Click OK to save changes.

After disabling the firewall if the problem is not there that implies the firewall caused the error. Consider turning on the firewall and recheck it’s setting to allow VPN.

For solving VPN error 807, it is important to verify the router. Most of the time the router is the main reason. In case you want to utilize VPN  in the right manner, verify if these ports are open.

PORT 1723 for PPTP VPN

Protocol 47 GRE

VPN Pass Through

Being a bit tricky you should check the user manual to prevent any confusions.

Note. ( Although PPTP is needed in case you want VPN to function you can take SSTP as its alternative too.)

Recheck login credentials.

The wrong credentials during login can also  result in VPN error 807. In case you are experiencing the same, recheck the login credentials. 

You should also check the IP address of VPN.

4) Adjust VPN settings

When VPN error 807 is concerned, a common cause related to it is faulty VPN settings. Follow the steps below:

#You should open VPN Properties.

#Then you should navigate to the security option.

# Adjust the type of connection to PPTP. 

Note. (Some users recommend to utilize Automatic in place of PPTP which is also effective.)

5) Set VPN address correctly

VPN address error can cause VPN error 807. You can solve it by removing http:// from the VPN address. You can achieve this through VPN settings where you can find a VPN address. 

In simple terms you can change from



Note. ( Remove any slash if present at the end too).

6) Change VPN location

VPN error 807 is at times due to the selected location or server of the VPN connection. 

You can change the server and try again. If all the server shows error then the settings are surely faulty.

7) Restart the router

It is commonly discussed by the users that routers can also contribute to VPN error 807.  Some glitches associated with the router implicate clearly. You must restart the router and modem as soon as possible.

Follow the steps:

You should press the power button of both gadgets 

And must press the power button again.

Wait for the booting of devices. 

After they are running again you can find out if the problem is there.

8) Use uninstaller

For VPN errors you can also find the VPN client itself responsible. You should use uninstaller software to remove it fully. You can now install any other VPN software.


We believe that after reading this blog you will get the idea you will get information about VPN Error 807 removable from your VPN Software and the usage of our solution you will be able to remove these

errors and sometimes if you change the steps a little bit you can also fix more types of error codes as well in your VPN software. Thanks for your precious time reading our post. 

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