How To Flip An Image On Android?

How to flip an image on the iPhone?

We are using our smartphones to edit Photos, Videos. Before few years we depended on our Desktop to edit the Photos, but nowadays Smartphones getting to smarter.

There are Lots of Best Photo Editing Apps out there to edit your memories.

From Pics art to Adobe Photoshop for mobile, all are best in there category.

We will discuss Google’s Snapseed, android application.
Using this android application, we are able to edit the photos, rotate the photos, crop, Glamour Glow, Retrolux and many other things we can do with snapseed.

How To Flip An Image On Android? See the Details in This Video.

How To Flip An Image On Android?

Step 1 – Go to Google’s Play Store, and Download Snapseed App, it’s free and about 100 Million Plus, Installation of this app.

Step 2 – After the first Installation of this application, you will see a “+” Button.

Just Press on it. A pop-up will show, “Allow Snanpseed to access photos, media, and files on your device?

Pree on “Allow” button.

Step 3 – And As I said earlier, Just press on the Plus Button “+” and chose the Image you want to “Flip”.

Step 4 – After choosing the Image, You can see in the bottom, there are three option shown. Looks, Tools and Export.

Kindly, select “Tools” option.

Step 5 – Here you will see many options, Just Chose, “Rotate” option.

Step 6 – Now, you will see the “Flip” icon at the bottom.
Simply, tap or click on that “Flip Icon”

Step 7 – Now, you will see that, your chosen Image is fliping, you can flip your image Verically or Horizontally. You can even rotate your image.

For, iPhone users, Snanpseed is a great app.

Step 8 – After final touch, just Click on the “tick Mark” And Select “Export

Step 9 – After exporting, you can either directly share the Image or You can create a copy of your photos.

So, if you are searching How to Mirror a Photo on iPhone With Photo Flipper

Then snapseed will definatly help you out.

Stay blessed 🙂

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