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How to Get Free RDP Lifetime In 2022

How to Get Free RDP Lifetime In 2021
How to Get Free RDP Lifetime In 2021

What is RDP? Remote Desktop Protocol

Get free RDP lifetime server there is some website out there which are providing free RDP trial too. You can choose a free RDP trial for 30 days.

The full form of RDP is Remote Desktop Protocol. This RDP server is developed by Microsoft, to connect the two computers over the network through the internet.

A protocol used to connect and control a remote computer from another computer. For example, if you are at work and need to run a program or access data on your home computer, you can use RDP to do so. RDP stands for Remote Desktop Protocol and is meant to be used by the computer’s owner. It uses port 3389 TCP.

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Benefits of Using RDP

For example – If you have a friend from UK or the US or France or Russia or anywhere else in the world. And you are living in India and you want to access his PC or software inside his PC then you can use RDP server.

Rdp gives you many features like you can remotely connect two computers.

Rdp have it’s fixed port, it gives you features like printer sharing, file sharing, internet sharing and other feature to use.

But some of the hackers are also using the rdp server.

Many popular companies like Dell, hp, Zoho mail uses this RDP i.e remote desktop protocol server if to solve any troubleshooting problems. They used this RDP to solve the issues by remotely handling the client computer

Popular softwares like Anydesk, Teamviewer are also based on the rdp server.

They also provide you with many features like RDP, so you can use any desk or TeamViewer as an alternative to the RDP server. Remember these all are not fully RDP server but it works on RDP itself.

Those who uses anydesk or teamviewer, they already used rdp server.

Microsoft using the Remote desktop connection app on his laptops or desktop. You can see this feature from Windows XP to the latest Windows 10.

This the Microsoft default software. Simply search RDC in the search bar of your Windows computer and you will see the RDC.

To use this rdc you simply need a remote ip address, name to your PC or password.

Rdp is a great server to access the pc or laptop remotely. If you have a friend living in the USA where the internet speed is really high and you are living in India. You both are connected to the RDP server your friend from the USA uses e.g i7 intel core processor whereas you are using the i3 processor than it’s fine for both of you to use the RDP server as it will work smooth.

But in some cases, we know that internet speed is more in the European countries, and you are living in the Asian countries. If you got the IP address of the remote desktop pc or laptop from the person who is living in the USA.

So if you are living in India, where internet speed is very low, so you can use your friend who is living in the USA or any other foreign country to download or uploading, as through this, you are internet speed will increase 1000 times more. Hacker uses his internet to speed up his own internet.

Don’t worry, if you are connected to the RDP network which works as over the network, then do not worry about the security.

RDP uses Microsoft 128 bit encryption, so your information remains secure. And also uses the RC4 algorithm so it’s really hard to break the security.

So, you can use Get free rdp life time without hesitation.

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