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How To Group Your Tab On Google Chrome.

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Keep tabs on your tabs in Google Chrome

My mom used to scold us because we’re bad at keeping things at the place.e We used to mess a lot while studying, and those fight between me and my siblings hahaha.

Basically mom taught us the value of keeping things on their places because whenever I used to quest for my things or item, I couldn’t able to find it. And finally accepted “Moms are always Right”.

This same applies to our workplace too. If we keep things organised, it makes our work easier then confusing. I wrote this post only for solving this problem How to Group Your Tab On Google Chrome.

I was also facing the same and after sorting it out how to group your tabs on google chrome so it will look organised and it will make it easier to locate your current work or website, whichever you are doing at that movement so you won’t mess with other tabs (actually in my chrome, there were approximately 60 tabs were open while working checked hehe). So this going to be so good time saver and smart thinker.

Its a hidden feature and still under construction for future, but it not gonna harm dont worry, I’m too using it.

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How to group your tabs on google chrome?

Lets see it:

1st open your Chrome browser.

Type chrome://flags

How to group your tabs on google chrome?
How to group your tabs on google chrome:This is how it looks like.

You can find experiments over here. Upcoming updates of futures, and yes I found from here only(under construction),

how to group your tabs on google chrome
how to group your tabs on google chrome

Go Ahead and search for tab groups at search, as you found it once then,

How to group your tabs on google chrome?
How to group your tabs on google chrome?

“ENABLE” it and relaunch your browser,

How to group your tabs on google chrome?
How to group your tabs on google chrome?

As you re-launched it now you can group your tabs now

You can group them according to your need like gathering website in one tab, or you are researching on particular topic gather all tabs together, it will help our mind to work more creatively and more mesmerising.

For grouping the tab,


Go to the new tab and in option the Add to new group option will appear, click on it. choose the color and that it

How to group your tabs on google chrome?
How to group your tabs on google chrome?

Again click on new tab and now you will find that it showing the already we have created and also it will show the new group option.

Add any bookmarks you’d like saved and click Continue.

Gather as many tab and make a group . You are looking clever and smart. Enjoy it.

This you can implement in Android phone also,lets do that with our phone also.

In short,

Let’s go,

type chrome://flags>, type Tab groups.>select Enabled.>Click Relaunch >Click Get Started.

Go to Google Chrome in your android phone and search for chrome://flags then search for Tab group , choose the option “ENABLE” and click on Relaunch, the chrome itself will relaunch it.

If are still facing the same problem applying it then search on You Tube How to group your on phone or on desktop.

I wrote this Article, because No matter how carefully you scrutinize your writing, subtle problems will remain.

Hahaha, just joke but truth too.

For more updates be here on Humbaa.com

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If you have any Query please let me know in comment section have happy time.

Be Happy.

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