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How to solve the laptop overheating problem.

How to solve the laptop overheating problem.
How to solve the laptop overheating problem.

How to Keep Your Laptop From Overheating.

My friend recently bought a new laptop and he is getting overheated, he tried much efforts to stop this problem but it couldn’t work.

As laptop overheating is a common problem, a majority of people face this overheating issue.

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So, are you facing such type of laptop overheating problem then you can read our article here we have discussed many ways to overcome laptop overheating problem?

Laptop overheating is due to many reasons, there are many factors which leads a laptop to overheat. But we will discuss some genuine steps to fix this issue of overheating.

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When you are working on a laptop then you will notice that the laptop is heating and some times it might suddenly restart or shut down, we feel irritated that time.

Let’s see why laptop gets overheated and what to do if it’s overheating.

Cooling Fan problem :

What is the use of a cooling fan in the laptop? you might be thinking, let’s see cooling fan assists to cool the processer which in the motherboard.

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In some cases cooling fan not worked, due to dust but if you have no dust and this heating problem continues then there is another overheating reason such as:

Voltage low / high problem/Wire problem

So let’s see how can it be solved, first you need small screws driver with the help of you can remove that fan. Now you can clean fan motor with help of spray. Near any computer shop, you will get this spray. (Caution – Don’t Use Water to clean the laptop)

All electronic devices we must clean twice or thrice a year, as due to this dirt our electroic devices getting heated and also slowing down the preformance.

Dust problem

We get shocked but the main reason behind laptop overheating is dust.

Laptop internal fan works to cool the processor. If there is dust inside the laptop or your working in the dusty environment then you must need to clean the laptop fan frequently as it increases the life of your laptop.

Because of dust fan revolution per minute Speed which is known as RPM gets slow and can’t work properly and processor produce more heat.

We clean our house regularly but we can’t clean our laptop.
As I mentioned here that we need serviceing for our laptop, at list thirce a year.

Heat sink problem :

The heat sink is used to throw hot air from the processor with the help of a pipe.

Heat sink made up of copper pipe. Some cases we see the hole is made on the copper pipe that’s why hot air is not thrown out of the laptop and its laptop gets overheat.

If the heat sink problem arose in your laptop then there is only one solution to replace that heat sink pipe.

Processor Problem

Many cases laptop overheats due to processor. Are you shocked? But yes it generates heat in some case.

If the processor generates more heats then the motherboard also gets overheated and that’s why your laptop gets early overheat.

You need to cool your processor which is on the laptop. You need to find another way to cool your processor. In this way, you can solve the problem of overheating. If u have done all the above technique and your problem is not solved then you can change the processor.

Motherboard problem

We know the motherboard is the backbone of our computer system. The motherboard provides voltage to all internal part which is connected with motherboard.
If it is providing High voltage then how can other part work properly? here we need to fix these issues.

Apps and other programs

When we are working on a laptop then other unnecessary apps and programs are working in the background and it consumes more power so in that case laptop get overheat. We need to power off the program which we are not working.

As we are using the web browsers, so we need to chose some best browsers like Edge, Chrome. And one more tip, use the minimum tabs while surfing on the internet as it leads to make your laptop slow.

Here I have discussed with you some ways to overcome laptop overheating problem you can hope it will work for you.

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