How to make your own QR code for free?

By | February 8, 2021

How does QR code work?

If You are searching how this QR code works then you are at right place. In day to day life, we are using QR codes in many ways.
As we all knew that we are using Share it, Xender, Phone Pe, Google Pe, Amazon Pay. We are all surrounded by these QR codes.
QR codes let you give the freedom to make your payment or send any file in Mili seconds.
By using these QR code scanner, you can use your smartphone as a QR code scanner.

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You can convert QR code and use it for your online website or blog for donation. Peoples will simply scan the QR code and make a donation or pay you for your services.

So, let’s see what is the full form of QR Quick Response.
This function is first used in 1994 by Denso Wave.

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QR code is a type of Matrix Barcode or two-dimensional barcode. So, a barcode is a machine-readable optical label that contains information about the particular product.

Let’s see that how this work.

1 How To Make Your Own QR Code Free With QR code Generator.

Step 1 – Please visit any website, just type on type QR code generator and Copy your website URL (domain URL, or website address) Simply, just past it in that QR Code website.

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Just visit these website to Generate your QR code

Bravo your Own QR code is Generated, you can use this code, simply download the QR code in JPG i.e in Image format and bravo, you generated your QR code in spilt of seconds.

List of Best Sites To Create QR CODE For Free.

1.QR code generator

Visit – QRCodeGenerator after that, there you will see a “URL” option simply click on it and past your website URL, you are QR code is generated there.

QR-Code-Generator on humbaa
QR-Code-Generator on humbaa

This website will help you to make your website URL to QR code, and also help to convert your SMS Or any text in QR code.

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See the below Image, by using QRCodeGenerator you are able to convert your Mobile number, SMS , contact information in QR code.

QR Code Generator on Humbaa
QR Code Generator

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