How to Delete YouTube Videos Disable YouTube Shorts

What do you think of TikTok‘s new videos? It was the 3-minute videos that made TikTok a hugely popular social media app. The concept was so well-conceived that nearly every social media platform adopted it. For example, Instagram’s Reels and YouTube‘s Shorts became hugely popular in a short period.

The fact that YouTube is publishing short films was a complete surprise, but it gets worse. Short videos have taken the role of the Explore option on the site. Consequently, YouTube launched the shorts for the US public and the whole globe in September 2020, when this feature was first introduced in India.

A brief video’s not for everyone, of course. Those in need of high-quality material often seek detailed snippets.

how do you get rid of YouTube Shorts? What can you do to disable shorts on YouTube?

Continue reading to learn how to remove YouTube shorts permanently.

Fortunately, we’ve created a comprehensive tutorial on how to turn off YouTube shorts, so you don’t have to put up with the annoyance anymore.

To better understand why YouTube shorts are becoming so popular, let’s first look at their definition.

What do you think? Let’s get started now, please.

What are YouTube Shorts?

What is a YouTube short film?Short videos (15 seconds or less) may now be created and uploaded to YouTube with the help of a new tool called “YouTube Shorts.” You may post videos you’ve already made or upload clips you’ve taken with your camera to YouTube. You may spice things up with a sound effect. The use of music in short-form video content is a must for any video platform, and YouTube has agreements in place with major record labels to make this possible.

If you’ve ever seen or posted YouTube shorts, you’re probably already aware that these short movies look very similar to the short clips available on TikTok.

Although we appreciate that not everyone enjoys wearing shorts, And with these shorts, which are posted in great numbers every day, the trend continues. A caveat, though: not everyone appreciates these brief movies, which may be incredibly irritating to watch and make things seem highly unpleasant to customers.

How to Remove Shorts from YouTube (Disable YouTube Shorts)

1. Remove Shorts from YouTube Settings

Click the profile icon at the top of the page to go to YouTube Settings.
Turn off the shorts toggle by selecting General from your device’s settings menu.
The Shorts feature on YouTube will be disabled as a result.
You will be prompted to restart your app in order for the Shorts video feature to be removed from it.


Currently, only a limited number of users may use the Shorts toggle option because YouTube tries to encourage the Shorts feature and encourage people to utilise it to fight with TikTok, Reels, and other applications.

2.Turn Off YouTube Shorts from Home Page

YouTube Shorts Can Be Turned Off From The Home Page
YouTube is attempting to provide a unique experience for each and every one of its users. If you don’t want to see similar videos in your feed, you may designate the videos as “Not Interested” on the platform. If you don’t want to watch a video, you may use this method to label it as “Not Interested.”


As an example:

Log in to your YouTube account using your mobile device.
The shorts are at the bottom of the page.

Select the Not Interested option by tapping the three dots symbol.

Re-run the previous step until all of your videos have vanished. Even after refreshing the main page, these movies are no longer visible.

3. Use YouTube on Browser

The procedure described above is adequate, although it is time-consuming. Removing every small clip of the home page may get tedious for the user. The marvelous thing is that this new function is only available on the mobile app. It is not available for viewing on the YouTube website. As a result, the quickest and most convenient method of avoiding the short snippets while accessing YouTube is to use the app on the browser.

4. Degrade the YouTube App Version

Adding a short video clip is a new feature that is supported by the most recent version of the app. As a result, if you haven’t upgraded YouTube yet, don’t bother doing so. Anyone who includes installed the enhanced version of the app will be able to downgrade the app from the App Settings menu. To put it another way, if you want to prevent this upgrade, you must use the factory version of YouTube. Here’s how you can go about it.

Click on “app details” by long-pressing the YouTube app on your home screen. Get rid of YouTube. That’s all, then! It doesn’t remove YouTube, but it does destroy all of your previously downloaded updates. Even while this function is a boon to those who prefer not to have YouTube clips come up on their home screen, it isn’t the most practical solution.. Over and over again, you’ll be prompted to install YouTube’s latest updates.

5. Try YouTube Vanced Manager

YouTube Vanced is an add-on for YouTube that includes several features not available on the original version of the video-sharing site. In addition to a 1080p resolution on mobile devices, Sponsorblock, and other exciting features, this updated version also includes a redesigned interface. The following are the steps to take to use the Vanced app:

You can download the APK file and install it on your mobile device.

Take a look at Vanced Settings on the Settings tab.
Look for the “Ad Settings” option.

The Shorts Self option is located just below the Survey Removal option when you scroll down the page. Turn on the “Shorts Self” option.
When you choose this option, YouTube’s home page will no longer include any short YouTube videos. You may also disable the shorts option on YouTube by turning on the comments location tab.

How to Enable the Short Videos on YouTube

So you’ve disabled the Shorts video, and now you want them to be enabled again. This can be accomplished by allowing the Shorts Self option in the Settings menu that you had previously disabled. If you haven’t disabled YouTube Shorts, you will be able to find them on your YouTube home screen. Just a little further down the page, you will see the “Shorts” section, where a series of 15-second videos are posted in a row. Check one video, and the other video will be automatically played after you do so.

If you cannot locate this option, you may need to update YouTube from the App Store or Google Play Store. Alternatively, if you have individually disabled the opportunity, you will need to re-enable it from Settings or the Vanced application.

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