How to Reset Snapchat Password Without Phone Number or Email

Can You Reset Snapchat Password without Number or Email?

As a teen, we know how difficult it is when you forget the Snapchat pasword and want to reset the Snapchat pasword.

It is essential to provide your phone number or your registered email ID to Snapchat to reset the password as they will send you a password or a link in the email to reset your password.

It is a cumbersome thing if you forget the Snapchat password, but relax, here on Humbaa we will show you how to reset your Snapchat password without a phone number or email.

Resetting Snapchat Password without Phone Number or Email

But unluckily if you don’t consist of the email ID or the password then it’s really hard to recover your Snapchat ID.

But you can try the following steps to find your password.

If you remind your email id then just searh in the search box some of the mentioned things:

  • The welcome text by Snapchat i.e Welcome to Snapchat
  • Team Snapchat
  • The official email id of Snapchat ‘
  • Happy snapping
  • Confirm email

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Using Google Password manager to reset the Snapchat password

You can use Google password manager to find your password, just Go to Google Password manager, Go to Manager Google account. Select your email id, Go to security and scroll down to “Password manager”
If you see Your ‘Snapchat account, simply tap to view it, and you will find your Snapchat password.

So, friends, here are some of these ways to Reset your forgotten Snapchat Password Without a Phone Number or Email.