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Before gets started, Lets talk about the huge platform “YouTube

YouTube is an online video sharing platform found by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim. You can share, download, upload, comment and many more. Its headquarters are in California and San Bruno. It was launched on 14th February 2005 and still, this platform is active in high demand. Globally it is ranked 2nd (2020) by Alexa.

YouTube is the best online platform to view, share, download, comment, report and subscribe for the videos. There are millions of channels available having a different kind of contents available.

Nowadays, it is impossible to say that YouTube doesn’t have a particular topic or any topic is missing here. It is a Worldwide platform. In fact, it is already available on the phone without downloading process.

This Platform provides you with vast videos in free of cost. There are unlimited contents like Comedy, Gadgets, Horror, Action, Romance, Kids, Art, Crafts, Queries, Studies, Vines, Games and so many more.

In fact, you will find everything here. You just need to search and all your queries will be solved. This becomes possible because every person has different talents, each and everyone have different knowledge in a particular thing.

Some know the dance, some know singing, cooking, knowledge related to study, knowledge related to jobs, knowledge related to the sharemarket, knowledge of animals, knowledge of birds, knowledge of art & craft and many more.

And all these and so many more knowledgeable topics related to your queries and moods will provide you here only. Apart from learning, there are so many Entertainment channels too who provide movies, short videos, album songs, vines, funny videos etc. In short, there is no chance to get bore here.

On February 2017, 400 hours content were uploaded here on YouTube per minute. And every day over 1 billion hours of contents is being watched on YouTube. As I already said that in August 2018, YouTube became 2nd most famous site in overall the world by Alexa and it still maintains it’s level. Now, over 500 hours of videos content being uploaded to YouTube every minute.

Suppose, You are watching your favourite video with full of interest on YouTube and suddenly you notice ads there. You said to yourself “It’s Ok” and later again ad comes.

I am sure you will get irritated now because ads are the disturbance part of your entertainment. But YouTube provides ad-supported videos. You will always notice ads during or beforehand of your videos. But before the further discussion about how to skip and block ads, let us discuss, Why Does Apps show ads?

In apps, ads highlight the information and benefits of a particular brand, institute or companies. And app- advertising is growing fast in the market. Like before, the place of market is not just Facebook and other app but it is now widely spread into a vast range of apps including YouTube.

Yes, mobile users are not just using a particular app but they are moving away to focus on many apps. It is said that 88 per cent of the time are spending on mobile apps only by users.

If you are a starter, then you will get higher rate in app-advertising.

Click through rates for app-ads is 0.58% CTR which is more than others.

App-advertising is more better than banner ads in advertising marketing level.

There are also many apps, who provides you with interactive ads and you will be able to choose some key points to display.

The marketers get the most value by apps-advertising. It creates more marketing values and opportunities for advertisers taking advantages. App users can just click and purchase or download by app-ads.

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More Benefits of ads for advertisers

– It improves your brand value.

– It attracts the users via app platform including YouTube.

– Spread awareness about the brands, Institute, Products etc. In front of users.

– Sales volumes will increase automatically.

– It increases ROI.

Ads Are Very Irritating and Annoying

Users using any app including Facebook don’t even trust all the ads still you notice ads during or before the video starts. The ads are all about to grab your attain to their brand, product or policy.

Many companies or brands have found this way of advertising so that users can click into their content. But they don’t have any idea, How annoying this is! The advertisers just want to gain more and more money and visitors on their website or application so that they will be able to gain more followers or subscribers.

Some ads only have exit option but maximum there is no exit button and you have to see that.

You are watching your online videos and ads are just popping up again and again. What else then? You have to wait to continue your entertainment but it doesn’t stop. This is just irritating.

Suppose, you are eagerly watching something in a curious way like a match, tournament, news etc and ads are popping up continuously and this is creating a disturbance on your entertainment.

YouTube is full of information and creativity. When you are watching some informative video and you are very curious about it then, you have to wait as you notice ads minutes after minutes. This is so disruptive!

There are also some people who are superb hurry in search of some ideas related videos and they haven’t time to deal with ads but they have to wait for this as ads are difficult to close.

This is also wasting of time for many people as some ads take longer time. If you are using an app or website and suddenly ads popped-up and you have to wait for this, so most of the people find the exit and go elsewhere. Because in this busy time, no person has so much time to wait for ads. But, what to do to skip ad on YouTube or block ads from the app?

Here are the solutions to get rid of YouTube ads and YouTube tv commercials…

There are Five Suberb Apps Available to skip and block the Ads which Disrupts You and They are…

1. Skip Ads

2. Auto Skip Ads Pro

3. Skip Ads for YouTube – Auto Skip YouTube Ads

4. Auto Skip Ads

5. Ad Skipper – Skip the Irrelevant

1.Skip Ads

Skip Ads on
Skip Ads

One of the easiest and simple app for skipping ads from YouTube application. All you need to do is just auto click for skip ads and it will automatically skip your YouTube ads.

This superb app is available on Android device. You can download this application from Google Play of your device. And the main part is, it is totally free with its good features.

It has rated 4 stars for its performance and over 500k + users downloaded this. I must tell you that you would love to use this app because as I already said, it is a totally irritating and disruptive feeling of noticing ads while watching your favourite shows.

By this app, you can watch your favourite shows non stop without any ads. In your busy time, you don’t have to wait for the ads to close. Just enjoy and keep your entertainment high on YouTube.

Don’t make your mood off just turn on your mood as pop-up ads will permanently disappear. Below is the link of application Skip Ads so, Download Have Fun!

2.Auto Skip Ads Pro

Auto Skip Ads Pro on
Auto Skip Ads Pro

You all become irritated by YouTube ads as these ads pop-up are disruptive to your entertainment and knowledge purpose. You want no disturbance while watching your selected videos. And what if you get ad skipper with many more features? Yes, Auto Skip Ads Pro is YouTube ads skipping videos with more features.

You can automatically skip the YouTube ads. When the ads played 4 to 6 seconds, this app started ignoring the ads. You also get the option to switch on the sound when the ad started and turn off the sound when it closes.

You can control it too. It has rated 3.7 stars which are good. It is totally free so you can easily start using this. So What are you guys waiting for?

Below is the link of Auto Skip Ads Pro so keep watching your favourite videos on YouTube without ads disturbance. Just Download and Have Fun!

3.Skip Ads for YouTube – Auto Skip YouTube Ads.

Skip Ads For Youtube - Auto Skip Youtube Ads
Skip Ads For Youtube – Auto Skip Youtube Ads

Skip Ads for YouTube – Auto Skip YouTube Ads is another application for skipping ads for YouTube. It has rated 2.9 stars and over 100,000 users downloaded this app. By using this app, users can get rid of pop-up ads and can enjoy without any kind of disturbances. All you need to do is, just download this app and start using this in free of charge. This is as simple as other apps for skipping ads.

Below is the link to download Skip Ads for YouTube-Auto Skip YouTube Ads. Download and Enjoy your YouTube Videos without Ads.

4.Auto Skip Ads

Auto Skip Ads on
Auto Skip Ads

Auto Skip Ads helps you to automatically skip ads from YouTube. It has rated 2.9star with over 10k downloads. This app does not download so much but people who are using this app given good reviews. All you need to do is, just download the app and have fun!

Here is the simple step to follow to activate:

Setting > Accessibility > Services > Activate the Auto Skip Ads.

We are providing you with the link of Auto Skip Ads. Below is the link is given. Download and Have fun!

5. Ads Skipper – Skip the Irrelevant

Ad skipper on
Ads Skipper on

Ads Skipper is another good application for skipping ads. Your YouTube Ads will skip automatically and you will not get any kind of disturbances while watching your favourite shows.

It is compatible with YouTube and YouTube music. You can even mute the ads. It has rated 4 stars with over 5k downloads.

All you need to download this app and start using the YouTube nonstop without any kind of disturbance from pop-up ads.

Below is the link given. Download and Have fun!

Thank you!

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