How to study in the US for FREE

Education in the USA

Why do so many people come to the us to get their education if we look at top 10 universities in the world eight of them will be here in the united states top researchers professors work in american universities graduates work as ceos of top companies they are prime ministers of countries if you graduate from an american university as an international student under Certain conditions. 

You can stay here for up to three years to work also there is an opportunity to get financial aid for your education especially if you are doing your master’s or phd but for me education in the us is being a part of this amazing community of talented people setting with them spending years of your life together with them american university is not just a building it’s a small town with its own museum

Church stadium labs let’s walk around stanford campus today and talk about education in the usa i’m going to talk about how you can study here what do you need to do to get admitted how you can get financial aid and if you’re an international student how you can get a visa let’s walk around and talk about education in the USA.

How to study in the US for free
How to study in the US for free

How can I go to USA free to study?

Let’s talk about different levels of education in the us so you can come here for your high school but if you’re an international student i think it is better that you graduate from school in your own country because if you graduate from a school here in the us when you apply for university they would actually look at your school ranking and your gpa your average grade there when you come from your own country they can’t really tell whether

The school was challenging or not so you have higher chances of getting admitted because you have higher chances of getting a perfect score back in your country and another thing if you come here for your high school that means new curriculum new environment new language and there might be a chance that your grades become lower so ideally if i were you i would graduate from high school in my own country and then come here either for bachelors

It typically takes about four years to earn a bachelor’s degree in your first two years of study you will be required to take a wide variety of classes in different subjects commonly known as prerequisite courses literature science social sciences arts history and so forth this way you can achieve general knowledge to get admitted to a bachelor’s program you would need to take an sat or act and if you come from a non-english speaking country you would

Need to take a test like toefl or ielts and some colleges also accept the duolingo test please check the exact requirements and exams on the website of the universities you want to apply to and bachelor’s is not the best level of education in terms of financial aid because it’s not really finance especially for international students there is also an option to get admitted to a bachelor’s program without taking any exams to do this you can take a

Program called pathway for one semester or more pathway programs are introductory courses that are designed to help international students build the skills and knowledge that they need in order to continue their degree some pathway programs even offer guaranteed admission to a partner institution however the cost of these programs is quite high it’s also important to remember that it’s highly unlikely that you’ll get

Financial aid after finishing the pathway program the best thing you could do in terms of like financial aid and stuff you can come here for master’s and phd in order to get admitted to a master’s program you need to take either gmat or gre gmat you take it for economics related master’s programs gre is for everything else and some universities don’t require you to take gmat and gre and then you take toefl or

Isles to prove your english language proficiency if you want to do a phd in addition to everything that i mentioned you would need to propose a topic for your research but a cool thing about a phd there is like 90 chance that you will get financial aid but a phd is again a four year program you need to have your bachelor’s from your own country or from another american university but then it opens up this whole world of research and you spend

Four years on campus researching studying and maybe teaching as well [Music] have you ever had this situation where you’re kind of sure of what you want to study and what you want to be when you graduate but somehow your schedule consists of subjects that you don’t really need and you feel like you don’t need this doesn’t really happen in the us in the u.s every student has an individual plan so basically in order to

Graduate in order to receive your diploma you need to have certain amount of lectures and certain amount of seminars which basically means that every student follows an individual curriculum another great thing about american education that i personally really like is that you can have major and minor for example i decided to do marketing so my major is marketing but i also want to understand the psychology of customers

So i go to the faculty of psychology and i take my minor in psychology and this allows you to have this broad education in different spheres let’s take a look at a few popular courses students take law legal education system in the u.s is one of the best in the world students can enroll in lower specialties only after getting a bachelor’s degree direct admission with a high school diploma is not possible economics it can be finance

Business administration business analytics accounting business economics etc psychology is a popular and widespread subject in the us according to statistics four in 10 american adults 42 percent have seen a counselor at some point in their lives environmental studies students study modern problems of ecology and learn about different approaches to solving them computer science and computer engineering it is december right now.

Is study in America free?

And i’m wearing a light jacket as a person who doesn’t like winter and doesn’t like snow i am so so jealous because people get to study in this climate i attended my university back in petersburg and my reality was waking up every morning and walking through snow uh some winters had a lot of snow making my way to university and if you’re watching this and you’re

Like i am super excited about american education but i don’t see myself spending a year or two in the us studying there’s something i can recommend the courses that my husband and i take maybe twice a year or even three times a year it’s called stanford continuing studies they have short courses they’re available online and offline they cost like 300 maybe like 600

But you get the same professors stanford professors you get amazing community of students and the classes are one of the best and i think in like if you compare them to other courses on the market i took a course for 2500 and it was worse than a 300 course at stanford just because stanford has his brand and because they pay a lot of attention to the quality of their education so and

You don’t need to pass any tests you just apply pay and you take the course so highly recommend it if you just want to get this taste of top american education if you’re determined to get bachelor’s master’s or phd in american university but you don’t know where to start you don’t know what your chances of getting financial aid are at linguatrip we have excellent specialists who know

The answers to all your questions related to american education if you’re determined to change your life i will leave an email in the description box below you can reach out to my team and get your questions answered if you want to study in the us you need a student visa and you might ask me marina is it even possible to get a student visa right now there are two things you need to remember first of all when you apply for a u.s student visa

The task of the us embassy is to make sure that you are a genuine student and you’re not using your education in order to just immigrate to the us and that’s it so you need to prove that first of all you have applied for a good university or good college because sometimes people would apply to a low-ranking community college that doesn’t cost a lot and the question the embassy would ask is why have you decided to pursue education at

That institution instead of getting education in your own country the second thing they’re looking for is whether you have money to support yourself during your education if you got full financial aid from a university then there is like 99 chance i guess that you’re going to get a visa so just a formality but if you did not receive financial aid for your education that means that you need to prove that you

Have enough funds to support yourself the funds could either be yours from your employment or you could have a sponsor or maybe you’ve done some really good investments and this is what you’re going to use to support yourself another thing that they’re looking for is proof that these funds are legal that you haven’t stolen money that it is not like a weird loan so you or your sponsor would need to show a bank statement where you have your.

Is education free in USA for international students?

Salary or again your dividends from your investments and another thing because we’re in this weird era of countries and embassies closing you need to check whether u.s embassy is open in your country but what we’ve seen at linguatrip when we help our students get a visa we see that actually you can travel to another country where the embassy is open and apply for your visa there and again if you’re a genuine

Student if you applied for a good university there shouldn’t be a problem and another thing to remember is that if you apply to study in the us just after you graduate from your school or university this looks logical like you’re continuing your education but if there has been a 10-year gap between your previous education and whatever you’re doing now and you’re willing to travel with your family there could be more questions again the

Embassy is always willing to know whether you’re a genuine student or you’re just using this education to immigrate so you need to prove that you are indeed a student who is willing to study in the us  time to talk about money unfortunately there is no unified system in the u.s that would help settle prices for education in the us this is why it is super expensive and every university

Comes up with its own pricing and you not only have to pay tuition you also have to pay for your accommodation health insurance books if you’re using a lab there is an additional fee stanford came up with this table that shows how much it costs to study and live here at stanford but you also have to note that stanford is one of the most if not the most expensive university in the country

And it is located in a place that is again one of the most expensive place in the country silicon valley but even if we talk about cheaper universities it is really hard to find something that would cost less than twenty thirty thousand dollars a year this is why a lot of international students who are seeking quality education in the us are also looking for different types of financial aid back in 2015 I was able to get full

Financial aid from johns hopkins university and university of florida but i decided to pursue my entrepreneurial career so we moved to silicon valley to build our startup but let’s dig deeper into what kinds of financial aid you can get as an international student in the us the first type of financial aid is a grant this is usually a one-time payment from the university to help students cover their expenses the

Amount of the grant differs depending on the institution and may cover different types of costs tuition accommodation health insurance personal expenses etc often the grant is awarded based on financial need there is a slight difference between a scholarship and a stipend stipend in most cases means monthly payments from the university that cover the students current expenses while scholarship is a more complex concept which can include both cash

Given to a student and the provision of free tuition accommodation and so on there are two types of scholarships need-based and merit-based need-based is financial assistance based on students financial situation need-based scholarships can cover up to 100 of cost of tuition accommodation and meals as a rule you’ll need to provide documents that prove that you and your family is in financial need usually this type of scholarship is not given to

International students merit-based scholarships however are awarded based on academic sports or extracurricular achievement and to get this type of scholarship you must have high gpa academic and extracurricular achievements competition conferences publications volunteering excellent results of the language tests ielts toefl etc good results of exams like gmat and gre and strong motivation letter merit-based scholarships are

Awarded both to local and international students you can find more information about financial aid on the website of universities in a section called financial aid i’ve recently had dinner with one of stanford graduates and he shared that for some amount of time stanford didn’t really want to accept international students because in america there is this culture when you graduate from a university and you

Become successful you donate millions of dollars back to the university and they put your name on the building et cetera and there was no such culture among international students and for stanford economics didn’t really work on international students because they didn’t do those donations the situation has changed but i’ve talked to several friends who graduated from stanford or international students they told me that

They would actually share money with stanford they would do their donations annually because it’s the part of the culture now because they graduated stanford gave them this opportunity and they feel obligated and they feel that they have to make those donations something to keep in mind good news if you’re a student in the us you can actually work while you study during your first year you can only work

On campus and the jobs are limited to working at a library working at a cafeteria which means you don’t make a lot of money but you’re still able to cover some of your living expenses don’t think that it pays too much like on average i was in california here from 15 to 20 an hour and you’re allowed to work for maximum of 20 hours a week once you finish your first year there are two options how you can work there’s an opt optional practical training

So basically you can find a job either on campus or off campus in a company in a field that is related to something that you study so for example if you study economics you can find a company who would employ you in their financial department but you can’t really go and work at starbucks if you study economics like i mean as a barista there’s also a thing called cpt curriculum practical training this is a work opportunity that is tied

Into your curriculum so you have to do it and in this case you just go to your coordinator and say that you’re willing to take this opportunity and work when we talk about working during setting one thing to remember you can work for 20 hours a week during the year and 40 hours a week during summer but unfortunately if you hope that you’ll be able to cover your tuition or all the living expenses while working in most cases almost impossible just

Because again you’re making maybe what fifteen dollars an hour and uh education at stanford cost like a hundred thousand dollars a year so this is a way to support yourself to cover some of your living expenses this is a way to get some real life experience but don’t think of it as a way to finance your studies unfortunately and now i want to give you a list of universities where you can get financial aid for bachelor’s degree you can get it at yale

University approximately 63 percent of graduate students including foreign students received financial aid yale scholarships range from a few hundred dollars to over seventy thousand dollars a year the average hail scholarship is over fifty thousand dollars boston university and their presidential scholarship this scholarship covers four years of undergraduate studies 25 000 a year in tuition fees applies only to certain programs check on the official

Website of the university for those who want to connect their future with music skidmark college has a music scholarship this scholarship is awarded annually through competition to a minimum of four gifted musicians fifteen thousand dollars a year for four years master’s programs stanford university is offering 100 fully funded night hennessy scholarships to international students from around the world to study in a variety of programs this program is

Included in the best scholarship programs in the world harvard university harvard mba is one of the world’s leading business programs taught at one of the world’s most prestigious universities the mba harvard scholarship is granted once every two years for a two-year course at harvard business school the scholarship offers financial aid amounting to over 100 000 a year towards tuition fees travel accommodation

Expenses university of new haven university of new haven scholarship is a fully funded scholarship for international students to pursue graduate studies in any subject phd duke university and their cash international scholarship this scholarship provides eight semesters of full tuition room and board and mandatory fees to duke university scholars also have access to generous funding for domestic and international

Summer experiences including opportunities for independent research both in the summer and during the academic year cornell university a fellowship provides financial support to graduate students to pursue graduate studies without associated teaching or research responsibilities fellowships are generally merit-based internal or external awards to support a student in a full-time course of study approximately 20

Of all graduate students are enrolled in the cornell fellowship program american universities are one of the most international universities in the world in some educational institutions the percent of international students go up to 50 that means that when you study in the us you get exposed not only to american culture but to the cultures of students from all over the planet

And because the world is becoming more and more international these days we work online we jump on zoom calls with people from different parts of the world education in the us is this great chance to get exposed to different cultures and get acquainted with people from all over the planet and create this international network if you’re excited about studying in the us if you think that this is something you would love to explore i urge you to

Start now because this process actually takes a while first of all if you’re not a native english speaker you need to work on your english the process might take up to a year sometimes up to two years because you have to take exams you have to research universities and you can start doing this now like where do you want to study what do you want to study what kind of exams you need to take if you need a guide on this journey the link will be

Down below to the language my company but even without my company i want you to do your own research and i want you to get acquainted with whatever american educational system has to offer thank you guys so much for reading this article up to the very end if you’re not yet subscribed to this channel there’s a red button down below hit it and like and comment on this article if you enjoyed the content thank you so much and i’ll see.