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How to Sync Tabs between Different Browsers

How to Sync Tabs between Different Browsers
How to Sync Tabs between Different Browsers

If you are working on various devices and using various web browsers and want to sync all the cross-browser tab sync or tabs not working bookmark sync. Humbaa.com will provide you with some tips and tricks, which will defiantly help you out.

There are many popular web browsers in the market, which will provide you with the sync features, where you can access the data, from various devices.

Popular web-browsers like Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft edge are all the browser which provides the sync tabs facilities in there “browsers” only.

But the problem is that these browsers not “sync” between each other i.e cross-browser tab sync.

Example – Google Chrome tabs sync will not sync between Apple safari browser.

So, How to Sync Tabs between Different Browsers? here are some of the steps will guide you that how you can cross-browser tab sync.

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Tab Session Manager

Tab session manager is one of the coolest extensions, which allows you to sync all the tabs, though you are using different web browsers.

This is an open source extention, which is availabe on the github.com.

Tab session manager currently working on Chrome, Edge and on Firefox. Just click on this hyperlink and you will get the chrome, edge, firefox extensions.

Install it, and kindly follow the below steps.

Step 1

After installing the extension, open the tab session manager from the extension menu, which is located in the upper left corner.

After that, the Tab Session Manager will open, click on the gear icon as shown in the screenshot.

Tab Session Manager
Tab Session Manager

Step 2

As you will see there are lots of settings out there, we don’t want to change them. Just “Give a device name” as shown in the screenshot. This is important, to let you know that, where the tabs are come from, gives you clarity. Click on the “save device name to session” Box.

Step 3

After that, tick on the “Save the session regularly” box. Here, you can adjust the time settings, where you can change the time, that how often you want to sync the tab.

Step 4

As shown in the screenshot, you can change, the numbers, like How many tabs you want to syncs, after closing or exit the browser. It depends upon you that, how many tabs you want to be synced.

Step 5

These all process is working in backend, using your cloud sync i.e your Google Drive space.

You need to Sign in with “Google Account” to taste the feature of this outstanding Tab Session Manager extension.

Step 6

After clicking on the sign-in button, you will see a pop-up, you need to click on the “Allow” feature. You need to give some of the privacy permission to Tab Session Manager.

Step 7

After that, the Google Sign-in window will pop up, you need to select the “email” where you want to sync all these tabs, remember, use the same email, across the other devices.

Step 8

You will see, permission, that, “Tab session manager” will view, manage its configuration data in your Google Drive. If you agree then simply click on the “Allow” button.

Bravo!!! you did it, you are able to see, all of your synced tab in various browsers.

We take the Google Chrome web browser as an example. You can repeat the same for Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge Browser.

Step 9

To use this awesome feature of Tab-session manager, you need to click on the extension icon located in the browser toolbar, shown in the figure. Just click on the “sync” icon before the first launch.

Step 10

As we need to name each browser, we will see clearly see the active session on the left side of the browser. So, this is how you can Sync Tabs between Different Browsers.

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