How to type the cent symbol on your computer.

As people who are living in the USA or the peoples who are doing business with USA knew what is cents, as cent ¢ is symbol mainly used to denote the amount less than $1. As a dollar sign, we found on many keyboards.

You can type cent symbol on android, ios devices, and also on Microsoft and Apple Mac OS but on this, you need to use the keyboard by using that you are able to type ¢ cent symbol.

Or you can use Google just type cent symbol and copy and past it into your project.

So, here on we will show you how you can easily type a cent symbol on your Android or PC.

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Cent Sign and Unicode.

As cent sign mainly denotes the symbol cent and commonly used on daily basis. We know that in the black Friday deals or mainly any products we saw in an advertisement i.g $99.99 or we write 99 cents or can also be written as 99¢
or also be used as $0.99.

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Cent is just unit for the currencies used in the USA. Cent is a part of UNICODE. As UNICODE is an international standard for representing the text mainly on Smartphones, computers and many digital gadgets.

Cent Sign on Microsoft Windows.

As the majority of peoples across the world are using the Microsoft Windows operating system. If you are using the Microsoft then simply press the ALT key hold the alt key and type 0162 and after releasing all the keys you will see that there is a symbol of cents ¢.

Or search online for the cent symbol or simply On your windows computer type character map and a pop-up window will shows. You will see many symbols in that, choose your desired symbol and you will find the cent symbol too.

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Cent sign-on Apple Mac OS.

You can also type the cent sign on Apple Mac os, by using the cent symbol. Just hold down the option key on keyboard and press number 4.

Or use Apple’s built-in Character Viewer. Just pop it up by holding down the Control And Command keys and pressing the Space bar where you want to insert the symbol.

One more tip if you are using these symbols frequently then just open a notepad and paste all the important symbol in your notepad. As this will save you time. And you will spend that precious time to read articles on 🙂 and please kindly subscribe to our website.

Cent Sign-on Smartphones.

As this is the generation Z and we are using our smartphone 24*7. So, you can type cent symbol just by using the virtual keyboard, on your smartphone keyboard you need to tap the cent symbol.

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