How to use Adobe Flash in 2021.

By | January 16, 2021
adobe flash

Best Alternative To Adobe Flash Player.

Adobe Flash is officially dead now, adobe flash will not support “Flash” from now.
But the enthusiast always tries the way to run flash on their devices.

So, How can you run flash? here are some of the proven ways.

So, why flash is stopped?

Flash, officially announced that it will not give support to the flash in the future. As there are some security issues in that.
So, this means that Adobe Flash will not run on Android, iPhone, iPad, devices.
And modern web browser’s running by using the HTML 5 technology.


The official support of Adobe Flash is ended on December 31. 2020. Adobe officially removed that download links for flash, as adobe will not give support and security updated form now.

So, you should avoid the flash?

As, since 2017 adobe is killing its flash service, so strongly, recommend not to use the flash now.

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How to Open. SWF File With an Open-Source Flash Player

So, the question is adobe flash player is using the. SWF file extension then how to open it?
Below is the list of the alternative to the adobe flash player, e.g if you are using the Ruffle, then simply double click on the. SWF file and after that, it will open the ruffle itself, enjoy friends.

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How do I watch FLV Video files?

Since, Youtube, Vimeo, and other major streaming platform using the MP4 platform.
You can still watch the flash videos on a free media player like the popular VLC media player, 5k Player, MPV to open the video files.

Here are some of the best alternative to Adobe flash.

  1. Lightspark
  2. Windows
  3. Gnash
  4. Ruffle
  5. Swfdec
  6. XMTV Player
  7. BlueMaxima’s Flashpoint
  8. SWF File Player
  9. Shubus Viewer