How to use Autofill in Excel?

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What is AutoFill in Excel?

AutoFill In Excel To automatically fill a series of cells, select the cell where you want the series to begin and then click the AutoFill handle in the lower right corner.

The formula will then be copied into the selected cell and repeated down the column.

To do this, enter your value in cell A1 and then enter some more values into cells A2, A3, etc. until you have as many values as you need. Then select cell A1, click on the AutoFill handle, and Excel will copy your values down for you.

I shown all the details in the video kindly check it out:

Where is AutoFill On Excel?

As you see in this video it Is in the lower right hand corner.

How do I turn On AutoFill in Excel?

Simply tap saw the above video, you just have to tap on the lower right hand corner and simultaneously drag down with your mouse or laptop touch pad.

If you want answer for all the following questions then you are at the right place watch this complete video and you are ready to go with these skills in your office:

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How is Autofill useful?

It will save your time. Autofill is a life saver.

How do I Autofull another cell in Excel?

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How to Autofill in excel on mac?

It will solve the issue if you are facing Autofill in excel not working.

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