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How to use Canva to create PowerPoint graphics

Canva to create PowerPoint graphics

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to add visual appeal to your PowerPoint presentations, one of the best places to begin your search is with the widely used cloud-based digital graphics programme known as Canva.

How to Make Your Own Supporting Photos for Your PowerPoint Presentations Using Canva: Here are some options for utilising it to make slides in PowerPoint using photos that are not your own, and you may use such slides in your presentations.

Begin by selecting a large canvas size. If you utilise this strategy, PowerPoint will allow you to enlarge your picture without causing any degradation to the image’s quality.

The optimal resolution is three thousand pixels on each side. Canva does provide presentation templates; however, these templates are only 1024 pixels wide by 768 pixels tall and are designed to be used as slide backgrounds.

After deciding what you want to convey, you can next begin the design process in Canva. Are you making an effort to illustrate a procedure?

Demonstrate how the different components interact with one another.

What kind of representations would you use for the different tiers of information? Remember that Canva is only a tool that you may use. The only way to get the most out of it is to go into it with a specific objective in mind.

The shapes menu in Canva is an excellent place to get started. It is possible to use it for a variety of functions due to the many different shapes it may take. You are free to share images that you have developed yourself in addition to photos that you have found in online icon or image directories.

If your images include any text, and you want to import them into Microsoft PowerPoint, you should make sure that the writing is a legible size.

Canva to create PowerPoint graphics

Utilizing Canva’s tools for alignment, you can align the components of your image both horizontally and vertically.

When bringing one photo closer to another by dragging it towards the other, pay special attention to where the pointer is moving.

When it travels beyond the alignment points, lines that are both horizontal and vertical will begin to appear. When you look at your graphics, everything is lined up just like it should be.

Utilize the high-quality PNG choice whenever you export your graphic design to get the best possible results. PNG files are superior than JPGs when it comes to being resized.

When importing a PNG photo into a PowerPoint deck, it is possible that the picture may need to be cropped; thus, use the context-sensitive format option to minimise the size of the image if it is required to do so. If you do not do this, the white space on your presentation may obscure other elements because of the white space in the imported image.

Exporting your graphic design: When you export your image, choose the high-quality PNG option. PNGs hold up better than JPGs when resized.

Cropping may be required: When you import be PNG picture into your PowerPoint presentation, employ the context sensitive format option to crop the image to size, as it will probably have surplus white space on the top and bottom. Otherwise, the white area of your imported picture may obscure other components on your presentation.

Don’t overlook photos. Don’t forget: you may apply Canva’s image search option to find forms, photographs and drawings that may satisfy your requires. Depending upon what you are seeking to express in your slide, you may be able to design a visual that superimposes words over the top of a photograph or graphic.

For the best possible results, the colours of your brand should correspond to the colours in the photo.

Canva gives you the option to design your own one-of-a-kind colour palette by letting you utilise the RGB code.

Canva’s colour picker gives you the ability to generate a unique hue for your company by letting you input the hexadecimal representation of the colour you want to use from your company’s branding manual or from an eyedropper software such as Instant Eyedropper for Windows or Digital Color Meter (a programme that is included into Mac OS X).

Pick colours that can be easily distinguished from one another. It is possible for the colours to become indistinguishable from one another depending on how the projector interprets and projects them.

Canva for Design Schools

It is possible to learn how to use Canva to its maximum extent at this website: Lastly, if you want to learn more, I recommend that you spend some time on the Design School blog that Canva maintains. You are going to be glad you spent some time reading this article since there is a lot of information to take in.

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