How to watch Moon Knight episode 6 online: Release date, time and episode schedule

By | May 4, 2022

Because last week’s episode finished on a high note with Steven, we’re thrilled to see Moon Knight episode 6 on Disney Plus this week. All of that will be explained further down, so be sure to watch last week’s show first.

Moon Knight episode 6: When and where to watch the MCU series finale, starring Oscar Isaac?


On Wednesday (May 4) at 3 a.m. ET, Episode 6 will be available on Disney Plus.
Actors: Ethan Hawke, Oscar Isaac, May Calamawy.
Mohamed Diab, Justin Benson, and Aaron Moorhead are the film’s three directors.
Rated PG-13

When we learnt how Steven came to be in the last episode of Moon Knight, it was one of the greatest. For whatever reason, Marc and Steven’s souls had not been balanced against the feather of truth, which they learnt while aboard Taweret’s boat in a flashback.

watch Moon Knight episode 6 online

Following Marc’s account of the murder of his younger brother Randall and his mother’s subsequent abuse, Steven came to the realisation that he does not exist.

When Marc Spector was dealing with his brother’s murder in the cave, he adopted the demeanour of Dr. Steven Grant, a figure from an Indiana Jones-style picture on his wall.

This was the first indication that Marc Spector had dissociative identity disorder.

There was also Jake Lockley, who had a predilection for seeking information and kicking butts on his trip to the Gate of Osiris and the upper realm to stop Harrow. After Steven fell overboard, Marc cried for aid, and the scales tipped in Marc’s favour, the situation was resolved. In the Field of Reeds, Steven looked to have died (how could he, since he’s never truly been alive?).

How to watch Moon Knight episode 6 on Disney Plus

It doesn’t matter how you’re feeling right now, you can watch Moon Night and forget about it. On Wednesday (May 4) at 3 a.m. ET, the sixth episode of Moon Knight will premiere on Disney Plus.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Loki, Hawkeye, and What If…? are the previous five Marvel Studios shows to air exclusively on Disney Plus.

This month, Disney Plus subscribers can look forward to the conclusion of the Moon Knight series as well as the release of a slew of other new content.

How to watch Moon Knight internationally

Interested in knowing when Disney Plus will offer Doctor Strange 2? We were able to track out the two most probable dates to assist you. To see Captain Pike assume the helm of the Enterprise in Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, be sure to check out our guide.

Moon Knight episodes

  • Moon Knight episode 1: March 30
  • Moon Knight episode 2: April 6
  • Moon Knight episode 3: April 13
  • Moon Knight episode 4: April 20
  • Moon Knight episode 5: April 27
  • Moon Knight episode 6: May 4

It’s not difficult to get access to Disney Plus in countries like Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Mauritius, Monaco, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

Moon Knight cast

Marvel Studios has been pretty narrow regarding the cast and narrative of Moon Knight, but we do know who the main players are, as well as some of the names we’re meant to call them, which are listed below.

Moon Knight/Mr. Knight/Steven Grant/Marc Spector are all played by Oscar Isaac.
Arthur Harrow is played by Ethan Hawke.
Layla El-Faouly is played by May Calamawy.

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