How to wish your friends a ‘Happy Friendship Day in 6 Indian languages

Happy friendship day 2021

If you want to wish Happy friendship day in the Indian native language, then this post is for you. My name is Nikhil and welcome to as my beloved readers are my friends too:)

How to wish happy friendship day in Indian regional language?

1. Hindi – Aap ke liye Mitrata Divas Mangalmay ho!

2. Urdu – Dosti ka din mubarak ho!

3. Punjabi – Mitarata divasa mubaraka!

4. Gujarati – Khusa mitrata divasa!

5. Bangla – Subha bandhutba dibasa

6. Marathi – Aanandee maitree divas

7. Malayalam – Santeasakaramaya sahrda dinam

8. Kannada – Sneha dinacaraneya subhasaya

9. Telugu – Sneha dinotsava subhakanksalu

10. Tamil – Iniya natpu nal

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