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Hunter x Hunter anime new season release date, updates and plot.

Hunter x Hunter anime
Hunter x Hunter anime

In this article, I’ll try to solve the queries regarding this series

Hunter x Hunter is an anime series which aired from October 2011 to September 2014 with total 148 episodes and animation done by studio Madhouse

Hunter x Hunter Anime series is based on manga series of the same name which is in serialisation in japan since March 1998 by author Yoshihiro Togashi.

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Did you guys know that there are two anime adaptations of Hunter x Hunter Manga series?

Hunter x Hunter 1999
Hunter x Hunter 1999

The first adaptation of this series aired from October 1999 to March 2001 with a total 62 episodes and is known as Hunter x Hunter 1999. The next anime adaptation that first aired in October 2011 is a complete reboot of the series and no connections with the 1999 anime. It is available to watch on Netflix

Is Hunter x Hunter anime coming back? or Is Hunter x Hunter anime over? When will the next season of Hunter x Hunter come out?

The new anime series ended in September 2014 and is on hiatus since then but still there’s no word about the return of the show because there isn’t much content to adapt from manga. The 148 episodes of the new anime series adapted 335 chapters from manga and since there wasn’t anything left to adapt so the anime series ended. 

Even now, only 55 chapters of the next new arc have been published and this isn’t enough to cover up an arc so that’s the reason for the hiatus of the anime series. Keep reading to know about the release date of the next season

So why such irregularities in publishing the chapters?

Yoshihiro Togashi, Author of Hunter x Hunter Manga series, has suffered from chronic debilitating back pain for years. This condition forces him to take frequent breaks and whenever he sits to work on manga, the pain increases so let’s wish him good health so that, one day he can complete the series.

He once told that he, himself very much wants to complete the series and if unfortunately he can’t, then his wife Naoko Takeuchi, author of classic popular manga Sailor Moon will complete the series for him

Plot of previous season and upcoming season,whenever it’s coming

The story mainly revolves around Gon, a 12 year old boy who discovers that his father, who left him at a young age, to become a hunter. Hunters are licensed professionals who specialize in fantastical pursuits such as locating rare or unidentified animal species, treasure hunting, surveying unexplored enclaves, or hunting down lawless individuals and possess superhuman powers and abilities. Their license give them privilege to enjoy the world completely and this license is valid all over the world.

To become a hunter one must pass the world’s toughest yearly exam, The Hunter Exam organized by Hunter association. This exam is so tough and tricky that even reaching the exam site itself is one of the hardest phases.

When Gon learnt that his father who also at age of 12 left him to become a hunter, he decided to do the same. At the exam Gon met few participants Killua, Kurapika, Leorio who became his best friends for the entire series and together they passed the exam and helped each other in their various goals.

Hunter x Hunter Gon,Killua, Kurapika, Leorio, on Humbaa
Hunter x Hunter Gon,Killua, Kurapika, Leorio, on Humbaa

Killua – same age as of gon and belongs to a family of professional assassins. He left the family because he was fed up with the assassin life and wanted to see, what the world’s toughest exam has to offer

Kurapika – he is older than gon,age 17 and is the only survivor of tribe Kurta clan. The Kurta clan was massacred by Phantom troupe, a world renowned gang of very skilled criminals with class-A bounties. The eyes of the kurta clan’s people turn Scarlett when they are excited and this Scarlet color makes it one of the best collectible items for the collectors. He wants to avenge his clan by becoming a hunter.

Leorio – he is the oldest in the group, age 19. He lacks combat skill but is a good medic. He is initially introduced as a very selfish narcissist who believes only in money but later he reveals to Kurapika that his dream is to one day become a doctor in order to help the poor.

After passing the hunter exam they eventually met people who taught them the Nen and Aura which gives superhuman abilities. These abilities vary widely from your individual to individual. Later when they mastered the basics of Nen, gon and friends were told that they have now only passed the exam. It means one must learn at least the basics of Nen to become a Pro Hunter

Major arcs in the story:

Hunter exam arc:

gon and friends provisionally pass the hunter exam.

Here they met a man, Hisoka, who told Kurapika about gathering of phantom troupe at Yorknew city. At the end of the arc Leorio, Kurapika, Gon and Killua depart their own ways and decide to assemble in Yorknew city where the phantom troupe will make an appearance on a certain date.

Heavens Arena:

In this arc gon and friends learn about Nen and aura.

Gon and Killua decided to make money and head together to a Heavens arena, the world’s most popular battle site, where victorious fighters ascend to higher floors as part of its reward system. After learning Nen gon and Killua went to gon’s home where he was told that Ging, gon’s father before departing left a box for gon which can be opened only by Nen. In the box there were clues about Ging and a game Greed island where a player enters himself to play the game. So gon and Killua decide to obtain a copy of game but the game wasn’t easily available. It was about to auctioned in Yorknew city for billions at the same time when they were about to meet kurapika

Yorknew city arc:

Phantom troupe attacks the world’s major auction event and steals the items. Kurapika confronts a troupe member and kills him and deals a major blow to the troupe by sealing nen ability of the Leader of troup. Remaining troupe members retreat and hide in the city. Gon and Killua aren’t able to attain a copy of Greed Island but managed to convince the bidding winer to let them into the game

Greed island arc:

Gon and Killua enter the game and there they learnt that this game was made by ging and his friends for the sole purpose of training and enjoyment of gon. Inside the game they met a girl Biscuit who is master of the man who taught Gon and Killua the basics of Nen. Biscuit starts the training of gon and Killua and after completing the game gon was told that ging isn’t inside the game but through the game events they deduced the location of ging and head towards ging

Chimera Ant arc

It is the longest arc of the series.When gon and Killua reached the deduced location, they found that the man was not ging and instead he was ging’s student kite. Kite was there on survey of a new ant species which are extremely dangerous insects designated quarantine level one. Also known as Gourmet Ants. The queen of theses ants is able to impart the trait of organisms she eats, to its offspring.

These ant’s made their base in an isolated nation NGL, a nation where no technology and machines are allowed and people live simply with nature. This nation made a perfect site for chimera ants and thus after consuming humans, new intelligent chimera ants with abilities were born. This let to a major haphazard and unknown of this kite,gon and Killua went to NGL but kite was killed by a super strong chimera ant. Gon and Killua escape and start their training to become stronger and save kite. Hunter association sent three capable hunters to NGL to hunt the ants. The strongest Nen user chairman of Hunter association Netero was also the member of this hunt. He battled the king, the ultimate chimera ant who was born from a queen. Netero sacrificed himself and after multiple events and battle chimera ant were defeated. To avenge kite, gon made a serious contact with Nen which gave him the ability to use much stronger Nen which in normal condition could only be achieved by 10 years of training. Though he defeated pitou, chimera ant who killed kite, he himself suffered serious after effects

Election arc: 

Killua finds a risky way to heal gon and succeeds and at the same time a new chairman of Hunter association is elected.

Gon meets Ging and asks what he wants to do next. Ging told that apart from this world they know, there is dark continent about which no one knows and only people who full fill some conditions are allowed to go to the dark continent.

When will the next season of Hunter x Hunter come out?

Dark continent in hunter x hunter.
Hunter x Hunter

The new anime arc will come out when the author completes the dark continent arc in manga and given the popularity of Hunter x Hunter it won’t take much time for the new anime arc to come out so it only depends on the manga and author.

Meanwhile, if you can’t wait for the anime, you can read the 55 chapters of the next arc of Manga.

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