Hunter x Hunter Dark Continent arc. Everything happened so far

By | February 20, 2021
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After the Chimera ant arc and Election arc, a new arc was teased about which Ging explained to Gon on the top of World Tree

But since then Anime is on hiatus as there isn’t much content in the manga because of health issues of Togashi and so the Hunter x Hunter anime series won’t be releasing in the next few years

For Manga, the Dark Continent arc has covered around 50 chapters and those who can’t wait for the next season of Hunter x Hunter anime can quench their thirst by reading below about everything that happened in the Dark Continent arc up so far

Dark Continent arc:

Part 1 – Chapter 340 to 350, Prelude to Dark Continent Expedition

Kaikin’s king Hoicoro declares the Voyage to the Dark Continent Arc, the world which doesn’t appear on the world map and where several types of other dangerous creatures thrive and it’s said that magical beasts originate from there as well. It’s written on the ancient artefacts that every time humanity has tried to go there a disaster was brought upon humanity. Around 200 years ago the V5 allied countries made an agreement that humanity shall never enter the Dark Continent.

This announcement was made by the King of Kaikin which isn’t allied with V5 countries and to support this announcement, he presented a man who was the son of one and only Legendary Aizak Netero. This man was Captain Beyond Netero.

Zodiacs, who also were watching the announcement were shocked by the news that Chairman Netero had a Son but the way Beyond was talking about challenges and his voice which captured everyone attention made it all clear that he was definitely Netero’s Son. Also, Netero left a DVD with a note to watch it in presence of all the zodiacs and watch it only if someone after his death claims to be his son. But two members Ging and Pariston were not present so they couldn’t watch the DVD so Cheadle of zodiacs who was current serving as the leader of Hunter Association told everyone that Ging and Pariston have applied for withdrawal from Zodiacs and hence the remaining members were only the Zodiacs so now there wasn’t any objection in watching the DVD. Also, the Zodiacs got a new assignment from V5 to hunt down Beyond Netero.

Inside a top-secret headquarter managed by V5, some bizarre creatures were kept which once human and got turned into this in previous expeditions of Dark Continent. So to protect humanity V5 decided never to enter the Dark Continent as every time they took up the challenge of entering the dark continent, they came back carrying an extinction-level threat.

In that DVD Netero explained how V5 had sent their own research team to the dark continent secretly from public and even hunter association and the one who was in charge of these expeditions was his own son Beyond. Every time he went, he chose an unexplored route and came back carrying new threats, So Netero barred Beyond from going there until the day Netero dies. Netero in the video also requested the Zodiacs to successfully explore the Dark Continent before his son and he also told that it’s a request and not an order but it sounded more like an order instead of a request and difficulty rating for this task is undisputed ‘A’.

After listening this one of the Zodiacs told that he was against hunting Beyond as the task given to Zodiacs by Netero and goal of Beyond is same. Afterwards Beyond met with the Zodiacs and told the Zodiacs to tell the V5 that they have captured Beyond.

Beyond talking to Zodiacs

To control the situation V5 decided to offer a position in the alliance and making V6. So it was decided that Beyond and Hunter association will start the Dark Continent Expedition together but Beyond will be constantly watched and his every moment shall be monitored. Beyond agreed to this condition. This made other Zodiacs to wonder, how Beyond is the same as his father Netero who enjoyed even the difficult situations.

Cheadle called Leorio to join the Zodiacs and go on the Dark Continent Expedition and since he was already a popular figure in the association no one should have any objection, but he refused because he was trying to become a medic hunter and he can’t leave the college. So Cheadle told that she have already talked with the college administration and they have made an exception and approved an indefinite term for study abroad. Only if he goes to Dark Continent as part of medical team he’ll earn academic credit for the practicum experience. Listening this he told Cheadle there’s no need of asking as this is a much better opportunity for him. Leorio also told Cheadle that since the Zodiacs are trying to fill the vacant seats of Zodiacs, there is someone he wants to recommend for this position and that someone is Kurapika.

Meanwhile, Ging went to Pariston’s hideout where Pariston with other temp. Hunters who were already in his command when he was the vice-chairman of Hunter association were gathered in the hideout and Ging blatantly entered the hideout and told Pariston that he knows all his shenanigans that how he plans to send his chimera ants to take the hunter because this time Hunter exam was being held only for the purpose of selection of individuals suitable for Dark Continent Expedition and Ging also told that he knows all about how he is working for Beyond and is planning to help escape him once the expedition team lands in the Dark Continent. So Ging said that he’ll be joining the Pariston’s team as Ging also wants to explore the Dark Continent and helping beyond works for him too. Ging also told that he’ll be number two in this team and will give money to everyone in the team so that the team can develop trust in him but one member rejected this offer and told Ging that how can he just come and declare that he is number two. So Ging told the members that he’ll pat twice the amount of money Beyond earlier offered to them and he did transfer the amount to members who were willing to accept this but one of the leader said that even though Ging is number two he must follow his every order.

Ging talking with Pariston

Meanwhile, Mizaistom, one of the Zodiacs went to meet Kurapika where some of the supporters of Kurapika attached Mizaistom but since he was a pro-Hunter he easily taught them the difference between their skills and then Kurapika arrived. Mizaistom told Kurapika about Leorio’s recommendation but Kurapika refused, Mizaistom told that he won’t have to work for free, besides money he will able to collect the Scarlett eyes which were in possession of the 4th Prince of Kaikin. Kurapika got angry after hearing the Scarlett’s eyes word from Mizaistom but also agreed to join the Zodiacs


Finally, our hero Gon was shown who wasn’t able to produce and Aura and he quickly remembered how in order to defeat Pitou he said that it doesn’t matter what happens to him now. Ging ho was on a call talking to Gon said Gon that he must accept the consequences of his actions and try to do something with his body at this stage which may teach him new things and he went to his home village and started living again with his aunt. Gon told his aunt that since he can’t use Nen he will not go with Ging.a

Gon with his aunt

At the association, Mizaistom came to a conclusion that there is someone in the Zodiacs who is feeding information to Pariston as Pariston very easily resigned from vice-chairman post so he must be having an informant among the Zodiacs. Mizaistom told all of this to Kurapika and Kurapika his emperor time ability may be able to find the culprit. After using Emperor time on surveillance footage of Beyond talking, Kurapika found that the culprit works for Pariston and not for Beyond. Mizaistom also told every zodiac member to tell about their abilities so they can help each other more easily during the expedition, this move was to help Kurapika find the culprit and the culprit was Saiyu.

Then Kurapika and Mizaistom came to a conclusion, not to tell about Saiyu being the culprit to others without any proof as they can’t tell everyone about Kurapika’s ability. Also, Kurapika used the emperor time ability on footage of an interview of selected individuals in the other exam which would help to flush out anyone who works for Beyond.

Kurapika using Emperor time

Later in the Kingdom of Kaikin the princes of Kaikin issued an invite to hunters to join them on the Dark Continent Expedition. These invites were sent in a manner in which a hunter interested to join the expedition doesn’t know anything beforehand about the prince, he or she is applying but Kurapika deduced the location of one of the prince and he gathered his allies in order to make a place in the expedition team. Kurapika himself went to the prince who was quite different and rational.

When Kurapika went there he found one of the wife of kaikin’s king who was with her child, this made Kurapika think that maybe his deduction was wrong but the woman told her that she deduced right but this is a trick to ensure the safety of the prince because if anyone can deduce the location of any prince then they can easily assassinate the prince. That woman also told Kurapika that this voyage is nothing but a killing spree to determine the next king of Kaikin. She told Kurapika that there are 14 princes of Kaikin and to determine the next king this voyage is being used as a method to eliminate the incompetent ones.

Princes of Kaikin
Princes of Kaikin
Princes of Kaikin

She told Kurapika that one of the princes who was originally supposed to be there is a very rational man and if that prince became the king then he’ll end this purge and also told Kurapika that some of the higher ranking prince have formed an army in order to win and also told Kurapika that if he accepts the offer to protect the weak princes like his child who was a prince but was a baby then she’ll pay 10 times more than what Kurapika was originally offered. Kurapika said that he’ll only agree when his conditions are met to which the woman agreed and said that since there’d be other passengers on board the ship, others won’t try to kill in open. Kurapika told her that he will not do anything that jeopardizes their safety. She told Kurapika that there is a hierarchy among the princes based on their sequence of birth. She also told Kurapika if he’d like to hold the baby in his arms.

Other allies of Kurapika who also went to the invitation, joined the team of seperate princes. Basho joined 7th prince, Biscuit joined 13th prince, Izunavi joined 6th prince, Hanzo joined 12th prince, Melody joined 10th prince

Kurapika's Allies

Part 2 – Chapter 351-360 Hisoka vs Chrollo

Hisoka vs Chrollo

Chapter 351 to 357 is Hisoka vs Chrollo. The fight is way long but isn’t boring. I’ll come straight to the end of their battle – Hisoka loses and after the fight, he told Machi of the troupe that he’ll kill every member of the troupe. Hisoka killed Kortopi and Shalnark. After the battle, Chrollo went to join the voyage to the dark continent and told the other members that the troupe will steal the treasures which royal family of Kaikin will acquire on the Dark Continent

Kortopi dies
Hisoka kills Shalnark

Chapter 358-360

Voyage to the Dark Continent begins and The Black Whale which is carrying everyone on the voyage sets sail.

Black Whale

Kurapika is with his fellow bodyguards who are assigned to protect Prince Wobble and her mother. Kurapika finds out that his fellow bodyguards were dying one by one and this was because of the Nen beasts and this made certain that the selection process has begun. It’s also revealed that the seed urn ceremony done with all the princes was to bestow Nen abilities on themselves and it’s highly possible that they themselves didn’t know about this and may unconsciously try to kill other princes.

Parasitic Nen Beasts

One of the fellow bodyguard being controlled by the parasitic Nen beast attacks everyone and Kurapika tells Everyone that he’ll stop him

Kurapika stops other bodyguard

Part 4 and 5 – To be Continued