Top 10 Inspiring Movies on Netflix That  Could Give You Confidence In Your Life

The Best Inspiring Movies on Netflix 2020

Before Starting the top 10 Inspiring Movies on Netflix list; a question arises, ​What Is Inspiration? ​Here is the Answer The thing that gives you strength and sparks to move ahead even when you find nothing beyond dark. This thing can just be felt and you can get it from someone or something.

This is called inspiration. In short, Inspiration is a feeling of positiveness. This keeps you moving forward in every situation that is making you weak.

inspiring Movies on Netflix
Nick Vujicic​ with wife

Why is inspiration so important today? 

Nick Vujicic​ enjoying
Nick Vujicic​

Today everyone has his own desire and goal and the passion to get that goal also. No one wants to be behind anybody. In this competition of life; all just want to get good but only a few people achieve their goal, isn’t it? Why does this happen? What is the reason?

Nick Vujicic​ swimming
Nick Vujicic​ swimming

Our life is full of ups and downs so, it is necessary to have patience and courage to get anything but not everyone has this spark inside them, that’s why they stay behind and give up.

Nick Vujicic​ enjoying with family
Nick Vujicic​ with family

And this kind of people gets into depression because of having lots of pressure. They start thinking that their life is bad and start living their life by forgetting their dreams. This major thing which is creating problems in so many lives can be solved by getting
inspiration from someone or something.

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Nick Vujicic​ and her beautiful wife. She is so great. God bless both.

Where Do You Get Inspiring Movies on Netflix?  

Inspiration is everywhere. This is strange but it’s true. You can get inspiration from the people, animals and birds who live in you surroundings. Everyone has some speciality that can inspire. In fact, the closest inspiration is your mother.

1stMother, who does not give up in any situation. Always ready to face every hardship. She provides you with everything. She is always ready to make you happy.

2nd-There are so many inspirational personalities in the whole world who are ruling in their own fields, for example, ​Mark Zuckerberg​ the Chief Executive Officer of Facebook,
Nick Vujicic who was born with tetra amelia syndrome(a rare disorder by the absence of all four limbs) and his youtube videos about live life without limit is inspiring millions of peoples, Shahrukh Khan the King of Bollywood and so many others. You can get inspiration by reading their biopics and it will help you to generate confidence, courage, pateince and hard work in you.

3rd– Books are our good friend. So many books about so many topics (infinite topics) are present, for example., motivational, fairy tales, biopics, adventurous, comic, science fiction and soon.

If you are a book reader, you will get to learn about so many things and that will inspire you to face any difficulty. The best books for inspiration are biopics.

4th– ​ ​ Television and smartphones are the media of entertainment, knowledge, learning, connection etc in today’s time. Each and every age group enjoyingly watch their favourite shows. Nowadays, television and smartphones are available in most of the houses.

Nick Vujicic​ wow what an inspiration
Nick Vujicic​ wow what an inspiration

Movies ​ are the first choice of most of the people from a long time for entertainment purpose. Some of the movies are very motivational that makes you inspire to fulfil your dreams. So, this is the best way to get inspired by watching inspirational movies.

Nick Vujicic​ kid to a successful man The Journey
Nick Vujicic​ kid to a successful man The Journey

Now here a questionnaires,

Why Should We Watch Inspirational Movies On Netflix?

Netflix is a streaming service which provides you with award-winning movies, documentaries, web series, animation movies and so on. This provides you movies on every subject according to your interest.

So many inspiring movies are there to build up more motivation and confidence in you. Movies are the only way to get inspired by simply watching and understanding the concept of the story. The more you feel it, the more you will relate to it.

The wait is over now…

The Top 10 inspiring movies on Netflix are…

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1.​Into The Wild(2007)

After graduating from Emory University in 1992, top student and athlete Christopher McCandless abandoned his possessions, gives his entire $24,000 savings account to charity hitchhikes to Alaska to live in the wildness. Probably the best inspirational movies ever made.

Director Sean Penn

Star Cast Emile Hirsch , Marcia Gay Harden, William Hurt

IMDb Rating 8.5/10

download 8
Into The Wild+

​2.The Social Network (2010)

It is a biopic of non-other than Mark Zuckerberg, Harvard Undergrad and computer programming genius Mark Zuckerberg sits down at his computer and heatedly begins working on a new idea. In a fury of blogging and programming, that begins in his dorm room and very soon it becomes a global social network and a big revolution in communication. Mark Zuckerberg is the youngest billionaire in history.

Director: David Fincher

Star Cast: Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield, Justin Timberlake

IMDb Rating : 8.2/10

The Social Network movie
The Social Network

3.Mary Kom(2013) 

It is a totally inspiring biopic of Mary Kom. She was the daughter of a poor farmer. This movie is based on the objection of her father and the demands of a male-dominated society to achieve a career in boxing(her goal). This story is about how Mary Kom became a boxer and how she went through this hardship of her life but still, she make her name in history. This movie is totally inspiring especially for girls and women who are facing difficulties to get their goal. Must watch this inspiring movie girl.

Director : Omung Kumar

Star Cast : Priyanka Chopra, Darshan Kumar, Sunit Thapa

IMDb Rating : 8/10

Mary Kom movie
Mary Kom

4.Forrest Gump 

Forrest ​ Gump with low IQ has accomplished great things in his life and been present during significant historic events in each case, far exceeding what anyone imagined he could do but despite all he has achieved, his one true love eludes him. From this movie, you will get to learn about the passion and true love and you will believe that all dream comes true if you are fully focused and passionate about the particular dreams you are eager for. The journey itself so inspiring.

Director : Robert Zemeckis

Star Cast : Tom Hanks , Robin Wright, Gary Sinise

IMDb Rating : 7.8/10

Forrest ​ Gump movie
Forrest ​ Gump

5.​ The Terminal  (2004) 

An Eastern European visitor becomes a resident of a New York airport terminal when a war breaks out and erases his country from the map, voiding his passport. He makes friends with the airport staff and falls in love with a flight attendant. A truly inspiring story! We put this in our Best Inspiring Movies on Netflix.

Director : Steven Spielberg

Star Cast : Tom Hanks , Catherine Zeta-Jones , Stanley Tucci

IMDb Rating : 7.5/10

The Terminal movie
The Terminal

6.Lion (2016)

The lion is based on the story of an Indian boy who is lost in Calcutta. This movie highlights the emotional storylines as the boy gets adopted by an Australian couple and after 25 years he goes back to India to search his family. The movie leaves an emotional insight as to the boy respect the relations of his family which makes Lion the best movie to watch.

Director : Garth Davis

Star Cast : Dev Patel , Rooney Mara, David Wenham

IMDb Rating : 7/10

lion movie

7.The Truman Show (1998)

The Truman Show is a thought-provoking movie about digital-age with lots of comedy and sarcasm. The star of the movie Jim Carrey won a Golden Award for his tremendous performance in the movie. Undoubtedly, the Truman show is the best inspiring movie to watch on Netflix.

Director : Peter weir

Star Cast : Jim Carrey, Ed-Harris, Laura Linney

IMDb Rating : 6.7/10

The Truman Show movie
The Truman Show

8.Dangal (2016)

Indian wrestler Mahavir Singh trains his eldest two daughters to become champions in the sport, in the hope that they will attain the Olympic glory that he could not. This movie is an inspiration itself. In a male dominating society, two girls competed with boys in the wrestling and later his elder daughter competed in Olympic. This is again one of the most inspiring movies for girls to must-watch.

Director:Nitesh Tiwari

Star Cast:Aamir Khan,Sakshi

IMDb Rating: 6.3/10

Dangal movies cast

9. Swades(2004)

NASA employee Mohan Bhargav comes to India to take his grandmother along with him at his home abroad, during his stay at the native place he comes across various social issues faced by the villagers and decides to take a stand for them, to improve their quality of life. It creates another interest that how he solves the villager’s problems and what problems he faces to give them a good life. This movie inspired me a lot!

Director : Ashutosh Gowariker

Star Cast : Shah Rukh Khan , Gayatri Joshi, Kishori Balal

IMDb Rating: 5.7/10

swades movie cast

​10.Dear Zindagi (2016)

Kaira is a budding cinematographer in search of a perfect life. Her encounter with Jug, an unconventional thinker, helps her gain a new perspective on life. She discovers that happiness is all about. This movie is totally inspiring for teenagers.

Director : Gauri Shinde

Star Cast : Alia Bhatt , Shah Rukh Khan , Ira Dubey

IMDb Rating : 5/10

dear zindagi poster
Dear Zindagi

So, enjoy these Inspiring Movies on Netflix. Stay happy Stay Healthy Stay Humbaa🙂

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