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Instagram selfie captions

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Prompt captions fo for Instagram

Instagram selfie captions
Best Instagram caption 2020

What is a caption for a photo?
– Photo captions, also known as cutlines, that is it is few lines of text used to elaborate which is on the photos.

Born as poor but die as a king…🙏

Humbaa Instagram Caption

Instagram Captions are really helpful for expressing our personality. What should I Caption my Instagram post? What are some cute Instagram captions?
What are cute captions? What’s a good caption?

These are some questions regrading to the Instagram Captions.

Can I post quotes on Instagram?
, you can post Any “Quotes” from any great people.
What are good short quotes?

What is a caption example?
The definition of a caption is a heading or title, or words on a screen that communicate what is being said. An example of a caption is the title of a magazine article. An example of a caption is a descriptive title under a photograph.
Whats a good caption for a selfie?

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•Don’t give up, the hardest battles are given to the strongest soldier😃

• everything will be so good so soon , just hang in there, don’t worry about it too much.🙏

•Be with someone who loves you harder on the days you can’t love yourself at all.

•Calm over chaos, flow over frustration, peace over perfection , faith over fear , heart over hustle and alignment over all these..🤞🙏

•if you are going to rise, you might as well shine ✨

•life is a daily education make it a point to know more when you go to bed then you did when you wake up, everyday..🙃🙂

•once you become fearless, Life becomes limitless.

•control your ANGER because it is just one letter away from D’ANGER.✊

•Temporary people teach us permanent lessons.

Sassy captions for Instagram

Best Instagram caption 2020

•’My life, my rules , my passion, my attitude ‘😒😂

•’ I hate two things…First, comparing me with others, second, compromising my dreams for others.😑

•”I don’t race, I don’t Chase so,that’s why I can’t be replaced…😛

•”it’s ok, If you don’t like me, not everyone has good taste🤙✨

• I haven’t posted a selfie for a while but I still am very cute just to keep you updated 👅🙃

• I’m single as a dollar and I’m not looking for a change 😏

• be the badass, you are meant to be 🥱

• my ‘can’t’ is a ‘can’ and my dream is a plan 🤞😛

• me jelous of you ? Blessed your delusional heart 🤑

• be the stiletto in a room of flats 🤷

• I don’t have a attitude, it’s called personality. Sorry you don’t have one 🥱

• when I said you can’t buy my love, I meant with your salary. 😏

• don’t be ashamed who you are that’s your parents job…🤷

• seek respect not attention, it last longer.🥱

•be savage,not average 🙄

• quit calling woman gold diggers when you don’t have any money…

• but how we move from A to B, it can’t be up to me..🤷

Chin up princess or the clown slip 😂

Rumours are carried by haters , spread by fools , enjoyed by idiots 🤷

They wanna fly first class , I wanna own the damn plane🙆

Love captions for instagram

Best Instagram caption 2020

•’my lips are the gun, my smiles are the trigger, my kisses are the bullet….label me a killer…🥰😍😋

• your smile is my favourite😊

•’My soul wants to dance on the rhythm of your heart ‘❤️💞🤭

•”baby promise me, even after these small fights we will stay together forever ‘❤️😍

•”the moment I met you, my soul begged me to make you mine’🤭

•You’re literally everything , i’ve ever wanted’🥰💞❤️

•”I used to think I was unlucky, until I met you.. 👅

•I don’t want to have world’s attention…, Your is enough 😁

•Whenever you call, I get all happy and feel like a kid🙈🤠

•thankyou for keeping me together when I’m falling apart…😌😊🙂

•Nothing warms my heart more than your smile 🙂😍❤️

•Everyday….I make a wish to be with you forever❤️❤️😍

•”the day I met you I began to forget life without you” 😘😌

•”there is magic in me and its show’s itself when I’m with you ✨🤗🙈

•stay with me just the way moon stay with the sky ❤️

•And,t then you came along , and my life became beautiful👅❤️🤗

•”I promise I’ll love you till the end of my life” 🙈❤️

•No matter how big our fight are our chats always done with. ‘take care’❤️🙂

• Just stay We will make a way , anyway…❤️

•”I don’t care how complicated this gets I still want you ‘💞🤞

•”you make me feel special in every little way…❤️😊

•He is the only one who can handle my tantrums 😛

•when there is infinite love then there is no place for discussion 🤠

• one day, I will wake up in the morning, I won’t be alone, I won’t you text you or call you, I won’t miss you or feel unsafe about you, because one day, when I wake up in the morning, you’ll be lying next to me and not miles away ❤️🤗

•even If don’t have a topic still I want to talk to you ..😛😍

•you are the reason to make me believe in true relationship”❤️

where is the good in good bye?
where is the good in good bye?

• me and my bed are perfectly made for each other , but my alarm clock is always trying to break us up👅

•When I feel like I’m giving up on my dream I keep sleeping 😂🥱

•If I was funny I’d have a better instagram caption for here😛

•the best workout is cross between a lunge and a crush.lunch🤞

•This is my pretty hungry face 😂

•nama’stay in bed …🤣

•I’m model , instagram model…..well same thing right .😂

•but first let me take 50 selfies untill the choosing one that actually works 😒

•Mirror: you looking good. Camara: no, you don’t

•brains are awesome,I wish everybody had one….🤭🤭

• dear, lord there is a bug in your software called MONDAY… please fix it ASAP 😊

•im not fat I’m easier to see…😁😁

• I’m not lazy…. actually….I’m just incredibly motivated to do nothing…🥱🥱🥱

•I Apologize anything I post while I hungry…🥺🥺

• my hobbies are breakfast, lunch and dinner with topped chocolate dessert….,😋🤤🤤🤤🤤

• sassy , classy with the touch of badassy use

Best Instagram caption 2020

•My texting speed depends on how fast you text back.😳

•Feeling incomplete without you.🥺

•how starved you must have been that my heart became meal for your ego🙁

•i’d tell you to go hell but, I don’t want to see you there 😐

•I don’t know how to say this nicely….so I won’t…

•sometimes ,at night, I hope to fall asleep before I fall apart…

• did I ever told you I miss you….🙄

• they say love is pain so darling, let’s hurt tonight…

• I will forgive you but never forget pain makes you human…

• listen to the silence it’s telling the truth…,one day you will realise how much I cared😐

• your poison will kill me, but wait it already infected me …😳

• if I had a flower for every time I thought I could walk

• used to think I’m tod indensicive, But now I’m not quite sure…😆

• I’m not funny , actually I really mean it but people always think I’m…

Swag captions for instagram

• even if you have instructions still, you can’t handle me😆

• anything but predictable 🤙

• be young, be dope run the show 🤞

• I’ll remember and recover but, that doesn’t mean I’ll fori give and forget 😒

• I’d rather make mistakes than fake perfection 🥱

•i don’t wipe tears I wipe the people who created them🤷

• in a world of average be the savage 🤙

• I’m like coffee dark, bitter and hot for you😏

• it’s hard to find someone who’s smart, funny , adorable and a total badass. My only advice is don’t forget to follow me🤭

• my instagram is proof that I’m always creating a good version of myself 🤷

• swag is not behaviour, it’s attitude 🤙😏

•embrace the glorious mess that you are

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