BTS- Boy Band. what does BTS stand for?

BTS Is BANGTAN SONYEONDAN (Korean name) and BULLETPROOF BOY’S SCOUT. They are a South Korean boy band composed of seven members.

BTS Boy Band
BTS Boy Band

BTS is a Korean group of 3 rappers and 4 vocalists their debut in 2013. Offstage they are known for their huge amount of online content showing fans their fun but tiring lives. On stage, they are known for their fierce performances, complex choreography and moving lyrics.

BTS consist of seven members rm, jin, Suga, j-hope, Jimin, v, Jungkook, BTS debuted on June 13, 2013, under BIGTIT ENTERTAINMENT with the lead single “NO MORE DREAMS” an album “2 cool 4 Skool”

Let’s meet the seven members of BTS.

BTS Wallpaper


IMG 20200824 133741
Stage name RM e.g Rap Monster(Kim Naamjoon) leader,
producer. Born September 22 , 1994.

RM is the leader and is often seen giving award acceptance speeches for BTS. RM is a rapper who was active in the Korean underground hip hop scene until he became the first member of BTS in 2009 -10. Bts originally supposed to be a hip hop group but the CEO decided to debut it as  K-pop idol group. RM made the difficult decision of staying in BTS, his peers looked down on him for “betraying hip – hop” and idol fans looked down on him for not fitting Korean beauty standards.

In his 2015 mixed tape, “RM”. RM talked about this identity crisis between rapper and idol and aggressively respond to his crisis. RM is known for his extensive use of wordplay and ability to rap to diverse and complex beats. RM used to be known as Rap Monster he has outgrown that name, but he still has a studio called ‘MON STUDIO’  where he has his hand in producing many BTS tracks.

RM has had many collaborations, including with American artists such as Wale, Krizz Kaliko, Warren G  and fall out boy. RM learned English on his own watching “Friends” ( American TV show), he is also fluent in Japanese and learning other languages.

He is the only one who fluent in English, he translates and helps others practice for English interviews, As the leader, he has lots of responsibilities, including resolving conflict, whether it’s between the company and the group or between group members, he makes sure the team stays united and focus for their performances

RM is also known for his beautiful and thoughtful speeches, RM often interacts with fan’s, including recommending music with the #Rmusic and chatting in his live stream.


Jin (Kim seokjin) vocalist, born 4 December,  1992.
Jin (Kim seokjin) vocalist, born 4 December,  1992.

Jin was a theatre student in University when he was scouted by after being seen getting off the bus, in the fictional storyline that runs throughout BTS music video JIN plays his role as a pivotal character, Jin’s good looks have gotten him a lot of viral attention. First in Korea as a ‘car door boy’ at a Korean award’s show then as a third guy from the left after, showing up at the Billboard music awards 2017.

‘WORLDWIDE HANDSOME’ has become a running gag for jin who is amused that he’s still considered handsome outside of Korea, jin has also other running gags such as his “flying kiss” and his tendency to pull out paper hearts from random places.

Jin is the oldest member of BTS, which is usually a big deal in Korea because the oldest person has the most authority, however, jin doesn’t use this power so much, he cares and cooks for the younger ones and host eating segment called, “EAT JIN“.

Jin is known for his dad jokes with bad Korean puns since he has no background in singing, JIN has worked hard to prove himself a vocalist. For the album ‘WINGS‘ jin had his own solo ‘AWAKE’. Jin also learns the guitar as a hobby during downtime.

BTS Suga

Suga aka August D (Min yoongi), Rapper , producer, born March 9, 1993.
Suga aka August D (Min yoongi), Rapper , producer, born March 9, 1993.

Like RM Suga is a rapper, producer who received harsh criticism for leaving underground rap. Suga is known for his rapid-fire rap which he coined in one song as his ‘tough technology’. Suga has a reputation of being intimidating, ‘savage’, ‘blunt’ and he will curse you out if you wake up him from precious sleep, however, he deeply cares about his members.

As he turns out Suga is just an introvert who likes to be alone with his music and him always sleepy because he chooses to stay up late composing songs in his studio called ‘GENIUS LAB’.

In 2017, Suga won an award for producing singer suran’s hit song ‘wine’. In 2018, he was one of 25 people promoted to being a full member of the Korean music copyright association. Suga was a poor as a teen worked part-time jobs and made many sacrifices to pursue music, a risky career move that led to fights with his parents.

In his self produced 2016 mixtape, ‘August D’, Suga opened up about his experiences with social anxiety and depression because of his own struggle, Suga often writes lyrics to help listeners get through their most difficult times.

J- hope

J- hope (jung hoseok) rapper, dance leader, born February 18, 1994.
J- hope (jung hoseok) rapper, dance leader, born February 18, 1994.

J- hope locally famous for street dancer known for freestyles, unlike RM and Suga, he only started rapping after joining BTS. J- hope often learns in minutes dances that takes hours to others, as a dance leader he learns the moves first, teaches the others and contributes his own choreography.

“Boy meets Evil” features a solo dance from him, and j-hope uploads a clip of him dancing titled “hope on the Street”. The first thing people usually notice about the j-hope is his sunny personality which cheers everyone up, he often uses the line ” I’m your hope,  you are my hope, and to make entertaining for the viewers.

To the people who don’t know him, j-hope’s sense of humour can seem over the top, but j-hope eventually wins everyone over no one can resist j-hope’s special brand of adorable quirkiness and WTF-ery, not even grumpy Suga. Actually through j-hope and Suga seems to be polar opposite they are the funniest duo together, the two rappers have comedic singing subunit called”SOPE ME”.

J-hope is also responsible for widely named video of him attempting to interview the members in English. Despite his sunny demeanour, j-hope is also known to be a very stern dance teacher who is a stickler for details.

Out of the rappers, j-hope is the newest to music production and has a studio “HOPE WORLD”. In 2018 he released his “HOPE WORLD” mixtape, in hope world he explained that he chooses to be a symbol of hope a piece of peace, to help people in their stressful lives.

He also rapped about the behind j-hope the cheerful idol, his loyalty to his team and how far he’s come.

BTS Jimin

Jimin (Park Jimin) dancer, vocalist born October 13 ,1995.
Jimin (Park Jimin) dancer, vocalist born October 13 ,1995.

Jimin was a top student of contemporary dance at his art school, in BTS Jimin is also known for his sexy charisma on stage, off- stage Jimin basically known for being very adorable. Jimin shares the most with fans on twitter marking his selfies and other posts with #jimin. He is very affectionate and can be seen doing things like making a cake and comforting other members.

Jimin is intensely hard worker and perfectionist and is notoriously hard on himself. Luckily the other members are there to support him and captured him in touching video clip.


V (Kim taehyung) vocalist,  dancer, born December 30, 1995.
V (Kim taehyung) vocalist,  dancer, born December 30, 1995.

V is the son of farmers and said that he might have become a farmer himself if he hadn’t been noticed when he accompanied his friend to audition, V is known for his striking face and unique features, although he wasn’t in the original ‘dance line’ (j-hope, Jimin, Junkook) V has shown himself to be a skilled dancer, V was officially declared to be a part of dance line after his solo in “singularity” (2018).

As a vocalist, V is known for his deep and soulful voice. V also acts in the historical drama, ‘Hwarang’. V and Jimin are born in the same year. This duo used to be known for posting videos of them goofing off and annoying the other members, V is also a huge fan of the rappers, “cypher” series in which the Suga, RM and j-hope responded to their haters.

With the help of RM, V wrote and composed the song ‘4 o’clock. He states ” I wanted to perform a song that I made on the stage, a song that I wrote on my own and that song is 4 o’clock. V has many interests including fine art he has a funny habit of using the name of favourite artists when travelling other hobbies include fashion/ collecting Gucci clothes playing the saxophone and photography, he posts his photos under the name #VANTE inspired by his favourite minimalist photographer (now friend) Ante Badzim.

BTS Jungkook

IMG 20200824 141047
Jungkook (jeon jungkook) born 1 September, 1997.

You can’t miss Jungkook he is the main vocalist and often centre of the dance formations. Jungkook is the youngest member of the BTS, the youngest of the group is called’ Maknae’ in Korean. Jungkook is called ‘golden Maknae’ because he is good at everything singing and dancing and even in rapping in older songs. He even has his studio called “Golden Closet” in which he has produced a few songs and as a hobby of video editing his video logs entitled “Golden Closet Films” (GCF).

Out of all the singers tends to have the most stable voice, especially when dancing at the same time. Also when we say Jungkook is good at everything literally mean that he is good at everything.

Before he was this confident force of nature, Jungkook was a shy talented kid who joined BTS at a very young age 14 years. BTS members attendant both his middle school and High school graduation.

Over the years his six ‘Hyungs’ (older brother in Korean) taught him many things. His Hyungs seen him grow up and go through all his phases. Basically Jungkook has best brothers in the world who still tend to take care of him like a baby though he’s all grown, though he teases them a lot, Jungkook has a deep love for his Hyungs which he sings about in his song “begin”.

BTS won the first group not from K-pop, artist of the year.

BTS Boy Band

BTS won the first group not from K-pop, artist of the year.
BTS being first korean group to perform at  Billboard music awards and AMAs, 2017.

BTS being first korean group to perform at  Billboard music awards and AMAs, 2017.

BTS Twitter

On December 17, 2012, BTS opened their twitter account it twitted with “wassup, its BTS and we finally opened the official BTS Twitter account, clap clap clap! Everything you can think from pre-debut and more, a lot of weird and funny things will be uploaded.


Their fans called themselves an army, the army is a fandom name for a people, ARMY stands for ADORABLE REPRESENTATIVE M.C FOR YOUTH. the army is military in English, the body armour and military are always together, so it means that fans will be always together with BTS.

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