Iolo System Mechanic Review

Iolo System Mechanic is equipped with an exhaustive collection of system utility utilities in addition to an integrated anti-virus protection system.

It just takes a few clicks to complete the vast majority of Iolo System Mechanic’s optimization and cleaning tasks, which makes the program much easier to use for novices.

If you want a piece of software that can perform all you want and then more, Iolo’s System Mechanic is a great option to consider.


It is unfortunate that the user interface of System Mechanic hides the titles of menu items before you hover your mouse over them. As a result, it might be difficult to find the function that you need.

In spite of this, System Mechanic is one of the most feature-rich PC cleaners that can be purchased in the modern day. For example, its registry cleaner was able to identify problems in our test machine’s registry that other Windows cleaning applications had missed.

The Software Uninstaller, despite its simplicity, was able to remove problematic applications that Windows was unable to delete, and the Security Optimizer was able to identify many Windows security concerns that needed to be rectified.

After installing LiveBoost on a computer with a mid-range processor that was running Windows 10, we saw a little increase in overall performance. The score for our computer’s central processing unit in Novabench rose to 515 from 460. On less powerful devices, I think LiveBoost will give greater results than it does on more powerful ones.


The Toolbox part of the application is its heart, and it is here that you will find access to the functionality that is both the most important and the most helpful. There are five different sub-sections that fall under the Toolbox umbrella: Protect, Manage, Clean, Speed Up, and Recover.


Within the Clean part of the System Mechanic’s Toolbox is a collection of five separate PC cleaning tools. These utilities are as follows:

The All-in-One PC Cleanup feature does a comprehensive system scan by making use of all of the tools that are accessible.

Internet Cleanup will delete cookies, temporary Internet files, your browsing history, and other sensitive browser data.

Using Windows Cleanup, you may remove any temporary files that may have gathered on your computer.

Registry Cleanup is a tool that removes unused entries from the Windows registry.
Advanced Uninstaller allows you to choose any program and perform a straightforward and comprehensive removal of that software.

Speed Up

If your computer has slowed down in general or has performance problems in specific areas, the tools under Speed Up contain some useful resources. You can use the NetBooster app to optimize your internet settings in order to boost download speeds.

Disk Defragmenter is a tool that may be used to defragment a hard drive. This feature of Iolo System Mechanic is quick and reliable, and it may significantly reduce HDD fragmentation.

With Memory Mechanic, you can speed up your RAM. It is possible to speed up your computer’s startup with the help of the Startup Optimizer tool.


Among the many tools offered by Protect to deal with computer and internet privacy issues is DriveScrubber, System Shield, Security Optimizer, Privacy Shield, and Incinerator.

DriveScrubber has dual functionality. It’s best put to use when you absolutely, positively, have to get rid of everything on a hard disk.

System Shield allows you to do a full system scan, a custom file or directory scan, or both. Additionally, you may modify System Shield’s settings, keep an eye on the quarantine zone, and review past records.

Privacy Shield can protect your data from prying eyes, while Windows Security Optimizer can help you find and fix security flaws. For example, Windows 10’s default setting of collecting personal information may be changed.

You have the option of not sharing your Wi-Fi connection with others and disabling browser tracking. Similar to the Windows Recycle Bin, the Incinerator is a waste disposal system. You may permanently remove files from your computer with the use of Iolo System Mechanic. It may also restore data that was erased inadvertently.


The Recover menu provides access to many tools for fixing common issues and restoring the system, including as the System Troubleshooter, Search and Recover, and System Restore.

In most cases, the System Troubleshooter can determine what’s wrong with your computer and fix it. This is where you may get help with audio and video problems as well as other forms of communication.

If you delete a file inadvertently, Search and Recover may help you get it back.

Reverting your Windows installation is possible with the help of the System Restore feature. It also allows you to modify the system restore options and return your computer to its prior state.


Super Control Panel is a useful feature that can be found under the Manage menu. This straightforward approach gives you access to several configuration choices for your gadget, allowing for extensive personalization. In contrast to the usual Control Panel, these features are neatly organized into separate, collapsible sub-panels.


While you’re gone, ActiveCare will keep an eye on your devices and help you fix any issues that arise. It may be set up to do an automated search of your computer and the implementation of the best possible solutions. If you want optimal performance, Iolo says to leave System Mechanic running nonstop.

The options available for customization in System Mechanic may be seen by selecting the Settings tab from the main interface. In this area, you may set up ActiveCare for your whole gadget. It is possible to turn on or off the following options:

ActiveCare allows for extensive personalization through a number of checkboxes spread across each component.


LiveBoost enables you to keep an eye on and even make adjustments to the performance of your computer in real time. At the very top of the primary page for this area, you will see a performance summary as well as an indication of the mode in which your computer is now functioning.

A neat graph that shows the currently active tools together with their responsiveness percentage can be seen in the upper-right hand corner of the window. Processor, Memory, Drives, and Configuration are the four tabs that may be found on the main interface of LiveBoost. The Memory section maintains your random access memory (RAM), while the Processor tab provides monitoring of the CPU. The Disks tab catalogs and controls all of your hard disks in an organized manner. The tab labeled “Configuration” is where LiveBoost settings may be adjusted.

It is recommended that you give this utility permission to optimize the settings of the CPU and toggle the functions of OptiCore, RAMJet, and AcceleWrite. AcceleWrite stands out as the option with the greatest potential given the options. System Mechanic is responsible for ensuring that the data is organized in the most efficient manner possible when it is being written to the storage medium. As a consequence of this, the number of times that you have to defragment your disks will become less frequent.

In addition, LiveBoost gives you the ability to manually pick the PowerSense setting that is optimized for your specific requirements. Your computer’s performance can be improved by any one of these options, depending on the context. The following options are up to you to choose from:


The Malware Protection and Firewall Protection parts of the Security tab, which may scan your system whenever you choose, are located under this tab.


Your computer will be cleaned of many forms of malicious software, including spyware, viruses, and other threats, by the Anti-Malware component, which will perform scans on your system and remove them.

You may see a summary of the current condition of your system by looking at the uppermost portion of the display. The symbol in the upper-right corner of the screen will show a green shield and checkmark if the computer is secure, but it will show a red shield if there are any problems that need to be fixed. A pop-up menu will display whenever you hover your mouse over it. This menu will give you the opportunity to do a thorough scan as well as activate or disable real-time protection.


The Firewall function gives you the ability to control the Firewall that is installed on your computer. In the upper right-hand corner, a green checkmark will appear if everything is in order; otherwise, a red exclamation mark will be shown. In the Options section, you have the ability to activate or disable the Firewall, as well as pause the monitoring of the Firewall.

Compatibility of Systems.

Support is provided for all editions of Windows 10, in addition to Windows 8.1, 8, and 7. Users of Microsoft’s Windows XP and Windows Vista operating systems may keep using older versions of the program. The most up-to-date version that is compatible with these platforms is version The Professional edition is not compatible with previous versions of operating systems.

Alert Regarding the Iolo Scam

When a customer purchases System Mechanic Ultimate Defense for $60 or more, Iolo has lately begun adding that customer to its “24/7 technical support” package at the fee of $19.95 per month automatically.

Iolo has committed a heinous act of trust betrayal by tricking customers who have already purchased their software into subscribing to a service that is four times more expensive and serves no use whatsoever.

Stay away from Iolo System Mechanic as much as possible.

The Iolo System Mechanic program by itself is not a terrible piece of work. Although it cannot compare to CleanMyPC in terms of functionality, Iolo System Mechanic does provide some useful options. The issue is that clients should avoid at all costs any organization that makes use of fine print to trick them into purchasing pricey and pointless add-on subscriptions.