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Isohunt Proxy: Unblock Isohunt (100% Working) 

Introduction to Isohunt

Isohunt was a torrent file search engine where people used to search for the torrent files, download and chill with their entertainment. It had amazing features and was very easy to access.

People were able to watch their favourite torrent files such as Blockbusters, Movies, Web Series and many others with different genres like Comedy, Horror, Romance, Action, Drama, Science-Fiction, Adventurous etc. 

Disclaimer: This article is for the knowledgeable purpose only, never advocated to use the copyrighted content neither we support to download the copyright-protected content.

There are different language people available in different regions who used to watch movies in their language. Thus, Isohunt helped to download their favourite torrent files which is available in a various language like Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, English, Malayalam, Kannada etc. 

Its original service name is Isohunt. com. It claimed to be the most advanced BitTorrent search engine to search for the torrent files. 

Isohunt was one of the most popular search engines for torrent files but it was taken down and become not accessible from October 2013. It is because it considered as an illegal act which provides copyrighted torrent files by Motion Pictures Association America (MPAA). 

Isohunt Proxies

Proxies are always used to secure private information and to be safe. It helps to keep your IP address safe. Thus, it is very important to use proxies whenever you are using any kind of suspicious website.

As you all know that Isohunt has been blocked in many countries due to it’s copyrighted issue but if you use its proxies then it will secure you from further privacy issues. Do you want to know more about Isohunt Proxies? Well, let’s discuss it more.

Isohunt Proxy will help you to hide your identity and show you as the other country’s user where it is still working. And thus you will not worry about any kind of restrictions and can enjoy your favourite movies and TV shows.

There are many proxies for Isohunt are available which people can use for free. Are you guys getting my point? if yes, so it is clear for all of you that Isohunt proxies are available for those countries too where it has been banned. So people from anywhere can use these proxies for FREE. 

Latest Iso hunt Proxy Links

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IsoHunt Proxies

Using VPN is safe

The full form of VPN is Virtual Private Network. It is used to make yourself free of security tensions. Yes, you read it correctly. VPN helps you to hide your IP address which can be known by the service providers and authorities. So using a good VPN is very important whenever you use any suspicious site.

IsoHunt Alternatives 

As Ishohunt site has been taken down, it’s mirror sites come up but all mirrors are real so it is important to know about its alternatives too.

So the list of alternatives of IsoHunt is… 

1. 1337x Proxy

1337x latest proxies
1337x latest proxies

1337x is very popular for its huge contents. You can watch movies like Bollywood movies, Hollywood movies, Tamil movies, Telugu movies, Malayalam movies, Kannada movies and many others.

Visit – 1337x

It gives you vast collection in games, music, ebooks, videos etc. The thing is, you will never become bored from this torrent site as it is a treasure of entertainment.

The best part of this site is, it gives you a good interface and amazing super easy features. All these help you easy to access and simple to use.

All the options are in a categorized manner and you will not get difficulty to search for your favourites. As it is a proxy so you will also can sure about your security and privacy.

Thus, overall 1337x proxy is one of the famous torrent sites and also the best alternative of IsoHunt. 

2. ExtraTorrent Proxy

Extratorrents on humbaa
Extratorrents on humbaa

BitTorrent listed ExtraTorrent in the top 5 torrent sites across the world. So you can surely understand that this site is very popular among torrent sites. It has a huge collection of movies of many languages like Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Punjabi etc. Also, it has vast collections of games, music, tv shows and so many others. 

With all the collections, it also has a good interface and simple features. You can easily find your favourite content. Thus, ExtraTorrent Proxy is one of the best alternatives of IsoHunt

3. PirateBay Proxy

The Pirate Bay
The Pirate Bay

PirateBay is the oldest torrent site with the largest users. It also considers the best torrent site after many arguments.

Visit- PirateBay 

It is a treasure of contents like movies, games, ebooks, tv shows, music and many more. People are easily attracted towards this site as PirateBay uploads professional contents in HD quality.

The thing is, you don’t have to compromise for quality and features as this site gives you every content in high resolution and You Know What? It is totally free. Thus, PirateBay is one of the best alternatives to IsoHunt

4. Rubg Proxy

If you are searching for a trustful site so Rubg is your destination. This site is very user friendly and has amazing features. You can easily search your favourite movies or tv shows without facing any kind of difficulty.

It has a good interface and superbly easy to access. And you will get to see new movie collections and blockbusters too. Thus, Rubg comes in the list of the best alternative of IsoHunt

5. Limetorrents Proxy

Limetorrents is mainly like a torrent search engine as it works more similar to this. The reason behind this is, it’s database connects many torrent sites. It helps you to find your favourite torrent files. 

It is an another website which has a good interface and superb features.

Visit – Limetorrents 

6. YTS Proxy 

YTS YIFY Movie Downloading Website
YTS YIFY Movie Downloading Website

YTS is a peer to peer group and very well known among those who love to watch free movies. It gives you treasures of contents and almost every language movies like Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, English, Punjabi etc in HD quality. You can chill with your favourite contents in just free of cost.

Visit – YTS 

It attracts users and have listed itself in one of the best alternative of IsoHunt

7. YourBitTorrent

YourBitTorrent is a tracking website for torrent. The thing is, it doesn’t host the files but it gives you the information about the location of files. Anyone can read the files on their PC. Thus, This site is little bit unique and a good alternative of IsoHunt. 

8. Torrentz2 Proxy

Torrentz2 is one of the very popular site for torrent files. It has amazing contents of movies and tv shows both that will not let you bore. It also has a good interface and great features. You can easily search for your favourite torrent file and enjoy. It has many users as it attracts people easily. And last thing is, it gives contents in HD quality for free. 

Visit – Torrentz2

These were the top 8 alternatives of IsoHunt.

Now, let’s also discuss about How India Including Other Countries Treat Such Torrent Sites And Torrent Search Engines Like IsoHunt? 

How does India treat IsoHunt?

Movie piracy is consider as crime as it is an unlawful act. This is the reason many torrent sites and torrent search engines like IsoHunt are banned in India including many other countries. But it is still active as it keeps changing it’s domain extensions and challenging our authority. But according to the piracy law, if any person found using or encouraging piracy will face jail term and also have to pay fine. Similarly if any site members found so he will also face jail term and has to pay fine which will be lakhs.

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