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iTop VPN Review (2021): A 100% Free VPN, But Is It Any Good?

iTop VPN Review

FREE VPN from iTop Secures Your Online Privacy

iTop VPN for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android provides a private and secure connection to the public Internet wherever you are in the globe.

Free Screen Recorder for PC makes it simple to create videos and record the computer screen.

With the iTop free screen recorder for Windows 10/11, you’ll be able to capture your best moments from a range of different occasions by simply recording your screen, cameras, live video, audio, or streaming games.

Additionally, you may enhance the visual attractiveness of your recordings by inserting text, adding background music, or applying video effects using iTop Screen Recorder.

iTop VPN Review

iTop Data Recovery

Data Recovery Software for Any Data Loss Scenario.

More than a thousand different types of files may be recovered from a single hard drive.

Easily recover lost or deleted data from most types of external storage devices, including HDDs, SSDs, and USB flash drives.

Easily create frequent backups of your data. We’ve included a dependable backup solution.

A one-stop shop for all your data recovery needs. 3,000,000+ people have downloaded it.

DualSafe Password Manager

Unlimited Password Management Made Simple, Secure, and Free.

With a single click, you can save an infinite number of passwords and have them auto-filled. Using a password health checker is an excellent way to ensure the safety of your online accounts.

Free and Full-featured Password Manager

Store unlimited passwords

Always keep a safe copy of your account credentials close to hand. Remembering your passwords is a thing of the past thanks to this convenient method of logging into your online banking, retail, work, social, and gaming accounts.

Autofill & login to accounts

When establishing a new account, have your login credentials or other personal information pre-filled. With a few mouse clicks, you don’t need to enter any text on the keyboard. Check fresh emails, transfer money, and share photographs from any location at any time.

Generate strong passwords

Passwords that are random, unique, and complicated may be generated in a flash, and you can even construct time-based one-time passwords. No more data leaks due to passwords that are too easy to guess. On the internet, nobody can access or see any of your private information at any time.

Dark web monitor

Keep an eye on any data breaches, and make sure your account is secure. You will be aware of everything that is going on in the digital world and will have full command over it. You will be made aware of any credential leaks related with your account as soon as they occur, allowing you to take the necessary safeguards.

Password health check

DualSafe is able to analyse the robustness of each password, as well as the security status of associated websites, and it can provide guidance on how to improve the safety of your online accounts.

It is essential that you keep the security of your accounts intact and that you take active measures to prevent any personal information from becoming public.

Sync passwords everywhere

Chrome, Edge, Opera, and Brave all have the capability to automatically synchronise and share passwords with one another.

Regardless of whether you are in the office, at home, or travelling, the information associated with your account is kept up to date at all times.

How to Start Using DualSafe Password Manager?

Downloadable for users of Windows.

It will not take more than a few seconds to download the application, install it, and then start using it. That shouldn’t be too difficult.

Create an account for free.

Sign up for our service absolutely free of charge to get limitless password management. There is no need to provide a credit card.

Keep your passwords encrypted and use autofill for all of your online accounts.
Get started living a secure and less complicated life online.

Why Do You Need a Password Manager?

Weak passwords result in billions of pieces of personal information being leaked on the Internet every year. Criminals steal your money, sell your private photos on the dark web, and use your ID number, or bank card number to commit fraud. A password manager can generate strong passwords, manage, and protect your passwords, as well as keep your personal information safe.

Avoid data breach

Because people are so careless with their passwords, billions of bits of personal information are leaked into the public domain each year.

Criminals take your money, post your private photos for sale on the dark web, and commit fraud using your identity or financial information by using your bank card number or identification number.

The use of a password manager has the potential to facilitate the generation and maintenance of robust passwords, in addition to the protection of your personal data.

Time-saving & productive

Efficiency is essential in this era of the Internet. Spending a significant amount of time both writing down passwords with a pen and entering them on a keyboard may be quite time consuming. The password manager can remember all of your account passwords and fill them in for you automatically, which will enable you to easily access all of your online accounts, including business, financial, email, social, and so on.

Be worry-free online

Over the course of the last ten years, there have been several data breaches related to the Internet, in which criminals have stolen personal information in order to commit crimes.
It is difficult to be online all the time and search for fresh reports of data breaches; however, a password manager can do this for you around the clock and alert you to any possible threats in a timely manner.

How DualSafe Offers Trustworthy Password Management?

Strongest encryption

In order to keep your passwords and other sensitive data safe, DualSafe Password Manager employs cutting-edge security measures such as end-to-end AES-256-bit encryption, PBKDF2 SHA-256, and salted hashing. No data stored in your password vault is susceptible to being cracked or decrypted by cybercriminals.

Local data storage

Your password vault is completely private, and only you have access to its contents. The DualSafe Password Manager has committed themselves to doing this. Your data is encrypted and decrypted locally on the device you’re using, ensuring that it is always secure and out of the public eye.

Healthy & strong passwords

DualSafe offers you with powerful password management, produces secure and random passwords of varying lengths and character kinds, validates your passwords to ensure that they are neither weak or overused, and notifies you of any data breaches that may have occurred.

Is DualSafe Password Manager free to use?

Yes, you are able to maintain an unlimited number of passwords, create secure random passwords, and sync passwords across all of your devices at no cost.

Why do I need a password manager?

Accounts that have insecure passwords or passwords that have been repeated are susceptible to being exploited. We have a hard time remembering several passwords that are overly complicated. Because of this, you need a password manager in order to safeguard both your private information and your assets. Password managers allow users to establish one-of-a-kind passwords using letters, numbers, and special characters, store all of their passwords in a safe location, and log in to their accounts with a single click. Your financial, email, social media, and other online accounts are never at risk. The security of passwords may also be checked, and information leakage can be tracked via password managers. In addition, you may protect the confidentiality of your personal information by storing it in a password vault, which can be used to store things like your driver’s licence, WiFi password, and other sensitive data.

Where should I use the password manager?

A password manager may help you keep your online accounts secure and prevent them from being stolen by using it every time you log in to an account that holds sensitive personal information and documents.
Sending money through PayPal, buying and selling bitcoin, sharing family photographs on Facebook, sending contracts to key business partners, and storing documents in the cloud are just a few of the many things you might lose if your credentials are breached due to carelessness. Consider it. You’ll strain your computer’s resources if you use PayPal to transmit money, buy and sell bitcoin, post family photographs to Facebook, send contracts to business associates, and save work papers in the cloud.

Why not use my browser’s password manager?

Because of this, if you store the passwords for your accounts in one web browser, they will not synchronise with the credentials for those accounts saved in the other browser.
Passwords need to be kept and updated across all of a person’s browsers if they use several browsers.
In addition, it is difficult to generate secure passwords of any length or TOTP in browsers, to test the strength of your password, and to determine whether or not your email account has been hacked.

How to use DualSafe Password Manager?

After you enter into your DualSafe account and install the DualSafe browser add-on, you can sit back and relax while we take care of the rest. When you create a new account on the website, DualSafe will generate a password for you that is a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols at random. It will also preserve your passwords automatically, allowing you to access your account with only one click the next time you need to access it.

Is DualSafe Password Manager safe?

After you enter into your DualSafe account and install the DualSafe browser add-on, you can sit back and relax while we take care of the rest.
When you create a new account on the website, DualSafe will generate a password for you that is a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols at random. It will also preserve your passwords automatically, allowing you to access your account with only one click the next time you need to access it.

Will I lose any data if I switch to DualSafe Password Manager?

It is never possible to export all passwords from a password manager or browser to DualSafe Password Manager with only one mouse click.
All of your passwords are secure and accessible to you at all times.

What platforms are supported?

You are free to use DualSafe Password Manager on your Windows desktop, as well as in the browsers Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera, and Brave, as well as any other browsers that are based on Chromium.

iTop Private Browser Stay Safe and Private Online

The most protected setting for going online is provided by a Windows browser that is both quick and private in addition to being secure. Your online privacy will be safeguarded with an integrated ad blocker, anti-tracking feature, fingerprint protection, and free VPN service.

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