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Jossara Jinaro cause of death, Wikipedia, husband, children

Jossara Jinaro

Jossara Jinaro Dies: Television And Film Actress For ‘ER’ And ‘Judging Amy’ Was 48

An official Bay Area memorial ceremony will be conducted at some time, according to Bogado.

Since his first appearance on “ER” in 1994, Jinaro has been in a slew of other NBC dramas, including “Judging Amy” (CBS), “Strong Medicine,” and “Judging Amy II” (Lifetime, 1999-2005).

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Although she was born in Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro, she was raised in Colombia by her diplomat father as his adopted daughter. The family relocated to the United States after her stepfather was kidnapped by guerillas.

At the age of 16, she left her family and came to Chicago, where she signed with her first agency, who got her interested in theatrical work. She moved to Los Angeles on the advice of another agency and landed a role as Virginia Bustos in Columbia TriStar’s Emmy-nominated comedy “Viva Vegas.”

After starring in “Judging Amy” as Cheech Marin’s daughter, she went on to star in the medical drama “ER.”

When she starred in “Passions,” she received a GLAAD nomination for her performance. La Bella Ceci y El Imprudente” was her first novel in Colombia, and she returned to Hollywood for “East Los High” in 2010.

Having started with shorts, Jinaro went on to develop a feature picture that was approved into Panavision’s new filmmakers programme. Desert Road Kill, which won her a Best Supporting Actress prize at a film festival, has taken her around the film festival circuit.

A few of her previous credits include the Rob Zombie picture, Havoc, which she co-starred in with Anne Hathaway, as well as the films Devil’s Rejects, TenTricks, Fly Boys, and Oliver Stone’s World Trade Center, in which she co-starred with Maggie Gyllenhaal and Michael Pena.

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