Kemono Jihen Episode 6 release date and time and preview of Episode 5

Last time on Kemono Jihen Episode 4

Inugami got a job to investigate recent incidents of skeletonized remains of workers who were working on derdiverting the route of the river under the bridge in Shibuya. Inugami told Akira if he wanted to go with Kabane and Akira nodded. When they reached the bridge, a Frog Kemono captured Akira but Kabane saved Akira with the help of a racoon dog who came to deliver blood which will serve as bait for luring other Frog Kemono.

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Many Kemono were lured and attacked Kabane and Akira but Akira got scared and only Kabane was left to fight the Kemonos. Seeing this Akira was consumed in the thought that he also wants to do something to help and in an instant all the frog kemono and the water froze which defeated all the Kemono. Later it was revealed that the racoon dog was Ingumai himself in disguise

Kemono Jihen Episode 5 synopsis

Kabane was cleaning the house and he found a door at the end of the hallway which was told not to go near that door but when he was moving the boxes to clean the area near the door, someone pulled him inside the room where he saw a man sitting in front of a computer.

After sometime when Kabane didn’t came after cleaning, Shiki and Akira told Inugami that Kabane is Missing since morning and a cleaning mop was lying at the end of the hallway, after hearing this Inugami was sure that Kabane must be inside that room
Inugami, Shiki and Akira barged into the room only to find Kabane being treated as a wait-boy by the man sitting in front of the computer and told Kabane that from this moment Kabane is appointed as his wait-boy.

Inugami told everyone about that man, Mihai, that he is an old acquaintance of Inugami and whole time he lives inside the room playing online games and handles all the technological stuff of the group. Mihai is a vampire kemono and possess superhuman levels of physical abilities and knowledge and has attained pro-level skills and knowledge in most everything and so abhors idleness.


Afterwards Kabane was again being treated as wait-boy but Shiki objects this slavery. Mihai said that if anyone in the room can defeat him a arm wrestling match, then he’d free Kabane. Shiki got instantly defeated by shiki numerous times and then Kabane tried but he also lost.

Later when Kabane went to shop for supper for Mihai, he was sitting in a park where Kon fell from a tree and told Kabane that she didn’t have a place to go to, so Kabane told her to come live at Inugami’s place but Kon declined as she being a fox couldn’t live with Inugami who is a raccoon and told Kabane that she wants to live with Kabane at the park so Kabane told her that he’ll come back after delivering the supper.

Meanwhile Mihai came outside of his room with a broken wrist which got broken when he tried to arm wrestle with Kabane albeit he won and told Inugami that since he can’t play games with his broken hand and it’d take a week to heal so in meantime he’ll use the kids at the house as game characters in real life.

Mihai locked Inugami in his room and told the kids to do a mission for Inugami who was busy in another work. This mission was to investigate a company and its zeroed suicide rates which was 16, three years ago. Shiki went inside the building and Kabane with akira was on standby along with Akira.

Inside, Shiki saw workers working with their faces on brink of death and a worker came out frustrated and was stopped by the manager woman who took him to a room where a Mosquito Kabane sucked his brain out and the worker whose brain got sucked out went to work like a puppet.

Shiki conveyed this to others and told Kabane that there are three Kemono inside and they must devise a strategy later to defeat them and the reason behind zeroed suicide rates was that the company showed that no one has died but in real they were all just dead puppets.

When Mihai Listened to Shiki, Mihai thaught that in order to enjoy the game he must make the mission risky in order to enjoy it so he decided to hit the wall with his camouflage car to hit the wall which he sent with Shiki to monitor.

Listening the sound, all three Kemono came looking out and with the special ability of Mosquito Kabane they were about to apprehended Shiki but was saved by the electrocution produced by camouflage car which electrocuted the kemono.

Kemono Jihen Episode 6 Release Date and time and Preview

Kemono Jihen Episode 6 is scheduled to release on Sunday February 14. This episode is titled ‘Awakening‘.

About Kemono Jihen:

Is Kemono Jihen worth watching? Yes, absolutely. If you’re into supernatural and shonen and love the quality animation then it’s definitely worth watching.

What does Kemono Jihen means? Kemono Jihen means ‘Monster Incidents’

Kemono Jihen Anime series is based on manga series of same name by author Shō Aimoto. The show premiered in Japan on January 10, 2021.
Set up in modern Japan, there are beings from the times of yore who lurk in the world’s shadow, involved with humans, but undetected by them. Generally they don’t involve themselves directly with humans but recently some have gotten more deeply involved than necessary causing bizarre phenomena all over. The main protagonist of the show is Kabane and was about to be eliminated by Inugami who got this mission but since Inugami himself was a Kemono he knew the hardship of Kabane who was abandoned. Inugami asked if he wanted to meet his parents and in return he only have to join his group.

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