KIRIM.EMAIL Review 2022

By | October 5, 2022

An all-in-one platform for email marketing and transactional emails (SMTP) 2022

One of the biggest challenges businesses face is growing their email list. Sending emails to invalid or inactive email addresses hurts deliverability, which minimizes your email campaigns’ impact.

That’s why it’s a good idea to clean up your customer database regularly. KIRIM.EMAIL makes this process efficient by allowing you to clean up your lists on the go from any device, saving you time and money.

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KIRIM.EMAIL is an all-in-one ecosystem to help you send better emails at scale.

“Have you ever looked at an email list, and every time you send a campaign, the bounce rate goes through the roof? You know this list is useless, but you have to have it because of a big promotion coming up. Well, that’s what KIRIM.EMAIL is here to help with.”

My name is Julie. I’m a marketer and developer based out of the Bay Area. About four months ago, I was getting tired of using traditional tools for emails and landing pages. At best, I would get 50% open rates on emails, and that number was declining as I kept using them.


I’ve tried a lot of email marketing platforms. I don’t want to name them, but let’s say that at one point, I created a job specifically for someone whose entire job function was to delete unsubscribers from an account on one certain service, which shall not be named.

In the world of email marketing, it is important to nurture relationships with your audience.

The main way I connect with my users is via transactional emails (TEM). These are automated emails sent based on a user completing a task or a subscription.

They allow me to remind customers about my website and help me stay in touch with them. It’s important to remember that these must be legitimately useful, helping your recipients with something they want or need.

Brought to you by the awesome team and who recently launched a new product, KIRIM.EMAIL. 

KIRIM.EMAIL’s email validation tool is based on an algorithm that scans your list and detects relevant information such as:

An all-in-one platform for email marketing and transactional emails that saves you time and money with built-in email validation and landing page design tools ─ start sending better emails today! Connect with them here.

KIRIM.EMAIL helps you optimize, track and send emails to your subscribers.

KIRIM.EMAIL is a transactional email service platform (SaaS) designed for small businesses and solopreneurs to create and send newsletters, promotional and transactional emails to their leads and customers.

Its main features include: autoresponders, a high-quality email template editor, landing page templates, email list cleaning and removal of inactive subscribers, tracking sent emails, SMS campaign integration, and more.

KIRIM.EMAIL keeps your marketing campaigns clean and prompt.

It does what its name suggests: Locks up your email leads into the treasure chest of KIRIM and delivers them right away to your business.

I’m sure you’ve been there too. You’re all excited to send an email using the latest update of your Mailchimp, Sendgrid, or Amazon AWS Simple Email Service (SES) account. Then the automated message receipts start rolling in: “Email address not found”… “Email address already exists, “… “User is inactive,”… And for a few broken email addresses you know are still valid, you get no response at all. Where did they go? How did they end up on this dreadfully blank page?

Email marketing isn’t dead and far from it.

[1] people are more than willing to engage with brands through their inboxes. Businesses spend $22 billion on email marketing and grow 65% faster when they have an active email list

[2] This is why it makes sense to invest substantial time, energy, and resources into creating a dependable list of subscribers.

Three different services into one.

KIRIM.EMAIL is the flagship service of KIRIM Communications and delivers three (3) programs all into one.

To start, new users get a free email address assigned to their accounts.

They can then use the drag and drop email builder to create engaging emails that hook readers.

The next feature is email automation with a drip campaign to let you control how fast your customers receive emails, who receives them, and when they receive them.

Then there’s the web copy for your emails, which allows you to assign clickable links anywhere in your email builder copy so you can track who opens what and capture more leads.

Finally, you’ll have access to our custom analytics console that includes user engagement reports from your list, letting you see which ones are most popular or most opened so you can send more of those!

Fully Functional Landing Page

With KIRIM.EMAIL, you can have a fully functional landing page for your email marketing campaign in the next hour or 2 hours tops. You don’t need to worry about setup or anything. Just add your/target audience’s email on the landing page, then start marketing with your auto-responder message.

Connect unlimited landing pages in minutes.

Create an unlimited landing page in minutes. Connect any Facebook Lead Ads Campaign and start your journey to a better conversion rate.

Work with other people (and apps too.)

We’re excited to introduce you to Pabbly, a contextual messages automation tool for marketers and small businesses.

Hey, big spender, why not work with other people and apps too?

Work with other people (and apps!) Let’s say you have a client. And you (rightfully) love them to bits.

You also want to be super transparent with them and keep them in the loop with all your work.

But you now find yourself sending out regular emails: “Hey — I got this thing done…”, “Check out what we did here!”, “Here is the latest mockup for our new landing page…”.

Gosh, that’s a lot of emails, and it makes it hard to keep track of what work has been done.

Not to mention that exporting emails to a CRM from Gmail can be time-consuming!

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