Laxis Review 2023

The AI Meeting Assistant can transcribe your sessions and pull out the most important insights

When you do many interviews with different customers in the span of one week, it’s easy to get your stories mixed up. I want to say that we posed the subject, and I want to add that they found it quite interesting.

The fact of the matter is that you spend a significant portion of your time in meetings, yet the time that you invest to those meetings is not moving the needle quickly enough.

Imagine for a moment if you had access to a program that could automatically capture, extract, and distribute the information that your team truly needs in order to progress.

The Laxis Meeting Assistant may be used in both in-person and remote meetings to take notes and glean useful information.

Meetings may be transcribed in real time via the mobile app or by integrating with services like Zoom, Google Meet, and Webex.


Laxis rapidly notates the most important points from your meetings and transcribes them for your team.

With the aid of Laxis, you may design individualized meeting formats that can detect emerging themes during conference calls.

To make it simpler for the program to extract the necessary information, you may specify your own keywords and phrases inside each subject.

As soon as the meeting begins, Laxis will begin recording key points for further review.

To keep important meeting materials straight, use a premade template.
Using the built-in support, you may quickly record important points from your next Google Meet, Webex, or Zoom meeting.

Additionally, the mobile app may be used to transcribe meetings and record important takeaways.

By utilizing the same pre-built transcription templates, you can even have your own audio track transcribed and have insights extracted automatically.

Meetings held on Zoom, Google Meet, and Webex are transcribed by Laxis.

Memos highlighting significant insights and takeaways may be automatically generated with the help of cutting-edge AI technology.

Before sending them out to your team, you can use the Laxis Editor to make any necessary changes to the transcripts or memoranda.

Best of all, every single recording, note, and transcript is immediately stored to the Laxis Cloud.

Recordings of your meetings, together with transcriptions and important takeaways, will be automatically saved in the Laxis Cloud.
With Laxis, extracting data for use in consumer research, usability testing, sales calls, and even recruitment interviews is a snap.

With a simple keyword or quote search, filter, and management, you can quickly access information like user frustrations and next actions.

And if you want to forward the details on to your sales staff, research team, or other stakeholders, you can even obtain transcripts and memoranda to do so.

Access critical information from your transcripts in a flash with the insights dashboard.
Weekly meetings that go on and on may be a major productivity killer. The results of the survey may be summarized as “duh.”

Fortunately, Laxis allows you to record meetings and draw conclusions from them, so you can put any discussion into action.

Try to maximize the effectiveness of every phone conversation.

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Laxis Review
Laxis Review

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Virtual gatherings may be held at no cost using any online meeting service, including but not limited to Zoom, Google Meet, Webex, and any others that

The use of mobile applications to facilitate face-to-face meetings

The process of transcribing a voice recording or audio file

Agenda formats that are tailored to each meeting

Memos boosted by AI

Superior Editor

Save and distribute

Management through inference

Hello, my name is Eric and I am the co-founder and CEO of Laxis. Like many of you, I’ve wasted a lot of time sitting in pointless meetings.

Meetings like these either lack organization or are so in-depth that participants are more preoccupied with taking notes than really participating in the discussion.

It’s easy to lose sight of the forest for the trees, and to overlook the elephant in the room. The outcome is boredom, burnout, or time wasted having a meeting about the meeting.

I’m on a mission to facilitate meetings where you and your peers have deep and fruitful exchanges, develop strong bonds, and set concrete goals for the future.

In a nutshell, I’d want us to reclaim the pleasure and utility of our gatherings. Because of this, we decided to develop Laxis.

Laxis’s robust set of features may help you get more out of your meetings.


Meeting agendas may be captured and organized with the use of customizable note templates and subjects.

In the course of the assembly:

Laxis cloud has “native integration” with Google Meet, Zoom, and Webex, allowing users to take notes with a single click and instantly preserve meeting notes, transcripts, and recordings.

The Zoom Conference Assistant will attend any Zoom meeting on your behalf and take notes, transcribe, and record the meeting automatically. A Zoom Pro account is unnecessary. Admin setup is not necessary. You may use Laxis by simply pasting the Zoom URL into the app.

“Assist in any other kind of online conference by using a microphone on a desktop computer.”

An intuitive mobile app for in-person conferences.

Laxis can automatically transcribe and extract the highlight from any audio recording you provide, so even if you forget to use it during the meeting, you can still utilize it afterward.
After the meeting,

Keep and distribute recordings, transcripts, and AI-generated summaries of meetings

Controlling Insights and Quotations

Look at your whole conversation history

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 The Laxis target audience includes those who. Laxis may help anybody who regularly attends meetings and wants to see a rise in output. Some instances are as follows:

Managers in sales and business development may predefine a list of prospecting questions to be asked during sales meetings, simplify the process of capturing client profiles and requirements, and better guide subsequent follow-ups. Through the use of Laxis, you can cut down on wasted time and speed up the sales cycle.

With insight management, UX and market researchers can rapidly categorize user pain areas and processes, then evaluate customer quotes from all interactions. Lots of time spent manually doing tasks may be avoided this way.

After each meeting, project managers will have concrete next steps to follow.

Consultants are free to concentrate on customer satisfaction while recording all the relevant feedback from project participants.

Time is saved for both the applicant and the recruiter when questions are written down.

Reporters and journalists will write down your words word for word.

So, now what?

Laxis is based entirely on input from its users. Each month, look for brand new capabilities to be made available. If you have a moment, we’d appreciate it if you’d check out and give our product a try. Leave a comment and tell us what you think!