Most Downloaded Apps in this COVID- 19 pandemics.

Most downloaded apps in this Coronavirus crises are:

Humbaa Apps collected some of the best android application which breaks all the records of downloading in this covid-10 crises.

At research done by Humbaa staff, these are the following Most downloaded android application in the wordwide.

These are the app seen to hike in downloads in this corona pandemic compared to before the crises began.

Most downloaded apps 2020

1) Zoom Cloud Meetings

  • Downloads in April: 1,322,378
  • Total downloads: 1,862,881
  • Traffic increase compared to March: 299.66%

Despite of many controversy, Zoom app is the most downloaded app in this pandemic. As this app works well in the Android and PC as well.

As Zoom video calling is free and its advanced feature makes this app customer friendly. Where all the share market is facing losses all over the world; whereas Zoom Share price is at its pick.

A report From Business Insider:

  • Zoom Video has skyrocketed 101% from January 31, while the S&P 500 has lost nearly 30% and the Nasdaq has shed nearly 26%. 
  • On Monday, Zoom soared nearly 22% to a new intraday high of $159.07 per share. 
  • The video conferencing company has surged in popularity as people are forced to work from home and socially distance amid the coronavirus pandemic. Read more

[appbox googleplay simple us.zoom.videomeetings&hl=en_IN]


  • Downloads in April: 3,515,321
  • Total downloads: 36,917,541
  • Traffic increase compared to March: 98.13%

With whopping 183 million paid subscribers, Netflix is the leader in the live streaming service. Netflix, allows users to watch online shows and movies on its OTT platform.

As we know that peoples in this pandemic spent more time in the house. And so many people downloaded Netflix app for the entertainment.

[appbox googleplay simple]

3)Ludo Star

  • Downloads in April: 1,468,682
  • Total downloads: 11,229,789
  • Traffic increase compared to March: 230.35%

Ludo star is placed in the most downloaded app in the world; after the unbeatable PUBG, Fortnite, and Clash of Clans. It’s even earned itself a spot among the worldwide top 20 most downloaded games.

In this lockdown Ludo star game also popular in India too.

[appbox googleplay simple com.gameberry.ludo.star2&hl=en_us]

4)Call of Duty Mobile

  • Downloads in April: 1,399,922
  • Total downloads: 21,155,830
  • Traffic increase compared to March: 87.72%

This is the one of the most downloaded app in the 2019 and still it is achieving milestone in the gaming industry. #HumbaaGaming is impressed by it’s graphics and the structure of it’s game.

Long live call of duty.

[appbox googleplay simple com.activision.callofduty.shooter&hl=en_us]

5) Robolox

  • Downloads in April: 1,757,349
  • Total downloads: 22,768,871
  • Traffic increase compared to March: 61.29%

Another stunning game Robolex surpassed Minecraft in the most downloaded section. According to #HumbaaGaming Robolex having 100 million active Game players.

[appbox googleplay simple com.roblox.client&hl=en_us]

6) Twitter

  • Downloads in April: 1,078,220
  • Total downloads: 28,980,463
  • Traffic increase compared to March: 145.63%

As in this covid- 19 the giant Microblogging service continuously growing. As this small beast provides the latest updates from popular politician to the celebrity.

[appbox googleplay simple]

So this is the #HumbaaGamingApp list of the Most downloaded apps in the covid-19.

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