Netflix MOD APK 7.87.0(Premium Unlocked)

Netflix MOD APK 7.87.0 (Premium Unlocked)

Hey Guys! Today I am providing the mod version of Netflix and I know you are super excited to know each and every feature of this Apk to download. You will surely get all your answers related to Netflix Mod Apk in this post.

But before moving each and every detail of Netflix Mod Apk, it is important to know about Netflix first so that you can compare them easily. And at the end of this post, you will surely understand that the Netflix Mod Apk which I bring for you is just way more amazing.

So without any further delay, let’s get started…

netflix logo
Netflix logo


Inspiring Movies on Netflix
Inspiring Movies on Netflix

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Netflix is an American streaming platform which became one of the most popular streaming services. It was founded by Marc Randolph and Reed Hastings in Scotts Valley, California 1997. Its Headquarter is in Los Gatos, California. It has overall 195 million paid subscriptions in overall the world. Thus it’s income is more than billions.

Netflix kids shows
Netflix kids shows

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Netflix which is a popular platform for streaming services of web series and movies is available almost everywhere worldwide except someplace like Crimea, Syria, North Korea etc.

The Best 25 anime series must watch on Netflix.
The Best 25 anime series must watch on Netflix.

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It has many “Netflix Originals” including almost every movies and TV shows in its library and thus it attracts a huge audience. There are various similar platforms also like Amazon Prime Videos, Hulu etc. but the popularity of Netflix is at another level.

yts proxies
yts proxies

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Almost every person is crazy about watching movies and TV shows on Netflix. It contains contents from every country like Korean movies, Chinese movies, Japanese movies and many other Hollywood movies too. It also includes almost every Indian language movies like Tamil movies, Telugu movies, Marathi movies, Hindi movies of course and many other.

It’s hard a world without Netflix now as it is one of the world’s leading streaming platform. It has vast old and new contents and gives 4K HDR quality which makes people crazy about it.

At first, this streaming service was dependent of liscensed content from distributors but then it began fundings in it’s original content in 2013. Since then, Netflix is giving tough competition to it’s competitors like Amazon Prime Videos, Hulu, etc. But still Netflix hold the ground and for many people steaming service is like “Netflix And Chill”.

Let’s move into it’s more details about it’s working process, price, features and public opinion...

Working Process Of Netflix

Netflix is one of those streaming service which provide it’s users the biggest library of contents. All you need to do is, just sign up or log in and watch your favourite movies and TV shows. As it has it’s contents in categorized form, so there is no issue of searching your favourite movies.

All the video contents are stored in a remote server and whenever you choose your favourite content, it starts to stream. It depends on your connection that how much it will take time to start your streaming.

The best thing is, Netflix starts suggesting movies or TV shows as per your watching contents. For example, If you are watching many romantic movies so it will suggest more romantic movies.

And if you want to watch any movie so first of all, you can see the short description of the movie to get an idea of it. It is very helpful and watching movies on Netflix is very easy.

Various Genres Or Categories Of Netflix

The best thing about Netflix is, People from anywhere across the world can find good content of movies or TV shows according to their choice. It provides various genres movies like Horror, Romantic, Action, Science-Fiction, Comedy, Animation, Cartoon, Thriller, Adventurous etc.

You can also see the categories according to languages like Chinese movies, Korean movies, South movies, Bengali movies, Punjabi movies, etc.

You just have to write your prefer language movie in the search button and all the movies will be on your screen. It also has top movies and web series list which shows movies or TV shows according to its worldwide rank. So this makes it easier to find the top-rated movies or TV shows.

Booba Cartoon
Booba Cartoon

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I remember that day when my neighbour’s kid was enjoyingly watching Booba Cartoon on Netflix and he was just smiling and laughing sometimes. I went there and ask him, “What are your favourite contents in Netflix”?

He just smiled at me and he just went to the categories and shown me all his favourite animation cartoons. I was literally amazed that he was just 5 years old but still he knew how to use it. Are You Getting My Point? Using Netflix is very easy as it is designed very simple and it is totally user friendly.

Features Of Netflix

Netflix offers you lots of different contents according to your choice and almost every age-group people can find their favourite contents to make them entertain. It is totally user friendly with many amazing features.

So, let’s get highlighted with it’s every features…

Stream At Multiple Devices At A time:

Netflix has almost every kind of plans as per people’s demands. There are many users who wants to stream on more than one devices at once with their friends or family. So, with it’s Premium Plan, you can stream 4 devices at a time.

Multiple Profiles:

You can add multiple profiles to keep your all favourite shows in a particular one place. I personally like this feature because there are many kids who are using Netflix and by this feature, parents can keep an eye to what they are watching. So, it is totally under parent guidance and Netflix also recommend contents like movies or TV shows according to your history.

Original Content:

Netflix became way more popular because of it’s Original Contents. “Netflix Originals” attracts people’s attention and also awarded many times.

Download Content:

If you want to download movie or any content to save your data so you can and watch them whenever you want. But don’t forget that, there are many contents who vanishes from downloaded list after one week. And also one more thing, the downloaded content will appear on that device only where you downloaded it.


To make it’s contents more understandable, Netflix has subtitles, audio description, short description, dubbed contents and many more. This make it way more understanding and interesting.

What Are The Requirements Of Netflix Connection & Data Usage?

Not everyone has good data connection or high bandwidth plan so, it is important to know each and every details of the requirements of Netflix connections. As some people use it in their laptop, some in mobile or some in smart TV😎 so, details about its connection and data usage is must.

The lowest connection speed is at 5 Mbps but for smooth streaming the connection should be 1.5 Mbps. Similarly, there are various speed connections according to formats or sizes.

Thus, the various speed connection according to formats or sizes are as follows..

5 MbpsMinimum Speed
1.5 MbpsGood Speed
3.0 MbpsGood Speed For SD Streaming
5.0 MbpsGood Speed For HD streaming
25 MbpsGood Speed for 4k Streaming
Netflix latest plan

Whenever you stream any service, you must think of data consumption first. This is because, not everyone has good data connection and everyone has Wi-Fi. There are also many works for which people consume their data and if any platform consume more data so really it irritates. But Netflix is best as it has estimation of data consumption according to the formats.

So, the following are the estimation of Netflix for data consumption…

For Low(480p)300MB per hour
For Medium(720p)700MB per hour
For High(1080p)2GB per hour
For 4K7GB per hour
Netflix various plans

Thus, you can choose your format according to your data connection. And don’t forget that is just the estimation so, it can consume lil bit less or more too. Thus, Netflix is available in many sizes and formats to watch and download your favourite movies to have fun.

Price Details Of Netflix

It’s a fact that netflix is one of the best streaming platform to enjoy and you get lots of contents to make your entertainment high but, this is also true that Netflix is most expensive also. Yes, you read correct. If you want to use “Netflix and Chill” so you also have to pay for it.

So many people still don’t know about each price details that they have to pay for Netflix. Thus, many people asks this question repeatedly. So let’s get into all the details of price or subscription amount of Netflix…

The basic plan to stream in limited to standard definition is $9. And if you want to stream in multiple devices so, you have to pay $14. This subscription also allow you to stream in 1080p which is an HD quality. If you want to stream services with your friends or family and you want 4K quality so it’s amount increases to $18.

For DVD rental services which is available only in the US, there are two plans $7.99 and $11.99 of a month. If you active the 1st one so it will allow only one DVD at a time and the 2nd one allow two DVDs.

Is it very much confusing and you are not getting the exact price details so, don’t worry let’s move to it’s every price details…

Mobile Plan- Rs.199
Basic Plan- Rs. 499$8.99, $9.99, €7.99, £5.99
Streams- 1
* Standard Plan- Rs. 649$13.99, €11.99, £8.99
Streams- 2
* Premium Plan- Rs. 799$16.99, $17.99, €15.99, £11.99
Streams- 4
* DVD plan- $7.99, $11.99 (only US)
* Blu-ray plans- $9.99, $14.99 (only US)
Netflix Plans

If you see other platforms subscription amounts, you will definitely notice that they provide low cost with good quality but Netflix is lil bit costly. I must tell you, it’s worth it.

But what if you get all these things, all these movies and TV shows, good format and quality in just free of cost? It is like dream comes true na? So yes, you can watch each and every movies and TV shows with all the advantages and unlock features with qood quality in just free of cost.

Do you know how? The answer is by using Netflix Mod Apk which I am providing you today. Yes, you don’t have to worry about any subscription fee or any kind of distraction. By using Netflix Mod Apk, you can watch your favourite contents without any hesistation of payments as it is TOTALLY FREE.

Now your wait is over… Let’s have a look to each and every deep details of Netflix Mod APK…

Netflix MOD APK

Netflix Mod APK is a modified version of Netflix which allow you to watch online movies, TV shows and many other contents. I know guys you all are movies lovers and you all have a huge crush on Netflix because it is one of the famous streaming services which is growing day by day.

But to watch any content from Netflix, you have to active it’s monthly or yearly subscription which is very costly for sure. But today in this post you guys will love to know that, Netflix MOD APK is the solution with all the advantages and features that will take you in the amazing world of movies and TV shows for FREE.

As I already said, it is a modified version of Netflix which is made just for you. You will get each and every Netflix services just for free.

This Netflix Mod APK file is just for your mobile device which is very handy and you can enjoy anytime and anywhere without any worry about quality and formats as Netflix Mod Apk provide you with all Netflix services so it’s quality and formats are also in high level.

Watching movies in theatres and TV is good but it doesn’t give you personal space because big screen calls more people to watch it. This is the story of every home that whenever anyone watches good contents on TV then almost every family member gather to watch it.

I am not saying it in the wrong sense but sometimes people want to watch their favourite shows personally in their room with popcorn and no disturbance. In today’s time, everyone has their own smartphone which they carry everywhere but they can’t carry television to everywhere thus, watching movies on mobile is way more easy and handy to watch contents anywhere and any time.

Do you have planned for travelling? Are you thinking, how to pass your time wonderfully? Netflix MOD APK is there so no need to worry about it. You can watch your favourite movies or shows in your travelling time and I must say your time will pass like second.

In fact, Netflix MOD APK will not let you bore. It has many contents and features which I will discuss in this post and at the end of this post you can clearly understand the difference between Netflix and Netflix Mod APK.

Download The Latest Version Of Netflix Mod APK

Netflix logo
Netflix logo
NameNetflix Mod Apk
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Netflix App

Features Of Netflix MOD APK

There are many amazing features of Netflix Mod Apk which will attract you towards it. And I am sure that after reading this post you will get clear idea about it. That is the only reason, i’ve given full details of Netflix first so that you smart people can understand that the mod version of Netflix which I am providing you today has all Netflix services with full advantages and amazing features. And it has many extra features too which will surely amaze you!

So without any further delay let’s get started…


I know it’s very irritating when ad comes in between or before your watching content. Sometimes it becomes very annoying and just a waste of time. But if you are using Netflix Mod Apk you will never gonna face ads for sure as it is totally ads-free. Thus, in short note, This Apk will save your time and you will be always in good mood.

Multiple Languages

So Netflix Mod Apk care for every person as Netflix cares. It’s not an issue if you don’t understand English language because in this mod version, you can select your own prefer language to get your entertainment high. I know watching contents on your own prefer languages is way more amazing. Thus, it has many languages and all you need to do is, just select the prefer language and keep watching.

Unlimited Movies Or TV Shows

You can watch unlimited movies or TV shows in just free of cost. Yes, it sounds amazing because it is amazing! Their lots of contents with many genres like Horror, Comedy, Romantic, Science-fiction, Drama, Action, Animation, Cartoon, Thriller, Adventurous etc. are available and you can watch all your favourites as much as you want. This makes Netflix Mod Apk way more amazing. This Apk will never let you bore.

Unlimited Downloads

Nowadays, everyone is in a hurry as they don’t have free time always. They drive, do work and lots of other stuff that they have to go through. So watching movies every time is not possible but you can easily download it and watch whenever you will be free.

Netflix Mod Apk is mobile friendly so may think to watch your favourite content while you are in office or work but I don’t think so, it is a good idea because maybe your boss can shout at you.

So the best time to watch movies is in your free time at home or with your friends. This mod version gives you the feature to download your favourite content to save your time and data.

Unlimited Users At a time

This feature will surely attract your attention guys. The Netflix Mod APK allow unlimited users at a time. Can you just believe it? Omg!! I am just in love with this amazing feature.

In fact, Netflix Premium membership allows 4 users at a time and this mod version allows unlimited users. What a big and extra feature, Netflix Mod Apk has come up with.

4K HD Quality

The one more reason that people are giving love and support to Netflix is because of the High Definition quality that it gives to its users and this makes it more competitive for its competitors. But Netflix Mod APK is also come up with 4K HD Quality that will never disappoint movie lovers for sure.

The downloading process of Netflix Mod Apk is very easy but if you don’t know how to download and install it to your Android Mobile So I’m here to explain you guys.

The Process Of Download And Install Of Netflix MOD APK

First Step: First of all, you have to click on the Download Button which I provide you in this post.

Second Step: Once you click on “Download” your downloading process will start and within few moments it will be done.

Third Step: Go to the setting and “Enable Unknown Sources”.

Fourth Step: Go to the file manager where you downloaded APK file and click on “Install”.

Fifth Step: After your installation is done, you’re all set to use Netflix Mod APK in your Android Phone. Yippie!

Alternatives To Netflix MOD APK

It’s not shocking that people are crazy about Netflix as I already said that, Netflix is the only platform which provides almost every kind of contents with lots of good advantages and features and if I talk about its mod version so damn! it is way more amazing with all Netflix service and extra unlock features.

But sometimes people find alternatives to this amazing platform also. You guys know better na, we also care about our every reader and thus for those people who search alternatives to Netflix Mod APK, we have bought many other sites or apps that will give you free contents and are best to use.

The alternatives to Netflix Mod Apk are having cool features and with some of their good features.

The following are the Alternatives to Netflix Mod Apk…

TubiTv alternative in ThopTv
TubiTv alternative in ThopTv

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1. Tubi TV

2. Crackle

3. Hoopla

4. IMDb TV

5. Yidio

6. Kanopy

7. Popcornflix

8. Plex

9. Vimeo

FAQs About Netflix Premium

Is the MOD Premium version safe?

Yes, Netflix Mod Apk is completely safe. You will not be going to face any kind of issue while using it so don’t worry.

What is the Netflix Mod APK?

Netflix Mod APK is the modified version of Netflix where you don’t need to do any kind of registration and you can use all the Netflix services in just free of cost.

Which website is best for MOD APK?

Rexdl is the website which is best for MOD APK.

Mention all the list of best mod website.

The 5 best mod websites are..

1. Rexdl

2. Revdl

3. Techylist

4. Happy Mod

5. Ihackedit

Is there any Netflix Mod APK?

Yes, Netflix Mod APK is available. If you are reading this post so you might know this post is made to download Netflix Mod APK only.

Is mod apk safe?

Yes, mod apk is totally safe.

Are MODs legal?

No, MODs are not legal that’s the reason they are not available in the playstore. But many people are using MODs and they haven’t face any legal issue. Thus it is not legal but it is safe to use.

Can an APK have a virus?

APK files are vulnerable to viruses and it becomes malware if you downloaded Apk files from any untrusted sites.

How does APK mod work?

APK MODs are the modified versions of Premium Aps like whatsapp, Netflix etc. When you download any APK mod it downloaded in your file and this is the reason it’s also called APK file. Then you have to click on the “install” button and you are all set to use it.

Is HappyMod a virus?

No, HappyMod is not a virus. It is totally safe to use.

How much is Netflix monthly for 2020?

The list of Netflix monthly pack are as follows..

Mobile Plan: Rs. 199

Basic Plan: Rs. 499/ $8.99/ $9.99

Standard Plan: Rs. 649/ $13.99

Premium Plan: Rs. 799/ $16.99/ $17.99

Is Netflix still free for one month?

Netflix cancelled the free day trial for 30 days. So free trial for one month is not available now.

Which country Netflix is cheapest?

The cost effective countries for Netflix are Brazil, South Africa and India for Netflix. In comparison to other countries, these three countries are cheapest for Netflix.

Is Netflix worth the money?

Yes, ofcourse Netflix worth the money. It provides treasure of contents according to people’s choice and give best quality too.

Which Netflix plan is best?

Well the Premium plan gives you HD quality and unlimited movies and TV shows. Four people can stream it at a time and it is available on smart TV, mobile and laptop too. This is the reason, Premium plan of Netflix is best.

How to pay for Netflix?

1. First of all select the plan according to your budget.

2. You will get to see many options for payment methods like Debit card, Credit cards, virtual cards, Prepaid cards, Netflix Gift cards and Paypal.

3. Select your payment method accordingly and just pay for it.

Can I use GCash for Netflix?

GCash, Globe Telecom’s flagship mobile wallet can be use to subscribe for Netflix in two ways by GCash Mastercard or Amex Virtual Pay.

How does Netflix know I had a free trial?

You use your e-mail and provide credit card details while signed up for Netflix and then it would give you free trial for one month (free trial is not available now). It already has your information and so it knows that you had a free trial.

How can I use Netflix without a credit card in the Philippines?

If you don’t have a credit card you can use PayMaya instead. It is available in the App store and Play store also, you just have to download and use it to sign up Netflix.

Why did Netflix charge me for free trial?

This happened with many users and the reason behind this is, once you signed up for a free trial so credit card or debit card details were required for billing method and if you forgot to cancel it before your trial ended then you charged for the first month which was your free trial.

Which country has the best Netflix 2020?

US and Cannada both have the best Netflix 2020. US has overall 5,879 titles and similarly, Cannada has 4,043 titles.

Where is Netflix most expensive?

Switzerland has the most expensive Netflix plan with $12.40 USD.

Is Netflix blocked in Saudi Arabia?

Netflix service is not blocked in Saudi Arabia but an episode of the show “Patriot Act With Hasan Minhaj” was blocked by the government of Saudi Arabia. They complained about it as it was critical for them.

Is Netflix legal in Germany?

Yes, Netflix is legal in Germany with many other streaming services.

Why is Netflix expensive?

Netflix is very expensive in almost many countries because it targets the audience and provide contents according to their choices with High Definition quality. And no doubt it is one of the top OTT platform.

Can I pay Netflix using prepaid load?

Netflix is the platform which allows it’s users to watch unlimited contents like movies and TV shows anytime when they want. This streaming service allows many payment methods for monthly or yearly pack which also include a prepaid card. So if you want to signed up by using your prepaid card so just add it to your account and you are all set to stream Netflix.

How long can I use Netflix without paying?

You just have to pay for the upcoming months and Netflix will not charge for the months that you missed. And Netflix stop charging when your account goes unpaid.

How many people actually pay for Netflix?

Netflix is one of the most popular streaming platform around the world and almost 50 percentage of people in US are using this streaming service.

What can I get instead of Netflix?

There are many alternatives to Netflix.. like Tubi TV, Hoopla, Kanopy, etc which you can use for streaming many contents for free.

Why is Netflix not accepting my debit card?

If Netflix is not accepting your debit card then it may be possible because your card information is not up to date. You have to check it first and still if you are having trouble due to this then use the alternative payment method.

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