No Pain No Life Season 2: When Will The Second Season Release?

No Pain No Life is one of the most wonderful anime series which come to known from Japanese novel by Y’ Kamiya. This anime series is so much popular that people are crazy about it.

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Most of the craze shows by anime lovers. The amazing thing is, it was premiered on 9th April 2014 and ended in 25th June 2015 and it was loved by so many people that s people are still assuming for season 2.

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So, you can definitely think of its craze among people across the world. 

It had a total of 12 episodes. Its first episode was published in April which ran 3 months and still it has IMDb rating which is 7.8 / 10. 6th year is running from it’s released but people are still in love with this amazing anime series and just waiting for it’s season 2.

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Do you have a doubt? Will Season 2 ever happen? So your all doubts will be solved in this post. 

Thus, in this article, you guys will surely get all your answers related No Pain No Life Season 2. So just stay hooked and know all your doubts. 

Preview Of No Pain No Life

This series “No Pain No Life” is based on gaming which is superb interesting to watch as gaming has become an important part of today’s generations lives.

In the first season, the story was shown of two siblings Shiro and Sora. They were masters in the gaming world and thus they team up to become the world’s greatest gaming team.

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These two step-siblings find themselves into a whole new world. Everything in their new world can be resolved by tournament only.

So to solve all the conflicts, they just have one way i.e., play game. Everyone is waiting to watch this cute Jodi of siblings again in 2nd season.

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This season went well and loved by many people across the world. If by chance you have missed it so please go and watch it and I am sure you gonna love it.

But for the people who have already watched the first season and missing the second season, so a question arises here, Will second season ever release? 

So let’s discuss to get it’s clear answer…

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Release Date Of “No Pain No Life Season 2”

The series “No Pain No Life” is neither confirmed nor denied that it will have a second season too as there is no any official information by the Madhouse studio or other production houses.

But there is still hope as It is true that Madhouse studio is not forgotten about it completely because they produced “No Pain No Life: Zero in 2017 which was a movie and also in 2018 “A Place Further Than The Universe” was carrying an easter egg which had shown a poster of “No Pain No Life”.

This clear meaning is, the makers do not forget about this amazing anime series and you can surely hope for season 2. 

Thus, there is a possibility for the season 2 so just hope for the best!. 

Popular Casts Of “No Pain No Life”

No Pain No Life has amazing casts with superb characters. People can pick any character and relate themselves. So the famous Casts are… 

  1. Shiro
  2. Sora
  3. Jibril
  4. Stephanie Dola

1. Shiro

Shiro is an open and “bindas” kinda person who always support and give strength to her brother “Sora”. She is very talented and smart at the same time. Shiro is able to solve any kind of problems like calculating etc in just a second.

In the manner of game, She is pro in chess and also defeated Ted (God Of Chess). She is very entertaining and challenging at the same time. And when it comes to her brother, so they both love each other a lot. 

Sometimes she shows her cruel side too which was not liked by his brother Sora which you can clearly see in the episodes. 

She is very active when it comes to gaming and she is a great gamer ever. 

2. Sora

Sora is a very manipulative person and very talented to manipulate people to work and listen to him. In another word, he can also be called a cunning person.

He has hatred point of views towards his parents and society as his parents left him and his sister at a young age. But despite that, he is very enthusiastic and active towards games.

He was superb in tactics and thus solve many problems related to that. He is not so frank like her sister but he loves his sister the most.

He is very talented and intelligent too but little less than his sister.

When he takes a step into the whole new world, he realised that he is just made for this world rather than the real world. 

3. Jibril

Jibril is a very studious kinda girl. She is young and smart at the same time. After losing a game from Sora, She becomes the servant of both Sora and Shiro and started developing hots for him. 

Her character is also very interesting which you will see in the episodes. 

4. Stephanie Dola

Stephanie Dola is also known as Steph. She becomes the queen of that country after her grandfather. She also gets defeated a game by Sora and started developing hots for him.

She is very talented but still fails when it comes to gaming. She faces many difficulties on her way as she wants to build the same honour as her grandfather did. At once she fell in love with Sora but later she was deeply affected by him. 

All the characters are superb interesting as each characters are unique. If you didn’t watch the first season so you missed the whole platter of pizza. So go and watch the first season and fell in love with this amazing anime series “No Pain No Life”.

Thank You! 🙏

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